Listen up dudettes {and dudes} I am super proud to finally post more pictures of our entryway project. Buuuuuut we just got back from traveling this week and I can barely keep my eyes open. If you follow us on instagram and facebook, you already know we’ve had an eventful week. It was fun to hang out with family don’t get me wrong, but we have a traveling hangover. If you have ever trekked across the state with kids, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. So, I won’t sugar coat things today.

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Get ready for some crazy before and after photos guys. It’s pretty embarrassing actually! HA. I didn’t realize how sad it actually looked until I found all these pictures.
Ever since we moved into our home in 2009, the entry way was a space that I could never get right, and I changed it a lot because it bugged me.
entry way before
I put up the kids pictures in 2011, and even made the girls’ frames out of CHAIRS! But, the angle of the wall bugged me, and I hung the pictures myself with out the help of my Hubsters, and I did a shotty job and one of the picture frames fell and broke…. WHOOPSY. Patience isn’t my strongest trait.
entrywaybefore3 entryway17
Then we tried our turquoise mirror in that spot and it fit perfectly. In 2012, Dan added some awesome finish molding to the mix, and that helped a lot to add character to the space.
But, the space still looked bare to me. PLUS, the kids always leave their shoes around the house, and we needed a spot for the shoes. I added the wire baskets to combat the shoe situation, but it always bugged me that I could see the shoes.
photo (25)

In the mean time, we painted the beige house grey….and the entry way lighting was TERRIBLE with a capital T. It looked blueish purple in that light. I LOVE the grey paint color in the rest of the house, but the lighting in the entry way changed the color completely. So, once again it bugged me. Are you seeing a terrible pattern here!?!? Oh, my heck…how embarrassing!

BUT….after a few weeks of the purple wall, I couldn’t stand it anymore, and I took matters into my own hands and stenciled the entry way, cut out the “Dream Big” letters myself with a jigsaw, and called in the mad accessorizing skillz of my friend Mandi to help, and I can finally proudly say that my entryway DOES NOT BUG ME ANYMORE!!!



I will be posting tutorials on how to make the Dream Big letters soon, and I made my own stencil and I will have that tutorial up ASAP also. coral-and-mint-decor

The lamp is from HomeGoods {my fave store for accessories}. The books are from D.I. {Utah’s version of Goodwill}, and the plant is from Lowes, but the coral pot is also from HomeGoods.  entryway-decor-coral-accents

Notice that the baskets can hold the shoes without me seeing them from the front door! SUCCESS! The baskets were also purchased at HomeGoods.  coral-and-mint-in-decorating

The rest of the accessories were laying around my house. coral-decor-ideas

The lamp is my favorite accessory in the space.


The entire entryway makeover cost less than $150.00. Boom.

Happy Monday. xoxo.

Update: If you would like to see how I made the stencil for less than $15.00. Check out this post about stencil making! 


  1. says

    So darn cute Brooke. Your entry way is similar to mine. I have all tan.. tan on tan! BLAH! I need color. I love your table, the stencil and the cute lamp the most. Great job. xo jen

    • Brooke says

      I made the stencil myself, and I will be posting the tutorial ASAP. The color is called Jazzy Jade from Behr found at Home Depot.

  2. says

    I love your blog, I’m glad I’m not the only one that gets embarrassed about how one of my projects turns out. Let’s be honest, they don’t all look good. When they do, it’s a great feeling. Beautiful entryway, and I’m totally loving the wall stencil. Did you do it yourself or did you buy it? That lamp is so cool, I just found out there’s a HomeGoods store about an hour from my house, so I will have to check it out. I never thought of going to the DI to find books, I’ll have to do that!!

  3. says

    What color gray did you go with? In the process of building now and we’ll be going with neutral grays throughout the house, so I’m always looking for inspiration. Painting to commence in about three weeks – woo hoo!

  4. says

    This is good. Crazy. Good. At first, I thought this surely was a magazine featured shot. What an awesome job! You deserve two Diet Cokes with extra coconut syrup for this one. 😉


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