If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you’ve already seen this fabric so this is not new news. BUT, if you haven’t seen it yet. CHECK THIS OUT!!


I am really excited when I find the perfect fabric for an upcoming project, and this is IT! I almost did a jig in the store. I bought it in Las Vegas at Home Fabrics and Rugs, my favorite fabric store of all time. It cost less than $8.00 a yard. I kind of have a problem because I could buy fabric all day. I wish I had unlimited resources because I would go ape crazy buying fabric. But, unfortunately I don’t live in la la land, and I only bought what I needed this time. I found the fabric on Amazon for about $13.00 a yard if you are interested.

My master bedroom is currently torn to pieces. Since I have Attention Decorator’s Deficit Syndrome it was far past the time for an update. I even sold my famous headboard at the Hoard Sale this year.  If you are new around here, or if you have never seen what my bedroom looked like back then, check it out:



Although I loved my bedroom in it’s time. I am SOOOO excited for a new look. I’ve played on Photoshop designing our new room and these are the images I’ve come up with.

Design A

Master Bedroom Plan 2

Design B

Master Bedroom Plan copy

Design C

Master Bedroom Plan 3

Design D

Master Bedroom Plan 4

Wanna weigh in on the design? Which one is THE ONE!?! Smile My mind might already be made up btw. Just keeping in real.


  1. says

    I really like D. The chandy is a perfect color and kinda breaks up all the coral (even though i say you can never have enough coral).I also like the rug better in D than C. It’s going to look good no matter what, I’m pretty excited to see the end result!

  2. says

    Ooo!!! I’m in love with them all, but if I had to choose, it’d be C. Chevron walls and rug is too much chevrons (wait… did I just say too much chevrons!?!), and I like the coral light fixture to tie in the coral bench and pillows. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  3. says

    C! I really like them all but C has a nice blend of textures and patterns. I know Pantone voted for Emerald this year, but I really feel like Blues and corals have the market! Not only have I been leaning that way in my master bedroom, but you are too and so many others I see in the blogosphere. Maybe they’re just great soothing MB colors? I can’t wait to see how you switch it up and bring it all together!

  4. says

    C is my favorite option here. I think the herringbone on the walls and on the rug would be too much, so no on A and D. I like the pop of color on the chandy in C rather than the same coral that’s already throughout the room in B.

  5. Shannon says

    Design A, but what’s the green block on the far left? Also, the rub from Design B might be more fitting (too many clashy pattern, rug B is more muted like the wall pattern).

  6. Carla McGrath says

    Having a hard time choosing between B and C. I agree that the chevron rug is too much with the chevron walls.

  7. Theo Malloy says

    I like design C…However, I am soooo in love with your current panels. You should raffle them off on the site so one of us can enjoy them…recycle :-)

  8. says

    I am loving option B. I like the floral rug much better with the wall treatment and the red chandie is my favorite. Can’t wait to see what you pick. I am getting ready to do a make-over on my bedroom as well.

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