Every once in a while I get to hear from my awesome readers and I. Love. It. It seriously just makes my whole day/week! I just love it. It makes what I do so much more worth it! Below are just a few of the recent projects I have received. You guys! Send me your projects! I read your emails and I love to see them! I may not personally answer every single one but I DO read them!

Back to the transformations…

This piano re-do was amazing! Believe me when I say this is a HUGE undertaking!
After a few “minor” setbacks, Jackie S. was able to transform her piano into something amazing!
I am still in awe!! Have a piano YOU want to redo? Here is a step-by-step tutorial.

pianotransformation IMG_0177

After Jackie S painted her piano yellow, it was too bright for her, so she painted it again! Holy cow, I give her props for doing the project TWICE!

Check out this chair from Jaye! I cannot believe the difference!
P1070339  2013-03-07 14.50.25
And last, but certainly not least, my good friend Amy picked this hotel entertainment center up from a local store and made it into a darling changing table for her soon to be newborn!
{Behind the darling ruffles is a clothes hamper! Brilliant!}
I just love how it turned out!

photo 1 (1) photo 2

So do you have a project that All Things Thrifty has inspired? Send me the before and after!
I hope you are feeling a little more confident now that you know that there are a lot of people out there doing projects on their own!
Seriously, send me your projects, I LOVE seeing the final result!!


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    I love seeing other peoples projects, they are so inspirational! I discovered your blog just this past week and the timing could not have been more perfect. We are about to move from a furnished rental house to our own apartment that we need to furnish and so I’ve been hitting thrift stores and craigslist like crazy trying to collect everything we need. I really want our apartment to be cute and homey because my baby girl and I will be there for majority of the day but I have to do it on a budget so I’ve been trying to figure out how to refinish furniture and things like that and that is what led me from Pinterest to your blog and I am in love with it! It is everything I need to know! I wish I had read the spray painting tutorial before we started brush painting our dining table and chairs, but oh well, there are plenty of other projects that I can spray paint. And the chairs are mismatched colors and shapes, so when I saw that you did the same thing with your dining table I knew this was the blog for me! As a bonus, I live in St George as well so it’s nice to see what thrift stores you recommend stopping at. Thank you so much for writing this blog, it is so incredibly helpful and inspiring!

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    I agree wholeheartedly with Annie! Pinterest has been a God-send for me. I was {if I may toot my own horn} very crafty and resourceful before, but Pinterest has inspired me to a level I never even imagined possible. I have gotten so many fabulous ideas of things to do and not do! All Things Thrifty is an important resource for pinners and bloggers (and blog readers) to have so they can get inspiration and instruction to make their own crafting ideas become a reality.

    Another thing I love about the crafting/home improvement blogging scene is the FRIENDLY attitude that I see and feel across, I think, every single blog I’ve read.

    We live in an amazing time, where creativity is supported and praised. It’s a good time to be a crafter :)

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    These are great!!! I will be tackling our piano this summer and I am a little nervous because I know its going to be quite the undertaking. Not to mention HEAVY! so we’ll see how it goes. I love looking at others transformations! I have done a few pieces over on my blog and would love to be featured by you! YOU are such an inspiration of mine!! If you have the time feel free to browse around my blog, from one crafter to another we may be able to inspire each other!! Keep up the great work. Ps LOVE your kitchen!!!

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