FREE Breaking Dawn T-shirt designs

Nov 14th, 2012

We have gotten requests for some more Twilight T-shirt designs, and since Breaking Dawn Part 2 comes out this week, I thought I’d better get a move on an post some! I will be at the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn this Thursday night. {Yep we are nerds}. We’ll use any excuse for a GNO, and we actually bought our tickets weeks ago! Will you be going? I have gone to every midnight showing with my Bunko group, and it’s a blast.

Well in case you need some shirts to wear that night, here are some new designs for you! I have posted about Twilight shirt designs quite a bit, so if you need more ideas, don’t worry, there are several options for you below:

Here are the links for all of the t-shirt designs I have done:

Twilight T-shirts

New Moon T-shirts Team Jacob

New Moon T-shirts Team Edward

Eclipse T-shirts

more Eclipse T-shirts

Remember to buy the t-shirt transfers at your local convenience store. They will look something like this:inkjet

The transfers are specifically for injet printers NOT laser. I’m sure you can find some for laser printers if you need that though. Plus, you will need to put them on white t-shirts. I have tried the transfers on other colors and it looks ridiculous.

You will need to print the MIRRORED image. So, don’t print this…Forks High School

Print this…forks high copy

Don’t print this…breaking dawn tshirt ideas

Do print this…breaking dawn tshirt

Don’t print this….keep calm 2

Do print this….breaking dawn party ideas

Don’t print this…keep calm 3

Do print this…twilight edward shirts

Don’t print this…keep calm 

Do print this…twilight tshirt ideas

Don’t print this….ombre twilight shirtDo print this…breaking dawn shirt

Have fun at the movie!!!


  1. Those are so cute. Hopefully I can make a showing this weekend or maybe Thanksgiving night with my mom.

  2. Yep, you definitely are a nerd. How often do you print tshirts, and what do you do with them afterwards? Americans seem to have an endless supply of tshirts.

  3. Mindy! Yep we do have a TON of t-shirts. These shirts are just for fun, and will mainly be for relaxing at home. :) So, call it pajamas?!? Thanks for your comment. It made me laugh!

  4. Emily! I hope you get to the movie too! Only girls will probably agree to go to this one. Ha!

  5. Creative idea, i would love to print mirrored logos on my gildan v neck t shirts

  6. How do I make a mirrored image to print onto a t-shirt? I need it for Halloween.

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