Better Blogging #5 is tonight at 9pm EST. 

If you have missed the first five hangouts, you should definitely check them out. These hangouts {by Beckie from Infarrantly Creative, Knock off Decor, and Road Kill Rescue, my amazing brother Court from The Keyword Academy and The Blog Builders, and myself} are basically our way of helping other bloggers who have questions. I have a LOT to learn and I’ve been around in blogland for over three years. So….if you want to learn some tips and tricks about blogging, check it out tonight! 
If you missed the fourth hangout, check it out: Kristen from Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke was our guest, and she had some great questions. 

P.S. I will actually not be at tonight’s hangout because I will be at dinner with bloggers in my area. If you are blogger in Southern Utah, please message me because I would love for you to come tonight!  I will be watching the hangout later. BUT, I KNOW it will be great. 

Circle me on Google + if you want an invite!


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    Thank you SO MUCH! I'm watching session 4 and had to stop it 22 minutes in and comment. This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear. I've had an inner struggle going on for months about changing my blog's name and everything else that would involve, but didn't really know how to ask for advice on the subject. You guys totally answered my questions…basically, nobody really cares about the name but me, and it probably wouldn't be worth the trouble! Ok, going back to finish this session and excited about seeing more!

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