To be clear: this is NOT an April Fool’s Day post. For the record, I hate April Fool’s day because my husband gets me EVERY year with some ridiculous joke. So, Happy April Fool’s Day to you. But, just say a little prayer that I don’t fall for his jokes today. Ha!
Sarah M Dorsey, is my crafting with the stars partner, and I think she should WIN! I am completely blown away by her talent.  She has gone all out each week in the contest. She has worked her freakin’ tail off! It reminds me of the “So you think you can decorate” contest I did a few years back. It was sooooo hard to have a huge project done each week. 
Well, Sarah has been a rock star, and we are in the final round of the contest!!!
Sarah’s projects speak for themselves. Just take a look at her entry project. She took apart a light fixture and made this amazing turquoise mirror! This is the project that got her into the contest. As you can see, she deserved her spot. 
diy glass mirror

Then we started Creating with the stars week one. She sent me her inspiration boards, and I about fell off my chair with her plan. I knew she was in this to go ALL OUT.

She built this AMAAAAAZING light fixture {in three days}. Holy crap. Of COURSE she made it through round 1.


Then came the second round of the contest. Sarah had a solid plan in mind. She stenciled these beautiful curtains, made her own valance, and if that’s not enough, she even upholstered the ottoman. Again, all in about three days.  Are you surprised she got through the round? Me neither.

I hope you are starting to see that Sarah has IMPECCABLE style. She has great taste! I love all of her ideas. I didn’t have much advice to give her other than, “UMMMM YOU ARE AWESOME.” 

Then came week three in the contest. We were starting to get nervous because if we got through this week, then we would be in the FINALS. I know I already told you that we made it, but you have to see her project that got us there. 
Of course Sarah’s plan was to die for. During this week of the contest, her level of hard core went from 8 out of 10 to 10 out of 10. Sarah didn’t have any where in her house for this project. So, she did what any committed contestant would do. She stenciled her GARAGE. HA! She even laid a wood floor in the garage to stage the photos! 
Like I said before, her hardcore level is a 10 out of 10. I would move into her garage based on this photo. 

I can’t tell you which project is ours for round 4, but hop on over to East Coast Creative and check out the projects! Don’t forget to vote for your favorite!
The final round of Creating with the Stars is open!  Voting is open Monday & Tuesday and there are three amazing home decor projects to choose from! Click here to see the projects and cast your vote! Thanks! 


  1. says

    The mirror and the light fixture blew me away, I totally voted for those during the contest. She IS awesome.

    Britt@ Creating Space for Five

  2. says

    Wow. I am new here and am amazed at the talent!! Very nice. I went over and voted…hope you make this round! From the looks of the last rounds, how could you not. I am thinking what a great way to create a staging area in my garage…i just may be stenciling a portion of my garage with a small area of wood flooring! Love it!

    From your newest reader, found you on Snap 2013

    Char @

  3. says

    I love all her projects! But, I NEED a tutorial for that turquoise ottoman! I’ve been wanting to make one just that size! Please beg her to make a tutorial and then link it up here! :)

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