I’m about to show you a room that I never intended to. My horrible, cluttered laundry room is a space that I keep the door shut. I’m not proud of it. In fact, most of the time it stinks in there like sour towels. Can you relate? I’m not the perfect housewife. In fact, I have been known to forget about a load of laundry in the washer for a few DAYS, yes days. In fact, there are times when I restart the sour load of laundry and then forget about it AGAIN!

So, hold onto your hats peeps…I’m showing you a disaster.

Need a few extra boob lights? We have some you can borrow.

laundry disaster  laundry room mess

Until now, as you can tell, the laundry room was the catch-all for crap. If someone didn’t have a spot for something, it ended up piled on the shelves in the laundry room.

Did you know that the average family does around 400 loads of laundry a year!?!? Well, I guarantee that our family does WAAAAY more than 400 loads. How did I figure that? Well, I have 4 kids. We have more kids than the “average” family of 2{ish} kids. So I think we do around 800 loads of laundry a year. Ok, I may be exaggerating, but it feels like a MILLION.

So, I decided to redo the laundry room with one goal in mind, “Create a space that I want to be in {kind of}.” I knew it was impossible to make the laundry room my haven and mom cave. Let’s be honest, I HATE laundry. But, the room hasn’t changed since we moved in 4 years ago. So, I figured it would be worth a try to change it up. Plus, I wanted the room to be a place that the kids enjoyed. After all, laundry is part of life, and it’s time to enlist the older kids to help out.

I started out by unpacking all the crap from the room. It felt good to throw away items that have never been unpacked in the last 4 years of home ownership. Why the heck was I holding onto this crap!?!?

Then I gave the entire room a good scrub. It felt good to finally wipe down the shelves that had been cluttered for so long. Are you the one that is on a monthly schedule and takes everything off your shelves and wipes them off? If so, we can’t be friends. You would hate me and look at me with judgmental eyes.

IMG_6682 IMG_6683

After the space was good and clean, I started out by painting the backs of the cubbies with chalkboard paint.

colorful-laundry-room-ideas (3)

It took a few coats to cover, but the kids were already excited about the room.

colorful-laundry-room-ideas (4)

Then we headed to the good ‘ol Home Depot and began picking out colors. I let the kids pick out the color they wanted in their cubby and then manipulated them to choose the colors I wanted. Shhhh, don’t tell them, they think this entire project was their idea.

We chose: Lipstick 170B-6, Watermelon Pink 120B-6, Emerald Coast 490B-6, Lemon Lime 390B-7, and Jazzy Jade T13-12.

I got $3.00 samples of each color {except the Jazzy Jade because I already had a gallon at home from our recent entryway makeover}.

colorful-laundry-room-ideas (1) IMG_6711

I taped off each cubbie with my trusty Scotch Blue painter’s tape and got busy painting away. I painted the cubbies all different and then painted the edges with the Jazzy Jade.

After the painting was complete, I took the kids along to buy a few accessories and they had a blast helping me choose the art, and containers for the room.

laundry-room-makeover laundry room art



The kids chose this cute puppy picture that we found at Ross for $14.99 to hang in the room. It has the perfect colors and it makes me smile when I walk by the room. I think the kids did a great job choosing the accessories!


I can’t keep them OUT of this room.


Now all I need is to do some laundry!

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  1. Amy Frye says

    What a great makeover! I would love something like this in my house to help keep the kids (and myself) organized. Things are far too haphazard around here. Awesome job!

  2. says

    If I had a Silhouette Portrait, I’d use it to create tons of wall art in our house. My kids learning room, book corner and play area needs some love. If I won the gift card from The Home Depot, I would use it to repaint most of the walls in my house, so that it will be brighter and more cheerful.

  3. Casey says

    Great makeover – $500 at home depot would give me a good start on some projects I have been putting off

  4. Deb Rothaug says

    LOVE what you did, and it too “guts” to clean all that stuff out, let the kids pick their cubby colors, and finish the job! Good for you, girl, I”m a mother of four GROWN UP kids, and I sure remember the days of trying to keep their stuff organized, and I didn’t have the option of a separate laundry room, it was in our kitchen!

  5. says

    How awesome! I love the bright colors! My laundry room hasn’t changed one bit either. It’s the hallway between the garage and house, so it gets piled with all sorts of crap. Definitely needing a makeover! Winning that giftcard would be amazing! I would have so much fun!

  6. Melissa Pitcher says

    I would do many things with the gift card. I also am in need of some cubbies but have no space in my laundry room so we are going to have to build one from scratch in our garage. I also just moved into a new house and so there are many rooms that need some paint, curtains or fun decorations to make them complete. Thanks for entering me :) Love your new space

  7. Brianna H says

    I would LOVE to be able to paint and decorate my kitchen. I want to do chalkboard paint over the kitchen sink so that I can write notes there.
    I really like the bright colors and the chalkboard paint you used in your laundry room. It turned out so bright and cheerful.

  8. Lisa McCraw Newell says

    Look the makeover. So cheerful and upbeat for children, as well as adults. I am a newlywed (9 months), and we are trying to update our home, my former home (for sale or rent) and his mother’s former home (for rent). I gift card from HD would be a great help.

  9. says

    So much fun!! This reno just screams “I am such a FUN mom” 😉 You have lucky kids! I would LOVE to win the money to help spruce up our house! Thanks for offering such a fantastic giveaway!

  10. John S says

    My wife would buy some craft storage options and I would definitely buy some much needed power tools

  11. Lynn W says

    We are going to redo our master bathroom. Our tile throughout the house is from Home Depot and we are putting it in there as well. And we’ll be adding a new countertop, that $500 would be so helpful!

  12. Lisa McCraw Newell says

    Love the makeover. So cheerful and upbeat for children, as well as adults. I am a newlywed (9 months), and we are trying to update our home, my former home (for sale or rent) and his mother’s former home (for rent). I gift card from HD would be a great help.

  13. Kalynda says

    I would use the $500 do finish the updating we started this summer and create a new laundry space. Our current laundry room is more of a small close with accordian doors which we had to remove in order to fit the machines in so there really isn’t much of a room there. I’d love to be able to rework the space into something that would work better for our family!

  14. Carrie says

    How adorable! I could definitely see this working in other rooms of the house, too. Amazing job!

  15. Jess says

    Wowza that looks great. I think I would use the money for one of our bathroom redos. We have been here almost 6 years and it still has a mustard yellow theme color!!

  16. Mindy says

    I LOVE this! I want to redo my laundry room to include something like this so bad and that is so fun for the kids!

  17. Michelle says

    I’d love to win and put that money to good use, I would add woodwork to my laundry room and maybe a cute chandy.

  18. Mindy E. says

    Oh my goodness!! I love it. I would paint everything with chalkboard paint, if it helped me remember thigns better :)

  19. Stephanie Cleveland says

    I need that giftcard to finish screening in part of our back deck and do a little waterproofing work in the basement. pick me!!

  20. Echo Milanuk says

    My kids would love that laundry room too! I enjoy doing laundry so having a room like that would just be the icing on the cake!! :) Great job!

  21. Lisa says

    I would use the gift card to replace the carpet in my daughter’s room.
    Your laundry room looks great!

  22. Audra says

    Fresh and fun colors! I love that it’s so kid friendly…their choice of art is so fun! We would use the giftcard to help renovate a new home purchase!

  23. says

    I would FINALLY finish re-doing my front porch. The project stalled when my husband lost his job and it’s driving me CRAZY that it still isn’t finished. It’s the first thing that people see when they walk into our home and it’s a wreck.

  24. Jenn says

    I adore the brightness in here! The laundry room is the next room on my list at our new home. I went from a giant one to a closet where I have to close the door to have room to open the dryer. I HATE it! I already picked out a beatiful blue vinyl and a bright yellow paint for the room. If I win I can go pick them up!

  25. Shelise Mayer says

    I’d probably buy a decent paint sprayer and refinish my dressers (and several other painting projects)

  26. Mrs Major Hoff (Sara) says

    I love how cheerful it is! And I’m so glad to know that I”m not the only one who forgets about a load in the washer…

  27. Laura says

    Love the colors you encouraged!!! That makes the laundry room area much more cheerful. My laundry room has limited wall space (due to awesome original cupboards and French doors), so the lime green color we chose doesn’t take over. The color makes me smile every time I walk in!

  28. Karen Mc says

    Looks beautiful and I love the colors in the cubbies. Great job! My laundry room could use some work too.

  29. says

    I have a tiny hallway laundry that is the pass through to the garage, and it needs some work! White, boring walls, one builder grade cabinet and a wire shelf. I’d love to use that $500 to make it pretty and organized! And find a solution to get the dirty laundry off the floor!

  30. Meghan says

    Turned out awesome!! That $500 gift card will go a long way to improving our laundry room!!

  31. says

    What an amazing transformation! And, how fun it is too :-) If I won, the $500.00 would go towards paint and supplies. The house we are (fingers-crossed) moving to has 2 rooms with pepto pink walls. Yeah, they gotta go now!

  32. Crystal Kent says

    I would makeover my laundry as well. I would like to make the time I spend in their more enjoyable!! HAHAHA!!

  33. says

    I could use it on any of our remodeling projects but right now I need paint for the house and new shop. I LOVE the dog art! That looks like it was custom made just for your laundry makeover!

  34. carrie cantu says

    I would go storage crazy! I need beautiful storage for every room in my house, especially my craft corner!

  35. Megan says

    Our home needs some color! Brilliant update. I’d love to add some color to our main living space.

  36. Danielle says

    Too cute! I LOVE the fun colors – really brightens the room up 😀 And I totally agree – that puppy art work is just perfect!

  37. Tracy Huntsman says

    My family room is in HUGE need of some serious attention!! Paint, carpet and getting rid of that AWFUL popcorn ceiling! I would LOVE to win!

  38. says

    LOVE the makeover! I’m itching to pretty-fy the laundry room and make it more functional. I’m also jonesing for a mudroom set-up in the garage. We always come in through the garage, and shoes have to come off in the kitchen. I’m so tired of tripping over shoes and overfilled backpacks on my way to the pantry!

  39. Darrah says

    It’s so hard to say what we’d spend the $500 from Home Depot on first. We moved into our house just over a year ago and EVERY room needs a ton of work. We thought it’d be a good idea to buy a fixer upper even though we had a 1 year old and I was pregnant with my second. Now my girls are 2 and 15 months old and nothing has gotten done. I think I’d start with my older daughter’s room. I’d make her a special big girl room for being such a good big sister. The rest would probably go towards a new toilet that doesn’t require us to stick our hands into the tank to stop it from running after every time we flush it. How nice a thought! lol

  40. Elizabeth says

    Love the bright colors, I totally need to infuse alittle more of that into our really creepy basement laundryroom. Maybe I wouldnt be so scared to go down there then. :)

  41. Danielle says

    We just barely bought our new house (as in exactly one week ago) – so there’s SO MUCH I could use that $500 for. Right now, I’d use it for some storage help (kids closets, bathrooms, laundry, etc.), then for some fun accents such as a rug/curtains for the kids’ rooms, and a decorative mirror for a large blank wall by our stairs. Awww, the possibilities!!!

  42. says

    I’d use the $500 to buy new rugs for the house we’re buying. With two dogs, protecting the hardwood floors takes a lot of floor coverings!

  43. Lucy Arnold says

    I love your new laundry room! Would love to win – need to paint, install shelves, new lighting!

  44. Karen S. says

    Your laundry room is fabulous! You did a great job! I need some color in mine…………

  45. Erin B. says

    I think the question on your rafflecopter is wrong. But I could do a whole lot with $500 HD GC!

  46. says

    How fun! I have been ‘working’ on finishing my basement for 5 years now. I would use this to finish up my electrical and plumbing, the last 2 pesky items on my list before the walls can go up and get prettified!

  47. brittany goff says

    Love the puppy picture, your kids have excellent taste! If I won I would get rid of the ugly builder grade wire rack and get some pretty cabinets and a shelf!

  48. Alejandra says

    You’re so clever! That said I wished you lived closer to Illinois. Thank you for sharing your beautiful bright ideas. I relly need to start making my house a home with more personalized areas. I would defantly love to do something to my moms room. She is in a wheel chair, loves her space but I’d love to personalize it for her a bit more.

  49. Rachel H says

    If I won the gift-card I’d put some nicer finishing touches on the new guest bedroom we created in our basement. It’s so ho-hum right now, but with some paint and nice details I could spruce it up!

  50. Rebecca Kinder says

    I am IN LOVE with your laundry room makeover. I would have never been brave enough to try out all the color but it looks FANTASTIC!!!

  51. says

    No wonder your kids can’t stay out of here, it’s adorb! Please tell me you write little notes for your kids every day, that is too sweet.

    I could definitely use a $500 Home Depot gift card! I’m building up my own DIY blog and projects get expensive fast! My current list includes wood, pipes, and paint for a bookshelf I’m making!

  52. says

    Love the bright colors! I have a list of things that I could use that gift card for! It would be hard to choose. :)

  53. Joann says

    I would definitely do a bedroom makeover. My bedroom has been neglected! LOVE this giveaway!

  54. Laura B says

    We are currently house hunting and want to buy a fixer upper, so I don’t know exactly what we would use the $500 gift card for but I do know it would definitely come in handy!!

  55. Lacey says

    I could think of a million things to do with $500 form HD! I would definitely invest some of that into a new saw for the Hubs wood work and maybe put the rest towards a new washer (ours just started leaking BOO!)!

  56. Sandi H says

    Cute fun colors :) Your kids have great taste in art, I love that sweet little dog picture!

  57. Whitney Taylor says

    You are inspiring! We just bought our first home a few months ago and our laundry room needs some major help!!

  58. colleen lombardi says

    I love the kids’ cubbies! Great way to leave reminders and positive reinforcement!!

  59. Jessie C. says

    I would get new tiles and paint for the bath, and add a folding area and cabinets for the laundry room

  60. Kate says

    I would never have thought to do all those bright colors/ love it! I especially like that the kids got to choose the picture, what a fun grown up opportunity for them :)

  61. Jackee Wardle says

    I would love to build some shelving for my kids bedrooms. We moved a year ago and we still need to get stuff up on the walls in their bedrooms. I love your makeover…so cute and fun!!!

  62. Erin H says

    So cute! I love the bright colors. My laundry room is in desperate need of some organization.

  63. deeg says

    Oh this would be so great right now…hot water heater
    and refrig went crazy this week…need this bad ! :)
    Closet looks great girl…love it !

  64. Angelique says

    What a fantastic idea! Well done. I just wish I had a real entryway or a mud room. Perhaps this could work in the garage–it’s our main entrance and exit.

  65. Brandy Nettles says

    I have quite a few projects that I am working on since we just moved. I need paint, wood, and rugs! Among other things :)

  66. Linda Sheridan says

    I would love to win a $500 gift card to Home Depot… My downstairs bathroom needs fixture updates/hardware/lighting and a new toliet..Plus a new color,,,,This would be wonderful to win and help us get going on this project

  67. Melisa says

    Love the chalkboard paint in the cubbies! I have so many house projects to do that it is hard to put just one at the top of the list. Right now, today I would say that we need two new toilets.

  68. Julie Kohler says

    I have ENDLsjkohlerESS uses for this prize! I live in a little cottage style home built in the 40s. LOTS of fun stuff to do!

  69. Terri-Lynn Sobelman says

    I love the separate chalk board areas for personal messages for your kids. Absolutely adorable, would love to make a copy cat in my house!

  70. Kellie says

    Thanks for the inspiration! I need to do something similar in our laundry room. It always seems like it’s a cluttery mess! I like what you did with the chalkboard back board in the cubbys. Looks great!

  71. Amber says

    I LOVE all the colour! Great makeover. :)

    I need to buy more paint… much MUCH more paint so this would be a great help!

  72. Trisha Fravala says

    The laundry room looks great! I love the bright colors! My boyfriend and I are first time home owners and I would love to revamp the dingey basement laundry room, but with all of the unexpected costs like replacing all of the carpet and patio that slopes toward the house. $500 would be so helpful!

  73. Jan says

    My master bathroom needs a little love. I’d buy new fixtures for the sink and shower, some new accessories and maybe a new light fixture.. Great before and after!!

  74. Brittany says

    what fun colors! I love them and that puppy picture matches perfectly! Love how those little magic things happen. I love the chalkboard paint idea too. and just so you know I’d be the one convincing my kids to pick the colors I wanted too. hehe. Anyway great job and I think I’d like being in that space a lot more now too!

  75. Veronica S. says

    I would do everything I’m allowed to do to make our apartment feel like home! I’ve been especially thinking about a custom headboard for our bedroom!

  76. Brittany says

    with my $500 I’d use it to build the built in shelving and cabinets around our fireplace in my living room. It has been on my to do list since we moved in 3 years ago. I can’t wait to rip out the ugly floral tiles that are there now!

  77. Pamela Shook Mott says

    There are so many things I need to do in my house it is hard to pick one… but probably painting the walls would be first.

  78. Brenda says

    Super cute! Would love to redo my laundry room! I’m thinking gray, lime green and white! Something fun and cheerful!

  79. Brandy E. says

    My laundry room is in the basement, so it may be hopeless. I would love to have cubbies like this in the garage though. :)

  80. tsmith says

    I would start with some tools to get things moving. I’ve been wanting a big mirror for the living room and a rug. There are so many things……

  81. Cortney says

    I LOVE the bright colors! This makes me want to do laundry, and, like you, I hate it. Maybe because my laundry is in the garage. With $500, maybe I could clean up that space and make it cute like yours!

  82. says

    With $500 I would do one of our many home projects. I’d either finish our baseboards, work on our bathroom (new paint), or work on our laundry room! I hope I win!! Thanks for the opportunity. :)

  83. krista says

    Oh My GOODNESS!! I love the transformation. You turned a cluttered boring laundry room into an organized, beautiful, happy place!
    I am so jealous!!

  84. krista says

    I would like to redo our master bathroom and paint our living room a new fresh color! Maybe even paint my laundry room!

  85. says

    I love this idea. Our laundry room is in the basement and it leads out to the garage and I hate it. I despise laundry and since the garage entry is there and that is where people park and enter, there is no hiding the laundry pile up lol. So now I have to always make sure I am up to date with laundry in case a guest stops by…yuck! If I won the giveaway I would use it to finish my office. I finally got a room for just me and my stuff but it has not had anything done with it yet.

  86. danii carpenter says

    i love the chalkboard paint and individualized cubbyholes! we are in a MAJOR need of an overhaul in our master bedroom/bathroom! we have been putting off revamping it forever due to other expenses needed to be taken care of first.

  87. Forrest says

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to re-do my laundry room too! It’s got CRAZY 80’s wallpaper and ugly light fixtures. It’s begging for an upgrade!

  88. Jessica says

    I wish I was brave enough to paint our cubbies bright colors like yours. They look fantastic!

  89. says

    I think I’d buy some tools, actually. I’ve been eyeing an electric sander and some tools to easily remove popcorn ceilings. Otherwise we need paint, paint, paint!

  90. Koree says

    I would buy wood to make some cool beds for my kids and some sheet rock for our basement. I love the benches. The chalkboard paint is such a fun idea.

  91. Katie says

    I absoluately love this kid-friendly room! Great work! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  92. Jen w says

    We are in the process of buying a house and the gift card to HD would have so many uses in our short sale:) thanks for the chance! Love your laundry room makeover!!

  93. Kelly D says

    I would put down tile in our kitchen, we have been putting off this project for a while.

  94. Robin says

    I’m in desperate need of a new fridge! This would definitely take a chunk out of the cost.

  95. Tai Bender says

    There is a big list of things I could start with. New lighting, rugs, appliances. I need lotsa stuff!

  96. Felecia says

    I SO can NOT wait to have my own house to make “ours”. I LOVE the way you have a space for each kid and chalkboard to remind them of things, super cute! You inspire me in so many ways! My poor husband, once we pick a house and get moved in – he and I will be busy bees thanks to you!

  97. says

    $500 to Home Depot would help me buy the wood for the garden beds that I would love to create! We’ve been holding off since wood is so expensive…

  98. says

    I love the makeover that you did! I do not have a laundry room but a small area in the garage. You now have me thinking about how to brighten the area. Thanks for sharing!

  99. Amelia says

    We would totally put the $500 to good use – closet doors for our bedroom! Tired of looking into the (messy) closet!!

  100. Debbie Faber says

    I lOve LOVE LOve your new laundry room…very clever. I would get some paint and a new high quality nailer/stapler gun. :)

  101. Anna P says

    I ADORE your laundry room! The cubbies, chalkboard and colors! What would I do with a $500 gift card? Oh there is a long list of projects that this could contribute too – first may be a storage shed so we can take control of our garage. Or maybe paint – lot’s of colorful paint for every room of the house. Or maybe…..the list goes on! :)

  102. Shannon Jefferson says

    I would give the gift card to my parents, they are in the process of remodeling their house after us 3 kids messed it up over the years! Thanks for the giveaway.

  103. Mandi G. says

    I love the bright colors! Maybe someday we’ll have enough space in our laundry room for some cubbies like that. For now, we have a 1X4 with hooks on it to keep coats and backpacks off the floor!

  104. Mandi G. says

    With $500 at Home Depot, I’d probably buy some patio furniture and some things to help organize clutter in other parts of the house.

  105. Maryjane Carley says

    I absolutely love how vibrant the space is now and who couldn’t use some serious organization in a laundry room. I always love all of your ideas and projects. You are a definite “Go To For Inspiration Gal!”

  106. Elaine Bowman says

    I have been working on my “office” for a year! No lie! I would get some cabinets to finish off this project. Thanks for the chance to win! Love the makeover!

  107. Jen S. says

    I could really use some cabinets and shelving to get organized. That and a fresh coat of paint would make my laundry room become a happy place!

  108. Tracy Moody says

    I love your makeover. Now to figure out how to make over a hallway closet laundry area. I am sure with a little $500 Home Depot card I can do wonders! Thanks for the inspiration 😉

  109. JoEllen says

    I love all the colors you chose in your laundry room. They pop and look amazing! I love the combo with the chalkboard paint for the cubbies. My laundry room is nearly the same color as your “before.” It needs some color! I would use the gift card to brighten it up!! Thanks for this opportunity!

  110. Mandi says

    So cute! Brooke you inspire me. And I love your honesty-I couldn’t be friends with the monthly shelf wiper either :)
    I would use the gc for paint. Laundry room, front room, messy craft room. You name it.

  111. Britni says

    I don’t blame the kids for wanting to be in the room!! It’s super cute! Awesome laundry makeover! This reminds me I need to paint and stain everything on my to-do list too!

  112. Karen J says

    Paint, a rug and storage baskets and some pretties for my laundry room then I would get a faucet for my kitchen.

  113. Chris N says

    We have so many projects we need to do! We would likely apply it to either a laundry room project or toward a complete renovation of our second bathroom.
    Please, oh please, we could really use it!!! :-)

  114. allyson smith says

    Love this room! Jealous! I would use the gift card for new paint and other items to brighten up my house! Endless possibilities

  115. Kara says

    This is the cutest room! I am in the process of redoing my living room and home depot is becoming my home away from home! I would use it on paint and new blinds!

  116. says

    my laundry room is up next for my projects too. $500 would mean I could paint the concrete floors like I’ve been dying too!!

  117. Becca h says

    We need to paint the entire inside of our house so this would really help with that cost!!!

  118. Amanda says

    Fun laundry room! I’ve been slowly working on making my laundry room a fun, pretty place to be, too. Hard to do when you don’t want to be there in the first place! And thanks for the giveaway!

  119. Kara says

    I would love to use the gift card on paint and maybe some new blinds for the living room I’m redecorating!

  120. Donna Solomon says

    I would love to redo our master bathroom. It was configured wrong when the house was built, we ended up with the smallest shower in the house! It is a large space with so much opportunity,

  121. natalie gygi says

    You are so talented! It was a pleasure meeting you and your husband at the summer soiree . Love the make over! and home depot is my favorite store!

  122. Jen J says

    You did a lovely job on your laundry room redo. The bright colors are fabulous, and I love the chalk board idea!!!!

  123. Jessica Newport says

    Laundry room and kitchen are dying for help after just moving in our new-to-us home :)

  124. Christine says

    I love it! And I love that you got the kids involved. You must be WAY more patient than I am. :)

  125. says

    We’re moving into a new home in November and I KNOW we’ll be going to Home Depot a LOT for all sorts of good things: paint, fixtures, etc.!

  126. Dawn Murphy says

    I would try and spread the $500 throughout our house. Maybe some storage for my craft room, some updates to our laundry room and some wood to build the tables we want in our living room. Thanks for the giveaway!

  127. says

    I would start with a grill – because ours was stolen a year and a half ago when we bought our house. I miss grilling in the summers.

    I also want some pretty lilac paint for the laundry room and something to make some nicer shelving, including a big countertop I want over the washer and dryer for folding. One which goes all the way back up against the wall and touches both the side walls so other falls down in there ever again!

    I have a project in my entryway I want to do. I have cast iron hooks, and some of the other supplies, but I still want paint and beadboard. Or maybe planks to do a plank wall? It’s going to be marvelous!

  128. Kendra C says

    I would use the money for replacing the carpet on my stairs! So hard to keep looking clean! Love the chalkboard paint! Great idea!

  129. Hilary S says

    I would love to find a front-loading washer so I can have someplace to fold my clothes!

  130. sharon g says

    We can use a “mini” make over in our guest bedroom for the Holidays ~ paint, blinds & crown molding….

  131. Adrienne says

    Gift card would be used on paint & new light fixtures for sure! Love what you did .

  132. Stefanee says

    I love the colors and the chalkboards! Who would have thought a laundry room could be fun! :-)

  133. robin says

    For one thing, I would buy outdoor lighting for our deck. Maybe for some flooring. :) Going to rip up the carpets some day…

  134. says

    OH my- definitely have a laundry list of projects I would get started on. Headboard would be one of them.

    LOVING your cubbies- what a great laundry room to work with & I love how it turned out.

  135. orangesugar says

    $500 to Home Depot would be amazing. I’m there at least once a week buying something. I could repaint certain rooms, buy wood for building things, the possibilities are endless.

  136. Sandy A says

    Love the new colorful room! I would use this to finish prettying up our laundry and then use for kitchen re-do…

  137. Jennifer Benson says

    I would use it to help fund our bathroom redo. Its original paint from the 1980’s and is peeling like CRAZY! We want to gut it and put in a full shower and tile the walls! Definitely needed.

  138. Jeanette M C says

    Paint for the house, or maybe decor for my front porch. Really the list is endless. :-)

  139. Bree says

    I would buy some paint for the baby girls nursery, and materials to do board and batten in my laundry room and maybe a few others. Thank you for the great giveaway.

  140. says

    If I won a $500 Home Depot gift card, I would put it toward the new flooring in my kitchen/dining room that I’ve been putting off for the past couple years!

  141. Rhonda R. says

    How fun!!! I love the bright colors…makes you actually WANT to be in the laundry room!!
    So cheerful!

    • Rhonda R. says

      I would use the money to liven up the family room with spray painting the brass fireplace cover, tiling over the dated brick, splash some bright color on the walls, and switch out the lighting!
      Dated, blah, boring, so we never use the room.
      Would love to use your color inspiration and just GO FOR IT!!!

  142. Marin D says

    I want to put some shelves in my laundry room. I could easily have two more rows in there! It would help a ton.

  143. Julie says

    I would redo my own laundry room and 1/2 finished basement so my son would have space to hang out and invite friends over since his bedroom is so small.

  144. says

    Do I have to pick just one thing I would do with that gift card? We’re buying a house that has been vacant for over a year so I have a LONG list of projects to do soon! Flooring and paint first, probably!

  145. says

    OH where do I start! board and batten in the kids bath. new paint for the master. and your laundry room redo is inspiring me to create more to do’s for my list!

  146. Amy says

    I wish I had a laundry room that big. I would love to have storage space for the kids’ school stuff that was out of the way and not in our front hallway.

  147. LaCee says

    I just adore all of the color and the sweet personal notes on the chalkboard cubbies:) If I won the $500 giveaway, I get all of the supplies necessary to liven up the off-white walls in our new house (we should be closing in a couple days!!!!) and buy new windows for my baby’s room. Thanks for the chance! I hope you pick me:)

  148. Ashley C says

    We’re moving soon, so $500 would really go along way in helping us fix up our first home!


  149. Brook says

    This is so what I need for my laundry room – Thank you for sharing your amazing, talented ideas!!

  150. Lindsey Wolfe says

    YAY for Home Depot gift cards!!! I would use it for a new front door. You can see the light through where the door should close. NOT great for keeping the house warm/cold.

  151. says

    I have mudroom cubbies very similar to yours. I never thought of putting chalkboard paint on the backs, I like that idea. Maybe if I wrote don’t forget your backpack they would remember?

  152. Tari McDonald says

    I’d buy my first REAL power tools and then stuff to build something for my apartment :)

  153. Tina H. says

    I would definitely buy a few new tools.. our saw decided to quit on us the other day.
    Then I would check out the wainscoting for our guest bathroom.

    Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win.

  154. Robin R says

    Love your new laundry room. Wish I had space for cubbies and shelves. I did paint a large picture for the wall though and really enjoy seeing it when I venture into the laundry room. I too hate to do laundry, however, I love to iron…go figure???

  155. Kelsie Stanfill says

    We just bought a new (really old) house that needs a lot of work. If I got the gift card I would buy a fence to make our yard safe for our daughter to play in!!!

  156. Brooke Adams says

    I think that is the best idea for organizing kids stuff. The chalkboard and paint colors really put it over the top. Thanks for ideas and the great giveaway.

  157. Brooke Adams says

    I think that is the best idea for organizing kids stuff. The chalkboard and paint colors really put it over the top. Thanks for ideas and the great

  158. says

    My laundry room is my pantry as well, and the mudroom. It’s butter yellow with a linoleum floor, eeew. The shelves are not-so-handy man homeade too, and too shallow. I can’t wait to redo it!

  159. Trena Patton says

    I would love to update my condo laundry closet. I would paint the wall in a bright, fun color. Beyond that, I don’t know but it would be fun to figure it out.
    Thank you.

  160. Joy Rose says

    I like the cheerful colors. I am going to show this project to my daughter, I think she will want to copy it!

  161. says

    I would LOVE to win this! We are going to be buying our first home by the end of the year or in January 2014. It would be so perfect to win this for new items and house projects!! Crossing my fingers!!

  162. Madeline says

    Totally would create a tile focal wall or build a deck or finish the bathroom in the basement or….

  163. Mary says

    I’d love to paint all the rooms of my house and take care of repairing some outdoor fencing.

  164. Judy B says

    cute makeover and awesome give a way! I have lots of projects going on that could use $500 to finish them!

  165. Andrea says

    My husband and I are about to buy our first home! I love reading/learning for you blog posts…They always give me so many tips and great inspiration. The decor in our first house will certainly be inspired by your thriftiness! :)

  166. says

    Such fun colors!! I just started dreaming up a design for my daughters’ playroom…. and would put the giftcard to good use!!

  167. says

    mine is in need of a make over too, also a catch all space, not a whole room. it is a convert of a mother in law apt kitchen. some have walk in closets bigger than this space. at any rate, i can never look at my kitchen light fixture again, thanks to the boob light label. ack!!

  168. says

    Great Giveaway! I would love to paint and add cabinets to my laundry room- it is a big mess!!:) great job on your make over- it is so cute!

  169. Amanda Sakovitz says

    i would buy paint, some new shelves, a small area rug, and some pretty pictures to decorate my laundry room! Thank you for the giveaway!

  170. says

    What a great space. I recently painted my laundry room but i really need to finish my cupboards and my pantry…this would really help!

  171. Katie says

    I would use it to completely makeover our grotty laundry room – a complete overhaul is needed, and $500 would be HUGE!

  172. says

    I would get a new light fixture, tile the laundry closet floor, and hang some new shelving. It’s right off of our kitchen and open (the bi-folds broke years ago) so I’d like it to blend more, but be pretty! :)

  173. says

    That laundry room is AMAZING. Basically my dream.

    With $500 to Home Depot I would invest in organizational supplies and I would redo a bunch of my old furniture. It needs new, colorful life.

  174. Amanda Roach says

    I would use the $500 Home Depot gift card to get some organization things for my home school room.

  175. Shari L says

    OH MY the makeover is beautiful! Mine laundry room is a “caveman” room. Hasn’t been touched in 30 yrs!!

  176. allison says

    I desperately want to decorate (paint, accents, etc.) my master bedroom. We have lived in our house almost 8 years and have done NOTHING with the space.

  177. says

    I have a laundry room that is half refinished. Drywall is half hung. Concrete board is half laid. And that is how it has set for a couple years. I’d love to have 500 to go towards completing it!

  178. says

    I LOVE the makeover…I am sad to say that my husband has decided to start to finish the basement and NOT to finish my laundry room…So I would LOVE to have this and then use it to create MY SPACE of how I want my laundry room to be….FINGERS CROSSED!!!

  179. says

    I love the bright colors that you let your kids pick out! The chalkboard paint on the backs is such a clever idea!

  180. Brooke says

    We are tryinf desperately to save the money to refinish the porch and build a fire pit!!! this would be AMAZING to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  181. Kristen says

    With $500 to spend at Home Depot I would use some of these ideas to redo my entry way and laundry room to make them more functional and organized. Definitely would help with back to school coming up soon,

  182. brandi henderson says

    I love your ideas and craftiness. There are so many things I would love to do with $500 dollars. AS of now I would put it towards a new fridge. When we bought our house we inherited an old model that leaks water constantly inside. I would love to replace it with an affordable new one.

  183. Robin Bonvino says

    You made that laundry room re do look so easy. I am sure it wasn’t but sooooo worth the time and effort. Kudos to you. I could use a fresh coat of paint in just about every room in my house and a gift card to Home Depot would certainly get us started. Thanks for the chance

  184. Amie Olson says

    Our laundry room has a old basin style sink that we would love to replace with an under mount sink and cabinets to make it more presentable as a guest bathroom. $500 would help create a more welcoming space.

  185. Megan says

    Oh wow I have way too many projects that need to be done. $500 at Home Depot ought to do it! I would use the card to paint the outside of my house!!!! Please bless that I win…

  186. Jen says

    Gorgeous and playful! My laundry “room” is the space in the basement holding the washer and dryer. Ewww. Great job on your space!

  187. Emily says

    Ppff, what wouldn’t I do with $500? We moved into our 1950’s home 6 months ago and it needs a lot of help. Everywhere.

  188. says

    So fun and funky! I love the makeover. I have a ton of home projects that could use a $500 HD card. Top of my list– new toilet! :)

  189. Marty says

    We’re about to move into a new house, so there’s so much I could use it for. Probably some paint first. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  190. Margot C says

    I was thinking just paint to part of the garage where the machines are and buy a rug but now that I see your colorful shelves want to do that!

  191. Sarah Thompson says

    We are getting ready to build a house so this would be out to good use every where!

  192. Breanna says

    I’ve been doing some rearranging and revamping in the house. I could totally use some color and some more wood projects! That’s where my money would go!! 😀

  193. lisa hansen says

    makeover looks good!!
    we are just starting a makeover for my 11 yr old daughter and would ??? the gift card!
    thanks for the chance :]


  194. Jen Perry says

    My favorite part is the chalkboards! I love how you can live your kiddos little messages. :) PS Thanks for the giveaway!

  195. says

    You’ve made your laundry room such a happy place! It looks great. I would paint and change out some lighting if I won the gift card. :-)

  196. Ramona George says

    I would love to win $500 from Home Depot!! We are getting ready to move into a new-to-us house and would love to put my mark on it!!! Some shelving and paint will go a long way for my laundry closet!! I don’t have a whole room, just a closet, but I can still spruce it up!!! By the way, I manage a small motel, 10 rooms, and ALL I USE IS TIDE HE DETERGENT!!!!! Long ago I gave up saving a few pennies a load because I realized I was spending more on new linens because the old ones looked dirty!!! Tide HE saved the day and in the end, saves me money!!!

  197. krystal says

    You are brave! I always love bright colors but can never get myself to buy the paint! Your laundry room looks fantastic!

  198. Kristin C. says

    This looks great! Will $500 buy me a laundry room? I wish! But I can do some serious damage with it, thanks for the giveaway!

  199. Debe says

    Great redo on your laundry room! Mine is small and crowded and needs help! Thanks for the giveaway – that would be really useful!

  200. Debbie says

    I love the bright colors, it makes it so inviting. I need to spruce mine up some how, not this big though

  201. Joy says

    My laundry has not had a facelift in over 20 years and it would be so nice to have one which would make it a more enjoyable area in which to work. In addition, the window, walls, ceiling and floor all need attention and with $500 that could easily be accomplished.

  202. mc says

    I love the chalkboard paint idea in the back of the cubbies. I will do the same thing if I win to the similar cubbies we have. Thanks for making this available. PS: I think I will do it even if I don’t win. Ha!

  203. Sarah says

    So cute! I’m moving into my first house in September, so that $500 gift card would help with my kitchen revamping… or the living room, or my bedroom, or…

  204. Leah says

    I would love to bring some organization and sanity to our garage entry/tiny laundry room! Thanks for the chance! Love your re-do!

  205. Mackenzie says

    Sooo jealous of the size of your laundry room! :)
    I would use the gift card to update all of our builder grade materials in our newish home!

  206. says

    OMG!! I LOVE THAT ROOM!!!! You did an amazing job!!! Love the bright colors!! I would use the money to help get our homeschooling room set up! I need paint to finish it and would love to make a chalkboard and magnet board. I would also love to paint my tiny laundry room! I mean really its so small its more like its own cubby area! lol

  207. Sarah says

    Beautiful job, I am inspired! I would use the money for supplies to put a new set of build-in shelving in my bedroom.

  208. Lisa skinner says

    LOVE the fun colors and the chalkboard painted cubbies! That would be a great idea for a classroom as well!

  209. Julie cassels says

    I don’t think even the best of the best could make over my laundry room it is so weirdly shaped and so not User friendly. Its awful but I would be the first one to say “please try”.

  210. Lori says

    Always working on something. Paint, paint and more paint. We just worked on wood floors, but have been thinking about switching up colors around house!

  211. Tonya says

    LOVE what you did!!! It looks so fun, and it’s so functional – yay for a useful and lovely space!!!

  212. Karol S says

    I LOVE your makeover! My laundry room is studs and the back of drywall on one side and painted foundation brick. It’s not at all pretty like that. Enjoy your colorful fun room!

  213. Melinda Cerra says

    It looks amazing! I love the bright colors and having a place to put notes for each of the kids is brilliant.

  214. Jamie Larsen says

    if I won i’d use it on materials for a new back deck.. our deck was starting to kind of rot when we moved to our house 2 years ago and we just never seem to find the time to fix it.

  215. Jessica S. says

    I love the pop of cheery color! If I won I would update the flooring in my mudroom/laundry area.

  216. Donna Klein says

    Love the colors. The puppy print is too cool. A makeover of my laundry room would be awesome!!!!

  217. Becca says

    I wish I had the space for that backpack station! The colors are amazing! I have a laundry room project of my own. Would love to win to put my plans in motion.

  218. says

    I love how it turned out and the messages, very cute!!
    The short list of what I’d do with the $500… start on our patio expansion!

  219. Keasha says

    I love your blog and I love Home Depot. There
    are so many things that I would do with a gift card.
    Your blog has inspired me to start painting furniture.
    Keep sending those creative ideas!!

  220. Stephanie Chesnet says

    I would love to use this money to put my pinterest ideas to life! This would be such a great blessing to recieve :)

  221. Lara Black says

    Oh yes, I would love to do this! We need to rearrange some cabinets to make it more user-friendly.

  222. Melanie says

    Those colors are perfect! They definitely make the laundry room a more inviting place to be. And don’t worry about forgetting the laundry in the washer. You aren’t alone!

  223. ARLI says

    I would buy paint and closet storage solutions. My entire apt. needs to be re-painted and organized badly.

  224. Emily says

    Looks great! I wish I had a laundry room, even a crappy one. I have to cart my stuff to the laundromat every two weeks.

  225. melissa says

    Love the color.. Hope I can get my daughter to do more colors for her play room
    Great Job !!!

  226. Su Tyni says

    I really like the makeover – could be great for a mudroom or entryway too! I have a few ideas mulling over in my brain involving my bath & kitchen. Paint in the bath, since we rent it can only be a soft color — Monet blue would be perfect in my eyes. In the kitchen I’m thinking about adding a faux tin ceiling backdrop, or perhaps a paintable wallpaper backdrop that looks like a tin ceiling. Thinking I might add the same backdrop above the cabinets too. Also would like to add pullouts in the kitchen cabinets for added ease & usability. Would eliminate having to kneel on the floor to get at them! The older you get, the more you have to think about these things. We live in a Senior Community, would love to improve on what we have already.

  227. Kay says

    Love the laundry room!! Blackboard paint is good for so many things- I painted my friend’s doors with it!

    I love All Things Thrifty, and a while ago I did my own thrifty project- I knew I was going to be moving into a tiny little apartment, so I designed a bedframe that has a floor that folds out over the mattress and a desk that folds up, which allows me not only to hide my bed but gives me another huge workspace!!
    I painted the end posts brown and gave the whole thing an off-white crackle finish (which I then did to an endtable and my dressers- only 30 bucks from goodwill for both!) and with some fake ivy and a few refurbished streetlights at each end, my bed was complete!!

    Now, however, I want to get my mattress off the floor and add a few layers of shelving underneath the mattress- I just can’t stand the idea of wasted space! The gift card would allow me to grab all of the materials I need to finish off my project!

    (And if I win, I’ll post pictures and a how-to! My bedframe is the envy of my artsy friends!)

  228. Meggan says

    First I would redo the cabinets in my kitchen. It’s been on my list for years, they need some brightening up!

  229. Julie Robertson says

    That is an awesome redo! If I won I would use the $500 to redo my bathroom and get paint for my living room. Thanks for the chance!

  230. says

    I LOVE it! I was wondering what you were going to do with those color samples you posted the other day on IG. I should have known that it would be freaking fantastic!!

    You are the best!!

  231. Aubree Heslop says

    Oh that $ would come in handy! Big time! Pedastal for w/ d, paint, & tile. Love your bright colors!

  232. Noel says

    We would install all new shelving in the pantry area. Right now it’s just a big open space and we have stuff stacked on the floor.

  233. Hilary J says

    I love this idea. I am in need of a major remodel as well. Thank you for the ideas to start from.

  234. Laura Jacobson says

    Oh I would love to put in a new front door! Mine is older and I get such a big draft. Would love to get a new door before the snow flies! Although I will say…I would LOVE to make the kids spaces like you did! That is so neat!!!!!

  235. shannon says

    So Awesome!!! I wish my laundry room had that kind of storage. The colors are great and that puppy is adorable!

  236. deeanna says

    Hmmm, I could easily spend a lot more at Home Depot! Probably a lot would go to paint and a dozen other smaller projects. Or maybe al of it on materials for a kids playground!

  237. Sheri Liebl says

    So many ideas …so little time…..so little money—but the Home Depot prize would help that. Our laundry also serves as a half bathroom, it would be really cool to upgrade the whole room including adding a shower. I love the chalkboard backing also!!

  238. Erika W. says

    I will paint my laundry room and add a rod for hanging clothes. I may also look at getting a new light fixture and doing some open wood shelving. ooh and I also need some wall décor!

  239. says

    I would definitely redo our laundry room. The washer and dryer are OLD and have been repaired over and over again. Laundry is right off the mudroom so it is visible to everyone that enters our back door. Not an attractive room. A makeover of this room is on my “to do” list, soon.

  240. Lucrecia says

    My poor laundry room is the same way!! I have grand plans – I even already have the paint for the walls and a chandelier! Now to finish the floor and build some new shelves!

  241. Brooke says

    I love love love it! I have been dreaming and scheming about my own laundry room remodel for a while $500 at Home Depot would be awesome!

  242. Leah says

    I have great plans for my laundry room..I’m just waiting on the funds! This would be such a blessing!

  243. Kelly Palmer says

    If I won I would give it to my daughter and son in law. My son in law has been battling cancer this past year and he just finished up his chemo treatments. I know they are both looking forward to getting back to doing more every day activities and enjoying their home again. My daughter said that she is hoping to do a makeover on their laundry room and this would certainly help. Thanks for the opportunity!

  244. Cathy Ramirez says

    Nice giveaway. My laundry room needs a major makeover so I would use my gift card on that room in my home. Thank you!!!

  245. Tami says

    With $500 from Home Depot we would replace our screen door and do a bunch of painting around the house!

  246. Jenny Brown says

    I would love to redo my laundry room with that $500! I’d do my living room and daughter’s room, too! I couldn’t spend all $500 in just one room!

  247. Sharon says

    You have inspired me. So now I just need to find the time. Your laundry room looks great and fun!

  248. CynthiaChristensen says

    Love it! So bright & colorful. I’d give the card to my parents updated carpet. The sculpted orange yellow shag has to go!

  249. Kellie S. says

    I’m dying to paint my kitchen cabinets. I would buy all the things I need to do that and new hardware to go on them.

  250. Terri Hughes says

    I would use the money to redo my laundry room. Love all the bright colors. Thanks!

  251. Linda Owens says

    What a generous giveaway! If I was lucky enough to win I would to update my master bathroom.

  252. candice says

    I wish I had room in my laundry room/pantry for cubbies! looks great :) I would love to do make my laundry space more cool like yours!

  253. Patricia says

    On my wish list is paint sprayer, 10″ table saw, peg boards, power drill, white subway tile backsplash.

  254. Karen L says

    I would to get some pavers for our entryway and some drop clothes for curtains. Thanks for the chance to win.

  255. Bonny says

    I would love to do some DIY duff and some organizing projects. Oh and closet storage stuff

  256. jana truscott says

    Oh my, what would I do? So so many things, but mainly just make it a room for starts since it’s just in the middle of my empty basement right now..walls would be so awesome

  257. mary anne fields says

    I want to make signs and upcycle furniture so I’d use the gift card for that! Awesome remodel!!

  258. says

    wow that came out fantastic! i love all the colors you used as well the chalkboard paint! I’m in the middle of a kitchen remodel and if I won I’d use the money for the sink and faucet!

  259. shelley says

    omw! how bright and fun! would make laundry time way more enjoyable, no doubt! so glad i found you on pinterest!

  260. Kimberly H says

    We just bought our very first house, so there are MANY trips to home depot in our near future! Jazzing up the laundry room is definitely on my to do list, as well as painting a few rooms and switching out some light fixtures.

  261. Andrea says

    Cute…love it! I would use the gift card on a new slider so the kids could open the back door!

  262. says

    Love the fun colors and the chalkboard backs! We don’t have space for a mud room in our laundry area, so I just finished building lockers for our kitchen. If I win, I’d buy stuff to decorate them!!! Thanks for the chance, Brooke.

  263. Talia says

    This is so cute! We don’t even have a laundry room – it’s just a washer and dryer in the garage. I’d love to create a more organized laundry station in the garage. This is inspiring!

  264. says

    I would redo what my sweet husband tried to do with the shelving, new lighting and additional shelving. The floor is great. It’s not big enough to do what you did (I love it).

  265. Melanie Hoehn says

    I LOVE it! I wish my laundry room was that big. Mine is just a small closet! UGH! I would use the $500 to redo my boys bathroom and make it more fun for them.

  266. nicole h says

    Just entered the world of four kids… Would put it towards new hard wood floors for my kitchen!

  267. JulieC says

    Just bought a house after 3 years of a 2 bedroom apt for me and my two daughters!!
    Have a lot of painting to do in our new S P A C E!!
    $500 would come in handy….

  268. Nancy Clark says

    Those colors would make me happy when I was in that room! It looks so clean and welcoming.

  269. says

    I would use the $500 toward wood trim materials for board and batten and shelving in the laundry and pantry. Maybe I’d get my husband a surprise tool box too.

  270. says

    So bright and creative! Including the kids in the design process makes the project even more special, and what great taste in art they have! Love the picture they selected. Fresh paint and basket stacks for storage will be on the top of the Home Depot list for the win!

  271. says

    My laundry room is a closet in my dining room…and I too rewash the sour towels over and over…which does not make the dining room/kitchen smell nice!! I love your cubbies…and some day may have a dedicated room for laundry like the cool kids

  272. Amy Pellicer says

    Hi There! Happy Saturday! Your new laundry room looks WONDERFUL! I would LOVE to have a nice space like that to do laundry. Right now we have a very small room with no space to do anything in it & it is EXTREMELY hot (no AC or fans). It feels like being trapped in a nasty closet full of stinky gym clothes! LOL….. I would love to have individual space for my 4 kids to get their things organized & to bring some needed color to the old white”ish” walls! Thanks for offering this contest!

    • Emily B. says

      The chalkboard background is an awesome idea! I absolutely love the bright colors for each cubby too :)

  273. Tory says

    Oh my goodness! I have started and stopped several times trying to do a make-over in my laundry room. I so wish it was a place that I enjoyed being in more as we are constantly in there doing laundry.

  274. says

    I really love how bright and happy that room is. I love the mat on the floor. Most of all, though, I love how there is enough space to keep all of the kids’ school and activity things together. Very awesome!

  275. Pam Spradlin says

    A fabulous contest…and who couldn’t use $500 for Home Depot. I pinned your new laundry room. I would want something like that in our laundry room since it doubles as the mud room also.

  276. Joanna says

    Gorgeous! My laundry room is horrible. It needs repair dry wall done (2 full walls), and has for years. I hate it in there. And I don’t even mind doing laundry. It would be nice to have a re-do!

  277. Kristin says

    This would be great, I’ve been promising my daughter that we would redo her her room for a while now!

  278. Karen says

    We are in the process of upgrading our house. Could totally use a prize like one of these. :) Great job on the laundry room. Mine is brand new and I still need to finish it out.

  279. Lisa Brown says

    Great makeover on the room, colorful and fun. My laundry room is like a closet: so small, only room for the washer and dryer. Would love to knock out a wall and enlarge it.

  280. says

    Great makeover! I absolutely love how colorful it is! We are purchasing an old (built in 1917) building on our Main Street that needs A LOT of remodeling in order to make the upstairs liveable. The $500.00 gift card would certainly come in handy since pretty much everything is going to have to be redone!

  281. Renee Kern says

    Love your laundry room, the colors and that it is actually a room. :) My “laundry room” isn’t a room, the washer and dryer are in the garage, in front of our van. I would use the money to put some shelving in around the washer and dryer, replace some piping. Make it an easier space to do laundry in. The $500 would definitely help do that.

  282. Natasha says

    This looks awesome! I would love to win this – I had so many projects in mind that I would love to do!!

  283. Leisa says

    Love it! I understand the loads feeling like a million–we have 8 kids! It’s a never-ending job!

  284. ashley says

    I can’t believe you don’t use this room!! I have 4 kids as well & am ready to move because I need a mudroom space like this. And if my laundry room was that big I would probably do a high kick & a dance while doing my 800 loads.

  285. penny says

    I love that you included your kids in this project! My crew loves to help pick out items for a project or room redo, and I too have been guilty of manipulating their design choices! : )

  286. Melissa S says

    I love your makeover, I always go with muted colors but then I see something like your colorful cubbies and remember how much I love color! I am going to have throw caution to the wind and look for some bright paint and not worry about matching every little item.

  287. says

    The Home Depot gift card would have to go toward our ongoing kitchen renovation, but that $5000 laundry room makeover would certainly come in handy too! I have the creepiest of the creepy basement laundry rooms, and it’d be nice to not be afraid to go in there, you know? 😉

  288. Deb says

    I find it hysterical that you call your old light fixtures “boob lights.” I’ve been telling my husband how much those lights bother me for that very same resemblance. Great makeover!

  289. Michelle says

    Amazing!!! My favorite thing I have seen yet! Wish I had room to do this for my four kiddies. :)

  290. Annelise Oler says

    I have a traditional track home tiny laundry room and would LOVE a chance to re do it completely maybe bump the wall out into the garage a bit…. but unfortunately I am barely paying bills at this moment. Treading water is no fun when all you want to do is create a house that is functional and feels like you are home.

  291. Sarah S says

    I LOVE this laundry room! I agree that laundry is the WORST chore, I would much rather clean toilets. It’s only my husband and I feel like we do way too much laundry for just two people! I can’t imagine with kids! WE would LOVE a home depot gift card to help with our projects of BUILDING FURNITURE!! We definitely save money by building ourselves our own furniture but lumber is not cheap! Currently on the to-do list: Shoe bench and TV Stand!

  292. says

    That is the cutest laundry room ever! I so wish I had a nice laundry/mud room so I could do that! All I have is just a lame laundry closet!:( Great job…I love the colors!

  293. Amber says

    What an awesome job you did! So creative and it looks great. We’d LOVE to win, we could definitely use a room makeover over here!

  294. says

    It looks wonderful! You really do the best makeovers. I think the bright colors make it. The laundry room is a perfect area to “fun” up. :)

  295. Jesica says

    Fun laundry room! My room is small, dark, and always dirty, so I could sure use the makeover!! Thank for sharing your ideas!

  296. Carrie Arvayo says

    We have slowly replaced floors but still have stained carpet in our kids rooms from previous owners. We have only lived in our house for 11 years! Yes, I said only! : ) I would use it for new carpet for my 5 kiddos!

  297. Sue DeChant says

    Love the laundry room update!! Now my wheels are spinning, planning what I could do with mine with $500!!

  298. says

    Wow, I LOVE what you did in there, Brooke! I am way jealous that you already had so much space with the cubbies! My laundry “room” (a tiny passage between our kitchen and garage) is a dumping ground for stuff, too. Drives me absolutely nuts.

  299. Kellye A says

    We just did some work on our laundry room! I’m in love with my new washer & dryer :) We would use the money to work on some other smaller projects around the house like our bathroom (new light fixture, toilet…), and more storage & organization. Ohhh that card would be so wonderful!!

  300. Robin S says

    We are moving in September and would love to have the gift card! We are renovating so it would help a lot!

  301. Laura L says

    Wow! What an awesome transformation! It would be so cool to win, and be able to do something like that in my own home!

  302. Tina White says

    I really like everything about this project! The organization, the Chalk Board Paint, the fun colors, & that it’s something that the whole family can use & enjoy.

  303. Jane Hebert says

    Love your laundry room makeover. Would love a gift card to re do some Sad areas of our home.!

  304. Sandy says

    Nice job on Laundry room! Chalkboard paint can create so many fun things. I started using it years ago when I decided to paint tins I had saved to use as favors for my daughters birthday party. I put boxes of colored chalk in them, the kids love it!

  305. says

    Man, what I wouldn’t give to have this! We just moved into our very first house (rental) and I am dying to update our all apartment furniture, colors, decorations. This would definitely help jumpstart! *fingers crossed!!*

  306. Jenn says

    I have tired so hard to decorate my house but I am feeling overwhelmed and not happy with the results. It keeps putting me back into this unhappy state of mind. I need some fun colors in my house. The $500 would go towards making me, my family and our house feel a little happier. Thanks for the giveaway Brooke.

  307. Mindy says

    I would love to enter here for the $500 gift card but I am not seeing a link or instructions on how to do so. Please let us know!! Thanks 😉

  308. LaShelle Gibson says

    We have been gradually been trying to improve our house that we bought a few years ago. This would help to speed the process up a bit more. :) Probably use it for getting the Play Room finished, though after this I am totally wanting to fix up my laundry room. :)

  309. karen tate says

    My laundry is along part of the garage wall. I would love to paint the wall behind my machines, add some shelving/storage, hanging rod, and hideaway flat drying area. Extra monies would be spent tidying up my pantry with new storage.

  310. Deana M. says

    I would buy a ceiling fan for our living room and apply the rest to a new washing machine.

  311. sherian says

    I share your despise for laundry! It’s by far the worst chore… and yes, I consider it success if I can get the load moved along before the mildew sets in :-)

  312. Michelle K. says

    Oh my goodness, that just looks so awesome. (And yes, we could be friends because I’m lucky if I clean my shelves once a year.) I would use the $500 gift card to do some little projects around the house that need to be done and that we’re putting off until I get out of school next year. Thanks for sponsoring the contest. :)

  313. Lurel says

    Love it! It’s amazing how much just a coat of paint can completely change a space. I would start on nursery decorating for our first child, coming in December!

  314. Tracy Harp says

    I would buy hubby an air compressor and nail gun so he can help with my to-do list, lol!
    The laundry room looks great! Definitely a place to hang out now but nothing could make me “enjoy” laundry.

  315. Erin says

    Ooh… I would get a ceiling fan… Or two! Our new house doesn’t have one in the living room and in Texas… that’s a sin! Lol!

  316. Veronica Buryk says

    Roof needs to be fixed and this would help :) Home Depot is the place to buy supplies

  317. Kathy E. says

    If I won this Home Depot gift card, I’d buy supplies to make a new sewing table with tons of storage for my sewing room. I need drawers, shelving, and lots of cute knobs and hooks.

  318. Cath says

    Our laundry “room” is actually the garage, but it needs some cabinets, and hopefully, a utility sink. We just had to buy a new washer, but it’d be nice to get the matching dryer, too!

  319. Dawn Connelly says

    Awesome makeover! Love to see your projects! I recently moved into my husband’s 40+ y.o. home. As you can imagine, the entire ‘bachelor pad’ needs a makeover! :) If I had the $500 I’d most likely replace the ancient stove in the kitchen!

  320. Stephanie WInstanley says

    It’s tough to get and stay organized, but I’m working at it! If I won a Home Depot Card…I’d put shelves in my empty laundry room and create a space store backbacks etc….your idea is brilliant. Not to mention, an area to store hampers so that clothes can be sorted and each boy can put his own laundry away!!!

  321. Rachel says

    Wow, love the colors! What a fun laundry room. Mine is my garage, uggh. One day, I’ll have a house with one inside. Lol. :)

  322. Shannon Withaeger says

    Yikes, I’d buy a million things!! First tons of paint to spice up this all white house. Then maybe some shelving, backsplash tiles or maybe a new faucet or two… Basically I’d go buck wild.

  323. Jenny says

    Oh that is the cutest thing ever! I love it and the messages for each kid. I’d love to win! My 110+ year old house always needs updating.

  324. says

    I spend that easily in a visit! I’d get some new tools, and supplies to redo my daughters room, and build a triple bunk for my boys!

  325. Jennifer says

    I need a new washer and I could use some organization in my life too. I also have 4 kids and can totally attests to the mounds of laundry each week!

  326. Tammy Hutchison says

    We are fixing to build a house would use the the gift card to make my Laundry room fabulous!

  327. says

    I would use it to buy a better shelf for our laundry area, some nice storage hampers, some baskets to hold cleaning supplies, and some behind the door storage.

    • Cassie Hahl says

      I would love to win the gift card! I need to spruce up some rooms in my home and I also have some cubbies that would love ADORABLE painted like you did them! Hope I win!

  328. Destiny says

    We have 3 rooms in desperate need of new flooring. I’d get started on this project if I won!

  329. Dawn Ashby says

    Wow, you are amazing. I have been wanting to re-do my laundry room, it is constantly a cluttered mess. This would be a great start to some organizing in my laundry room:-)

  330. Kara says

    I would use the giftcard to get a new screen door, help re-do my spare bedroom, my kitchen, or my laundry room! My laundry room is by far in the most need of help!!!

  331. Mara Smith says

    We just moved and this gift card would help out tremendously with paint, light fixtures, etc.

  332. Kady W says

    This is so exciting, we just moved to our first house and I can’t wait to start on my list of projects– one of which is a makeover of the laundry room!

  333. jenn says

    I would LOVE to win the gift card! 6 kids and a new house = I am pretty sure I can find a great use for that card!

  334. Angie Homer says

    I LOVE it! Looks good and so fun for the kids. I have all kinds of projects I could use this gift card for!

  335. Marcie says

    What a great make-over! I would love to do laundry in that room…well not really…about the laundry I mean…still love the room!

  336. Rita says

    I would get some cabinets for my laundry room, some shelves for my garage, and paint for my master bedroom.

  337. Kathryn says

    I would love to use that gift card to rip out the nasty carpet in my laundry room and put in a tile floor!

  338. Sara says

    I want to build some storage benches for our bedrooms! But I need tools and supplies – that gift card would go a long way to get me started :)

  339. nicole birmingham says

    Are you kidding me?!?!! I am in love with this room! I wish I had the space to do this in my laundry room!

  340. Carla S. says

    I love your laundry room. I would love to make my laundry room more functional than the clutter room too.

  341. says

    Oh my gosh, there are so many things I need to do to my house that $500 from Home Depot will disappear FAST! My first priority is probably building a pantry in my former washing machine area. I don’t have a lot of storage in my kitchen so I want to replace my standard side-by-side washer dryer with stackables and build shelving in the other half of the area for food storage. It will free up 3 cabinets in the kitchen!

  342. Kelly says

    I just love the colored cubbies!! We have quite a few rooms which need repainting, so that’s where I’d start with the Home Depot card.

  343. Lisa Kubin says

    I would buy cabinets and paint for my laundry room.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Lisa K.

  344. Jenny Danielson says

    I would repaint our upstairs spare bedroom!! Build some shelving units and a large desk area to sew, do crafts or computer work!! I would also like to tear out the yucky old carpet in that room and either sand and stain it or lay down a cork or bamboo floor treatment!! I really need a space of my own!! My kids are grown and its time for a change!! Thank you for the opportunity to win this fabulous prize!!

  345. Jennifer S says

    If I won $500 to Home Depot, I would buy stuff to build a cute mudroom. I love how your project turned out!

  346. Linda says

    I would love to build cabinets. School is starting and I need some organization with 5 kids!

  347. Melissa says

    If I had $500 to Home Depot we would use it to finish our mudroom. We started to build it a couple years ago but ran out of funds when hubby lost his job, it still needs insulation and drywall before I even get the chance to cutify it!

  348. says

    Oh, I’d LOVE to win! My kitchen is in desperate need of a countertop redo, and a backsplash! (And maybe some chalkboard paint!)

  349. Lori C says

    WOOOOWWW!! You really rocked this laundry room!! Beautiful!!
    I would put it toward a new washer/dryer cuz my old one is kicking the bucket FAST!

  350. Julianne J says

    We are redoing our ugly “knockdown” living room walls so that would help a lot. I would really love to buy new tools that I could learn new crafts with like a dremel, soldering iron, kreg jig. Ooh, or a paslode finishing nailer, haha! I would be one excited girl! Thanks for the opportunity!

  351. Britni Patterson says

    I actually would revamp my laundry room as well. The cabinets are ugly and dysfunctional, you can’t open the dryer fully without hitting said cabinets, the shelves are home-built and scary with wrapping paper liner attached with (I kid you not) packing tape.

    So yeah.

  352. Ashley Hutten says

    I dont have a laundry room, just an empty bathroom. this would be great to start one!
    Ashley Hutten

  353. Sara Bonert says

    I am in starting phrase of redoing my laundry/mudroom and this is an inspiration! Not only do I love the colors, but the function too. I wish I could construct the cubbies like you have. I’ve been looking at hall trees. They are so expensive, and look so easy to make!

  354. Alissa L. says

    I just have to say you are so inspiring to me. I love how you share so many great ideas with us. AND you walk us through how to do them ourselves. Thanks for sharing a part of your life so we can beautify ours a bit!

  355. says

    Love, love, love the transformation! I would put this money to use buying supplies for the whole list of house projects we have left! And some fun stuff too :)

  356. Adrian J says

    BROOKE! I love your laundry room! I really wish I had lockers like this in my sunroom!! I love the bright colors, too! You’re so talented, sis! :)

  357. Monica J says

    I would use the $500 HD gift card to get started on coverting our garage. We could really use the extra space!

  358. Brenna says

    Oooohhhhh! Love the laundry room! Going to start redoing our master bedroom so a Home Depot gc would totally come in handy!!

  359. Elizabeth H says

    My laundry room is also storage room so it is UGLY. A wall to separate the two would be great. Love your colors and your blog.

  360. says

    I adore this laundry room! I am a sucker for bright colors! Amazing job of making the laundry room such a cheerful space!

  361. Chelsea says

    First time looking at your website, I love the use of chalk paint in the cubbies. The color really makes the laundry room inviting, nice touch.

  362. molly says

    Man, I jealous that you even get to have a stinky laundry room, mine is in a gross basement. Where it smells like sour towels all day long!

  363. Susan U. says

    Oh goodness! My laundry room is the worst and my least favorite area of my house. $500 would go a long way to making it much better. I would buy and install cabinets or shelving so I would have room for my laundry baskets. I would paint it. I would maybe just hire a maid….

  364. Jenn McClearn says

    I would use the gift card to start re doing the master bathroom it needs a lot of work!!

  365. Angel L says

    I would use the gift card to buy a new front door and some pretty paint to give it a bright color ! I have my eye on one from Home Depot!
    Great give away.

  366. says

    What a happy laundry room – I love the energy and personality you gave this room. No surprise the kids don’t want to leave it!
    Well considering Home Depot is like our second home and we plan on purchasing our materials there, I would definitely use the $500.00 towards our backyard patio project. Or perhaps towards my dream of having a Granite slab counter top rather than our cheaper DIY granite tiles in the kitchen.

  367. Nicole K. says

    I would love to win!!! I have some rooms in my house needing some TLC and $500 would help a lot.
    Love the Makeover by the way!! Super cute!

  368. Andrea says

    There are so many things I could use for my home: new light fixtures, a dishwasher, tile for my back entry and basement bathroom and the list goes on!….

  369. Carrie says

    Fantastic makeover! And I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had to rewash a load of sour clothes because I forgot about them! The $500 would definitely go towards a laundry room redo or a patio redo or towards my diy kitchen island or paint for the living room. The list goes on and on…

  370. Amanda Nolen says

    I would lay flooring in my kitchen and laundry room. Right now I just have concrete b/c I decided it would be a good idea to rip out all the old flooring.

  371. Bri says

    LOVE your Laundry Room!!! Great idea to paint the cubbies fun colors that your kids “picked” out, sure adds a lot to the space :)
    I would use a gift card to help me pimp out my laundry room too!! Think I need some bright colors & fun accessories to make it a fun place to be!
    PS: I adore your blog, I’ve been following you for a couple years now & girl… you just keep getting better & better!!! Keep up the great work!

  372. Sherry Ramsey says

    I would buy a washer that actually cleaned the clothes or a dryer that is newer than the 1970’s dryer that I have now.

  373. Rachel says

    Would love to use the Home Depot gifts toward purchasing tools and materials to build and refinish furniture in my apartment! Great laundry and mud room design! I think that a drop-leaf folding table and cushy, colorful chair or stool would also be useful additions.

  374. hausfrauChelsea says

    Looks great and the colors “you” chose are bright and cheery–exactly what a laundry room needs.

  375. Chelsy says

    I’m not sure how your doing the drawing if its random of if the comments actually have anything to do with it but I could seriously use the $500, my husband and I were hit by the worst luck ever both of our vehicles broke and my mom passed away so she left me her car but my husband takes it to work and we were living in a family house but it got picked up by the bank so we had to rent to own a trailer and its hard figuring out how to pay bills and fix ALL the things broken in this trailer, we finally after 3 months were able to buy the pipes we needed to redo the plumbing bc they were either wrong or busted and now our hot water heater went out. We’ve been boiling water to take baths for 2 weeks now bc sometimes we can hardly pay the bills then everything is falling apart here! But some way or another we make it through and I know god will help us to get on our feet!

  376. marilyn says

    i live in minnesota with such long winters. i need to bring sunshine and a garden INTO my house with paint. i have a dining room that is crying for some warm peach or green, and a living room that is crying for light glowing yellow peachy walls.

  377. says

    WOW….Color…..AMAZING!!! This looks Fantastic!! Way to go! I would definitely use my “Home Away From Home” Home Depot gift card to give our laun-dirty room, a clean, ORGANIZED make-over!!!

  378. Chelsea says

    So cute! Love the bright colors… makes me wish my laundry room was bigger than a closet!!! 😉

  379. LeeAnn P. says

    If I won I would use this to fix up our bathroom with some much needed fixtures and such.

  380. Kristie Wolfe says

    I have my classroom and pantry in my laundry room right now so I need some help fixing it up and making things more accessible.

  381. says

    I have a long list of to-do’s that I could get done. Paint the trim, finally buy backsplash, a new drill battery wood for a new desk and end tables… the list goes on.!

  382. rosanna luna says

    Ohh, soo many things to make!! First off, a dress up box for my girls and then some fun additions to the husbands man cave!

  383. Susie says

    Love th fun colors! I would use it to redo some things in my living room and master bedroom. We have lived here almost two years and it’s time to make these spaces MINE! Thanks for the chance :)

  384. Nancy K. says

    I would use the money to jump start my master bedroom remodel. Thanks for the chance to win.

  385. Jessica Foster says

    I would repaint my dining room set that was singed in a house fire. Love the bright colors.

  386. Ashley K. says

    I would buy ceiling fans for the master bedroom and kids rooms. We have been wanting them because it gets so hot upstairs!

  387. Samantha Ray says

    I’m having a baby in 10 weeks and the nursery need a lot of work. I would love to win the gift card!

  388. DJ says

    There are so many things we would put this towards — perhaps some lighting, rugs, or new paint!

  389. Samantha says

    Love your laundry room. We are working on ours now. I can’t wait to get the finishing touches done. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  390. Marilyn Anderson says

    I am thrilled about the give away, but honestly the laundry room ideas are to die for. Such great ideas for a family and for a room that represents lots of work, it seems so cheerful and a such a happy place. The chalkboard idea is so fun and I love the idea of leaving messages for my family. Thanks so much!

    • Brooke says

      They were already installed in our home before we moved in. I wish I had a better answer for you since this won’t help you! xoxo