Last week I was tagging along with Mandilicious when she went to Maskcara’s house to shoot her amazing office makeover, and I was hoping/wishing that Cara would offer to do a makeover on me {a girl can dream, right?}. I LOVE Maskcara’s blog. I’m a HUUUUGE fan, and I think her tutorials are genius.

AND GUESS WHAT!?!? She totally did a makeover for me!!!!

Brooke from All Things Thrifty


Head to Maskcara to see the after photo! When I saw my face after she was done, I turned BRIGHT RED. I couldn’t believe it was me that was staring back at me.

Every time I read her blog, I learn things like:  How to cover dark circles under my eyes, How to highlight and contour, and How to make your eyes look bigger.  She has awesome video tutorials and let’s be honest, I love that she SHOWS you how to do what she is talking about. {Please pin from her site, not mine}

how-to-cover-dark-circles-under-your-eyeshow-to-highlight-and-contour  how-to-make-your-eyes-look-bigger-with-makeup

I have watched a ton of her YouTube videos and I’m the nerd that has my phone on my bathroom counter playing the video tutorial while I’m trying to replicate the techniques. Thank you Cara for taking the time to do my makeup and help me feel more confident.

maskcara logo



Cara is nicer than nice. She is beautiful inside and out. Did you know she is Allure’s Beauty Blogger of the year for 2013!

See you in a few weeks after you finally tear yourself away from her site!


  1. Madie says

    That’s one of my dreams too!! I love her!! I grew up in the flds and don’t know how to do makeup, but really want to learn, so I have been watching her videos and reading her tutorials. :) you look amazing by the way! :)

  2. Suezi says

    OMGosh! I love Maskcara!! I just spent forever looking around her blog! She is a makeup addict dream! Your makeover was so great!! Your eyes…gorgeous!

  3. Karen L says

    I looked at your before and after photos. You are so pretty in the before picture and the after picture just enhances the gorgeous features. You can see a difference with all the makeovers but they don’t look over done, just very natural. I am a 60 year old woman and don’t want my makeup to look over painted. I have worn makeup since my teen years and have this fear as I grow older that I may paint myself into looking like a clown. It’s very hard to find websites for “ordinary” woman to help guide them with their transition into older age regarding how to dress and what makeup techniques to use.
    You look great!

  4. AnnW says

    I thought the first picture was the AFTER! Then I went to Cara’s blog. Unbelievable. She unleashed a boat load of Beauty in you. Can you see the difference a bigger eyebrow makes? Hope you keep some of it up. I signed up for her blog! You girls are so crazy I think I should make a trip to St. George just to meet. I would seriously consider traveling to get a lesson from MaskCara. Ann

  5. says

    WOW, how lucky are you? I am so jealous. I love Cara’s blog and I always feel uplifted by her posts rather than the feelings of inadequacy that I feel after reading fashion mags. Can’t wait to see your after pic, but I have to say that your before pic was great, at first I thought it was the after shot.

  6. says

    Wow!! The eyebrows make a big difference – did the shadow in the eyebrows blend in really well “in real life”? And thank you for linking to the baggy dark circles post. Just this morning I had to speak at a conference and was horrified to look in the hotel mirror and see super baggy eyes! Yikes! Or maybe more scary, it’s like that everyday and the hotel lighting made it finally show. Think the rest of this evening will be spent on Maskcara blog!!

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