How to Make Delicious Zucchini Noodles

Jul 24th, 2013

The other day on instagram, I shared this picture of my dinner. It was delicious. I made zucchini noodles and smothered them with marinara sauce.  No I do NOT make my own marinara. If you do, you are a superstar. I buy mine at good ‘ol Costco and add a little lean ground beef.

I was just proud the kids weren’t eating cold cereal for dinner {AGAIN} to be honest.   zucchini-noodlesEver since I shared the photo, I’ve had a bunch of requests asking how to make these zucchini noodles, and you will die at how easy it is!

But, you will have to buy the right tool…. how-to-make-zucchini-noodlesThis bad boy is callled a Julienne Peeler, and it’s roughly $9.00. zyliss Julienne peeler

After washing your squash/zucchini, simply peel it with the Julieene Peeler.  Julienne-peeler

The peeler does all the work for you and creates perfect little zucchini noodles! That’s it! I was shocked at the simplicity of it! Thanks to my friend Natasha for showing me this amazing tool!  julienne-zucchini-peeler

You can either boil them or sauté them in a little bit of butter. {I prefer to sauté them in a little bit of butter and garlic salt.}

You can buy this tool on Amazon, or I bought mine at Harmon’s Grocery Store.

Mmmmmm. I love zucchini so this makes me hungry!

Happy 24th of July! In Utah it’s a holiday today!

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