Once upon a time I completed a series called “The Blogger Behind the Blog.” The reason for the series was simple: I. was. desperate. I NEEDED help. I constantly had questions, and I knew that other bloggers, more-experienced bloggers, could answer those questions. So, I brought in the best of the best to help me. That series helped me tremendously, and I am super excited to announce a new series that might help you if you are desperate for advice like I was. {Heck, I still learn a lot each day from blogging, and I have a lot to learn myself.}

If you are a blogger you are a photographer, writer, social media strategist, SEO expert, blog networker, email ninja and comment king on a daily basis. No big deal, right!?!? HA!

Tonight we are starting a series that will answer questions from a real-life blogger who needs help. I’m really excited for our first episode of the “Better Blogging” series. We will be using Google+ as our venue, and the Hangout will be a video chat.

I have partnered up with Beckie from Infarrantly Creative and Court Tuttle from The Keyword Academy and author of “How to Really Make $5000 a month Online,” to provide Google Hangouts to tackle some of the tough topics of blogging. We will have at least one guest blogger on each Hangout.



If you would like to join our live Google Hangout then visit the event page and RSVP!


  1. says

    I cannot WAIT to tune in and learn from the very best of you. I just started a blog and have to say I am super excited to grow it. In fact, my very first post showed off my painted bedroom floor that I was only brave enough to try because of your post Brooke. You're an inspiration!

  2. says

    Very nice. I am glad I stumbled upon this series over at The Inspired Room. Thanks very much for doing the interview and giving away the content. Appreciated!

  3. Brooke @ www.allthingsthrifty.com says

    Thanks so much for watching! We will be doing our next hangout on December 13th. I hope you will consider watching the next interview too!

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