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I’m Jen from Tatertots & Jello and I aso thrilled to be here. I love Brooke and her brother Court and all of their smart DIY ideas.

tie dye coffee filter wreath at tatertots and jello

Today I am sharing a super easy Tie Dye Summer Wreath.

And it can also a fun addition to a teen or tween room. I have a daughter who isn’t super “girly” but she loves all things Tie-dye — and who doesn’t?? Tie-dye just screams SUMMER to me!

tie dye wreath supplies

Here’s how to make this DIY Tie-Dye Wreath:

tie dye kits


  • Wreath form (I got mine from the Dollar Store)
  • Ribbon or Duct Tape to wrap around the wreath.
  • About 80-100 Coffee Filters.
  • Tie-Dye kit (I used one from Tulip/I Love To Create)

wrap the wreath form

Here’s How to Make the Wreath:

  • Wrap the wreath form with ribbon or duct tape.
  • Dye the coffee filters with dye and let them dry out. Wrap the coffee filters with rubber bands and squirt at least 2-3 colors of dye on the filters.
  • Separate the tie dyed filters and then scrunch each one up and hot glue them to the wreath form.
  • I put one row of filters around the top of the form.
  • Then another row on the edge of the form.
  • And then a third of the filters around the outside of the wreath form.
  • I didn’t add a layer of filters to the inside of the form, since the wreath form was so small and I didn’t want to crowd the inside of the form. I fluffed up the coffe filters when I had them all glued on to make the wreath look even. I also used a pair scissors to trim a few of the edges to shape the wreath.
  • then I added a ribbon to the bottom of the wreath so I could hang it up.
  • The last thing I did was I added a bow to the front with three of the other wreath colors.

add ribbon

Another thing I love about this wreath is how light it is. You can hang it anywhere!!

tie dye coffee filter wreath at tatertots and Jell

I hope YOU have a fabulous summer!!


Thanks for letting me stop by!



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  1. Crystal says

    This is super cute!! I love that it is made out of coffee filters!! What a fun and cute craft!! Thanks so much for the tutorial!!

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