How to clean floor mats in your car {EASILY}

Jan 14th, 2013

To answer the question that I know you are thinking, yes these are really my car mats.
You may think I am disgusting after seeing the floor mats from my mini-van. It’s true, I have four kids that LOVE to spill, spit, and on occasion barf in the car. It’s gross, I agree, but, here is a look into my life on a daily basis. We basically live in the car on some days of the week. Thursdays are especially crazy for us. We simultaneously have dance and cub scouts at the exact same time every Thursday AND, in order to get to dance on time we have to pick up our kids from school in order to make it. If you have kids, I’m sure you can relate.
Here you go here’s the disgusting floor mats from my car: How to clean floor mats in your carBut don’t worry, I have a solution. My friend Liz has a mini-van too {a Honda Odyssey like mine}, and she gave me the advice to just throw the removable floor mats in the washing machine! WHAT?!? It couldn’t be that easy, right?!?
I figured I had nothing to lose because I had tried to clean them before by just spraying them off with a power washer with a little laundry soap, but it didn’t work very well. So, I tried it. But, before I put them in the washer, I sprayed them down with the miracle stain remover that I’ve blogged about before.
And voila, look what happened… How to clean floor mats in your car
The floor mats were a little bleached out when they came out of the washer, but I could care less.
How to clean floor mats in your car How to clean floor mats in your car
I still can’t believe I let the mats get this dirty before I took the bull by the horns.
How to clean floor mats in your car How to clean floor mats in your car
Some of the mats came a little cleaner than others, but believe me I was happy to get them looking this good.
How-to-wash-car-mats How-to-wash-car-mats
So, to break it down in two easy steps in case you missed it:
Step 1: Spray your mats with the best homemade stain remover ever.
Step 2: Throw the mats into the washer (with detergent like you usually do).
Step 3: Lay them out to dry.
The end.

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