First of all, RugsUSA is having their 80% off sale right now. I have bought several rugs from them and I’ve always been extremely happy with them. {I’ve heard a few rare problems with ordering from them from others, but I have always had a great experience myself}. I just wanted to be upfront about that in case someone has a problem with an order. I’m not affiliated with RugsUSA in anyway, but I love their 80% off sale so much PLUS it is also FREE shipping.

So, of course I took advantage of the sale myself and made my decision for my bedroom makeover. If you missed the sketch-ups of the master bedroom, check them out! This gives a slight clue on what the design is going to look like! This rug is called Bella Flora, and I got the 8X10 for $210.00! I am really excited. bella flora rug

I’m getting excited about the bedroom makeover! It has been torn apart since…..ahem…MAY.

In other news, want to know what’s happenin’ around here?  I know I posted about being sick after Haven Conference a few weeks ago. Well, now that I’m finally feeling better {besides a slight lingering cough} my husband has caught the bug. Dude, this bug is not a wimpy one, I tell ya. It’s a BAD one. Plus a man cold is no good in general. I saw this video a few years ago, and every time this happens, I can’t help but look it up. It’s absolutely true.


For a few days after Dan catches the dreaded man cold,  I’m pretty much the nicest wife ever. I make him Lipton soup {because that’s what his Mom made him when he was sick}, and I make sure he is comfortably watching TV.  Then after a few days, it’s like I can’t tame the beast any longer, and I just can’t wait on him hand and foot any more.  I’m actually much better than I used to be. I keep remembering my goal for the year “Be Considerate” and in the back of my mind I keep saying, “Be Considerate, Be Considerate, BE CONSIDERATE!!!” I wish I would have been born with a more nurturing natural ability.  But, the good thing is that he is on the up swing now that he has a z-pack.

Have a good weekend. If your man’s sicknesses resemble a “man cold,” I understand your pain.




  1. says

    Thanks for the heads up on the RugsUSA sale! I’ve had my eye on one of their rugs since before the 4th of July sale, but it’s been out of stock since then. Lucky me, it’s back in stock now. Score! :)

  2. says

    This made me laugh so hard!! The Man Cold! Mine is sick right now and Chicken and Stars is the only thing that staves off the agony! I am trying desperately to be patient, but my patience is wearing thin! Anywho, I can’t wait to see the room reveal, I love that rug!

  3. says

    This made me laugh so hard! The man cold!! Mine is suffering right now to and Chicken and Stars is the only thing that will stave off the agony, even though I spend a couple hours making homemade soup! I’m trying desperately to be patient, but my patience is wearing thin. Anywho, I love the rug and can’t wait for the room reveal!

    (Sorry if I commented twice I experienced technical difficulties…meaning I haven’t had my coffee yet!)

  4. Tracy says

    Heading to RugsUSA now! Thanks for the tip. It’s good to know a z-pak will cure a man cold. I love that medicine!

  5. Dominique says

    Ok, I have to share my story…
    My husband, that I love dearly (when he is not sick), is just like the man in the video. (2 weeks ago, he had me take him to the ER because he had a rash (turned out it was hands mouth and feet disease, but still, the ER??)).
    Anyway, a couple of months ago, I showed him this video. I was trying obviously to get him to understand that he behaves like a baby, a cranky baby that is, when he is sick.
    His reaction was: “See, you don’t understand how we (men) work. We need to feel your support, we need this “poor little sick bunny “ rubbing. You don’t get that”.
    NO, I DON’T GET THAT! He totally missed the point. And I am stuck being an horrible wife (when he is sick), because I don’t take the time rubbing his forehead singing “poor litte sick bunny” because I have to take care of our son, two cats, house, provide food, go to work and take care of him!
    Awh! Next time he’s sick, he might have a good reason to go to the ER, because I will have strangled him! (Joking honey, I love you, my poor little bunny :-))

    • Brooke says

      Oh, that poor little bunny. HA. Thanks for your story. It made my night to know I’m not alone! In fact, I think your husband wins. LOL.

  6. says

    Yay! I’m so glad you picked this rug!(I was rooting for “design C”). And thanks for the heads up on the rugs usa sale! I have my eye on a gray trellis print now…

  7. Carissa says

    I encourage everyone to look for a coupon code… I was able to get the rugs usa shag rug that was on 80% sale for 139$ for 69$! I used the code WINT50, and it worked! We ordered our rugs on Sunday. I hope it works for everyone else!! :)

  8. says

    Dude! that rug is awesome! I ordered 2 over Labor Day for both of the rooms I’m working on. You seriously can’t beat 80% off + free shipping!!

    Can’t WAIT to see your new bedroom and so glad you’re feeling better!


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