First of all, thank you for your sweet comments about my “Rutty Rut Rut” post. Several of your comments had me in tears. I feel so much better now that I’ve shared what happened. I feel like you all “have my back.” I definitely owe you all a Diet Coke after all that. After all, you know my deepest and darkest now, so we are bffs. Oh wait, I’m not drinking Diet Coke right now, hmmmm, maybe we could get together in a month or so when I decide to start drinking it again. It’s a date.

We are making progress! I am super excited to be tackling our master bedroom! We painted over the charcoal wall and it is soooo much brighter! Check out the view below and I give you permission to look at my hub’s sexy buns…

Priming_over_dark_walls (1)

Priming_over_dark_walls (3) Priming_over_dark_walls (6)

Since the wall color was so dark, we primed it with KILZ latex primer.

Then, my cute hubby installed molding boxes to add character and texture to the room. I’m excited because I’m learning how to do this myself! My hubby is a professional at molding, and I want to be able to do it without him. I’m a control freak like that.



Next on the to do list is to build the new headboard and continue installing the molding around the room. As always we have tons of projects happening at the same time, so stay tuned for our latest and greatest!




  1. Ellen says

    Hahaaaaa, my hubby would “kill” me if I commented on his bum like that, hilarious!! :-)
    Hello from the Netherlands; I only recently started reading your blogs, I think I came across it via Pinterest. I love all your ideas and the fact that your changes are radical changes. You’ve definitely given me some ideas for our house. Unfortunately we are renting currently, so I can’t go too mad with the whole DIY thing, but I’ll definitely keep your ideas in mind for a next move and I’ll go mad re-decorating the house :-) !
    Curious what the end result of the master bedroom will be like. I’ll keep an eye on your website. Keep up the good work (PS: read the blog on the negative e-mails received, ignore them, those people are not worth it, I would say to them: Get a life! …seriously pathetic!)

  2. katrina Mick says

    I love the pictures!! I’m glad I got permission to look before I did. I would hate for you to be mad at us for looking at your husbands bum! hehehe. I’m excited to see what color you paint the room. Will it match the bathroom? Love the molding!! You guys always have great ideas!

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