As you know I’m doing a December series where I post almost every day this month. So, if you missed day 1 and day 2 of this series check them out!  {I hope you are enjoying it by the way.}

Today I’m going to delve deep into the skeletons in my closet and talk about weight loss…dun, dun, dun.

First, give me a second to vent….WHY DO I HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THIS!?!?! GAHHHHHHHHHH! Ok, I feel so much better. The truth is, I get bitter sometimes. I want it to be easy, and I know that’s not the answer.

Twelve years ago I was in a terrible car accident, and I suffered a compound fracture in my right ankle. It was so bad that it was screwed back together with plates and all sorts of hardware. It changed my life forever. I was a dance major in college at the time, and I had to change that after my accident. I had to take a year off from school, and my physical activity level went from dancing almost every day to basically nothing.  That darn ankle was my excuse for years, after all it did hurt. It was a good excuse. It still hurts. I ran a 5k a few weeks ago that was a 12% grade in parts, I could hardly walk for days after. But, I decided that I was going to do it anyway. Luckily, my ankle is getting stronger, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it will hurt forever, and if I let it, it would be my excuse forever.

I have learned a lot about myself during this process. I am still working on my positive self-talk that I talked about that during my last weight loss update. I’m doing better with this.

All I can say is, IT. IS. HARD! Gah. Despite my hurt ankle, I have worked out like a banchee for over 12 weeks now without stopping {I’m pretty sure that’s a personal record}. I have worked out almost every single week day minus holidays, and I have lost 11 lbs. Baby steps, right?  I know some of you will say, “Well, you aren’t suppose to lose more than 1 lb a week.” Well, you might be right in certain cases. But, I have at least 50 pounds to lose, and I feel like I should be losing faster than this. I went to my Dr again to have my thyroid checked and sure enough, it’s low again. So, they put me on some more medication to help it regulate. It’s frustrating that something so small can impact so many things.  So if you have any tips about losing weight with a hypothyroid, please don’t hesitate to send them to me.  I’m now taking Armour Thyroid and Levothyroxine.

In the past, eating a paleo diet has really helped, but here is where the problem comes with paleo and me: I get sick of it after a few months. I can’t live like that forever. But to be honest, I eat clean most of the time naturally. I feel better when I do. But, how can I eat like that ALL THE TIME!?! It’s hard, and every once in a while a girl has gotta have a piece of bread! But, if I stick to paleo {PERFECTLY} I lose weight. So I guess I gotta just buckle down and do it again? Any thoughts on my struggles? Do any of you have the same problems that I do?

On a more positive note, I started working out once a week with a beautiful friend of mine named Amie. She is awesome, and she basically makes me cry every week because her workouts suck so bad. She has a blog called Dumbbell Housewife. You should check her out. My friend Jamie introduced me to Amie, and I’m excited to see how things go. All I know is that I do NOT want to gain weight over this holiday season. I can gain weight faster than I can say chocolate covered English toffee.

Any advice for me?


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    Stick with it girl! Thank you for sharing out loud what all us women struggle with daily. It does get easier once you see the pounds starting to come off, but you have to make it over the hurdle to get to the down slope of the weight loss hill :) I used a Weight Watchers online program for the first couple of months, and the tracking of everything really helped me see what each piece of food that I put to my lips was worth. Was that bite of dessert really worth taking up 5 of my allotted 21 daily points?? Sometimes the answer was YES! And that’s ok! You have to let your mind be ok with little splurges, it will help you get through the hard days! I just posted my own weight loss story on my blog yesterday. I’d love to help cheer you on to success! Keep writing about it and STICK WITH IT! It does get easier, and the end result is worth it!!!

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    Keep it up! You have been doing so good! I love seeing everyone at the gym, it motivates me too! I totally go through phases and understand not being able to keep on one eating program for very long, no matter how good the food is! I guess that’s why I have to change it up all the time, so I don’t get burned out or mostly just get too lazy to keep up with it! Keep pushing you are amazing!

  3. says

    Hey girl! I feel you!! It is SUCH a big thing to do! I was/am in your shoes….I have two little kids (under 4) and I felt trapped and without options….but like you I decided a few months ago to give up the excuses! And since May 19th of this year I’ve lost 46 lbs!!! Yahoo!!! I am a Christian too…and I knew God would provide for me if I would do my part….and He did….when it was hot outside He sent a cloud…or a breeze…it was amazing! The first thing I did was to develop a mantra that I would repeat when I felt to tired or defeated….mine was “I will no quit, I won’t back down, and I won’t give up!”….may sound silly, but it helped me with my internal dialogue….I also noticed a friend of mine losing weight, so I talked with her about it…she was using My Fitness Pal….an App on her phone….so I got it too….this was a big part of my success….it is an easy way to track all your food….so I started by just tracking what I was eating….WHOA….no wonder I had so many extra pounds!! I was eating a TON of calories every day and didn’t even realize it!! So I started stepping my calories down until I could handle the lower amount I needed to get to my desired goal….the first two weeks were the hardest….but the awesome thing about doing it this way is that you don’t have to give up anything….and I don’t! I still eat everything (bc really that is real life), but I just eat less of it or I don’t eat the “bad” stuff every day. Also I still eat out….everywhere….but I make better choices now….or control my portions more….Ok….moving on! The other thing I did was to start walking….it was all I could do….both physically…bc I was in terrible shape….and also bc I have two kids that can’t be left alone! I got a jogging stroller and just started walking…I was SO slow at the beginning….but now I’m much faster and I’ve started running again…I used the Ease Into 5K app for that….and I just did my first 5K in twenty years!…..I use the App Map My Run to track all my daily exercise….it has GPS and is quite accurate….that way I know how far I’ve gone and in what time (pace). It’s awesome!! Anyway….I’ve rambled enough….but wanted to share what worked for me….I wish you all the most success in your journey!! I know you can do it!! If you decide you might want to try My Fitness Pal, then send me an email….so I can give you my “handle”….I’d love to link up with you and cheer you on!! I’ve still got 11.5 lbs to go to reach my goal….and then I’ll keep on using MFP for maintenance….probably for the rest of my life I guess….bc I gain wait SO easy too!!

  4. Andrea says

    Brooke, you should be proud of yourself. I was 20 pounds lighter this time last year. I have thyroid problems and really the only way I can loose weight is to be real strict on my diet. For some reason, I find eating the right things to be the hardest part of weight loss. The exercise I enjoy. All you can do is keep going. I no longer wait until Monday to get back on plan, I wait till the next meal. If I fail on eating, I’m only one meal away from getting back on plan. Maybe you are like me in knowing that paleo isn’t going to satisfy you 100% of the time so plan what you eat off plan and don’t beat yourself up.

    Know this: weight loss with thyroid issues is hard. The work you have to do to loose 5 pounds is much more than someone else. Keep up the awesome work.

  5. says

    Keep going! I will say I’ve tried every diet known to man, and although I lost tons of weight on a low/no carb diet, it does NOT last forever…especially if you love food like I do! I think my daughter and I both have issues with gluten, but leave it up to me to find lots of gluten free baked goods recipes! :) I just love my bread. Anyway, I SHOULD be on a low carb diet because I have PCOS but it’s hard, and what’s worse is that if you get off of it you gain weight like gang busters. It’s not worth it. Eating clean, and eating a lot of fruits and veggies and allowing yourself to indulge on one day a week, is the best way to live your life. It def works.

    Good luck on your journey!

  6. RachelC says

    Check out Trim Healthy Mama. It’s low carb, high fat. But there are certain kinds of breads allowed and rice as well.

  7. Jennica says

    Hi Brooke!

    I look at your bog every day! I am excited you are posting more this month!

    As far as your weight loss goes…my mom and dad tried every diet you can name. From low carb to no carb. Nothing really worked for them, as far as keeping it off. But recently they have been seeing this food expert who basically just teaches them about food. What are the best brands to buy, what they should stay away from or what is a better choice. For instance, they eat this yogurt that the expert told them to buy. It’s only sold at Fred Meyer, but it’s so healthy compare to any other kind offered. My mom says it taste so good too. Anyway, my mom has lost 25 pounds, and my dad has lost 30 pounds. They feel so much better!! And they look great! Maybe you should look into something like that in your area?? It does cost money. But they see her once every two weeks. They have a weigh in at each appointment. They talk to her about their struggles on keeping to the diet when they went out of town for a weekend, and she gives them advice on what to do next time. The expert also teaches them where to eat and what to order if they want to dine out. Its really amazing because they can basically eat a lot of what they always have, just in portions and by buying the healthiest brand. And my mom says she is always full, because she eats about 6 times per day. Anyays, just thought I would tell you about it.

    You are beautiful by they way!

    Hope you have a great day! And good luck on this journey!


  8. says

    I follow the Paleo diet and I love it. There is a tiny part of me that misses bread but I am gluten sensitive so I just manage without. I have to be honest. I DO the primal thing on the weekends and have raw milk and cheese. Not a lot, just enough to satisfy my craving for dairy. I lost 30 pounds in about 9 weeks. I was thrilled! I continue to lose about 1.5lbs a week and that is ok. I know I look and feel so much better. My goal is to lose another 30lbs and then see how I feel. The holidays will, of course, present a special set of circumstances and challenges. I know that I will grab a cookie or two. I won’t beat myself up. At Thanksgiving I had mashed potatoes. I didn’t go crazy – just one big spoonful – but they tasted so good and really satisfied the need I had to eat like everyone else! That night I also had the “guts” (no crust) of a piece of lemon meringue pie to make my sweet tooth happy. Next day, back to my Paleo. I think that if you allow yourself the occasional “treat” you feel less deprived and it is much easier to eat clean the rest of the time.

  9. Makenna says

    I haven’t 100% checked out Paleo, but from what I’ve seen I think for a permanent lifestyle it is way too restricting. If I’m miserable it just isn’t going to last! I’ve gone sugar free and I love it. This includes all those nasty chemical/synthetic/fake sugars (there are over 30 different names for sugar that companies use in their ingredient list!!! I keep them in my phone and use to check ingredient lists at the store) I still have bread….whole wheat and made with honey or molasses. I used to have to make this, but recently found a brand at Winco that works. I still have my whole wheat noodles. I overly scrutinize everything I buy and mostly whole non-processed food. I have a recipe for homemade granola that uses honey and cinnamon. It is amazing!!! I use it on plain greek yogurt with gobs of fresh fruit (because let’s admit it…plain greek yogurt is beyond nasty). I still use dairy. Any sugar naturally occuring I figure was put on this earth for a reason so fruits, potatoes, corn, dairy…all on my eat list. I am an Idaho girl so asking me to give up potatoes is totally unrealistic. I just watch the amount and don’t over eat on them. This has by far been the easiest way ever for me to eat. It is totally manageable and I have seen huge differences in my energy levels and my tummy doesn’t have that “bloated” feeling anymore. I lost 5 lbs doing this. May not seem like a lot, but I have serious hormonal level issues and losing weight right now has literally been impossible. I have tried every diet/exercise regimen on this earth with ZERO results. Eating 1000-1200 cal a day and working out 6 days a week for months with no results can about put you in a mental institution. I know I won’t get the results I need until I can get on meds to regulate my body, but that’s gotta wait until I’m done nursing this last baby. My husband is still shocked when I tell him after dinner everything was “sugar-free” cause it still tastes so darn good! I also take my treat day and have an actual real dessert at some point in the week. Honestly, I couldn’t 100% give up chocolate either! :) Good Luck Brooke! It’s such a rough struggle. I know the feeling all too well.

  10. Swan says


    I do not comment often, but wanted to congratulate you for staying on track with this as well as you have, given all the other responsibilities and activities you have going on in life.

    Losing weight was a goal I have achieved, (about 70 lbs) and I have to say the key for me was changing the focus of the goal from ‘losing weight’ to getting healthy. It was less about whether or not I stuck to any diet or worked out, but more about making as many health conscious decisions I could in any given day, and making it as easy as possible for myself to choose the healthier option.

    For example, I knew I needed exercise in my life to get healthy, so instead of forcing myself to do calisthenics each day ’cause I knew I’d loathe it, I could motivate myself to get out of bed and do Pilates each morning, as that feels more like a good stretch and less like work to me. I would organize what hubby coined as a ‘walk and squawk’ with friends at local parks, gardens, (or even the mall in inclement weather,) each week so we could get outdoors, unplug and reconnect; sneakily getting even more exercise in. If it felt more like fun than work, I was more likely to do it, but most importantly, to KEEP doing it, so this is what worked for me.

    Meal times were more opportunities to make healthy choices; or unhealthy ones. I just tried to make the healthiest choice as often as I could. Sticking to a rigid diet meant that unhealthy choices were disallowed, and as soon as you tell me I can’t have something, suddenly it becomes the ONLY thing I want. So I gave myself permission to make the unhealthy choice occasionally; it made the healthy victories that much sweeter. It wasn’t some horrible experience I’d have to endure for some unspecified amount of time in order to see positive results.

    At the end of the day, sure I may not have made ALL the healthiest choices, but as long as I made more healthy than unhealthy choices, I was alright with that, and tomorrow was another day. I lost about 3 lbs a week and it took a while, but it happened.

    That is what worked for me, and I hope this comment helps you on your own journey. Best wishes to you. Please keep us posted. Thanks for all the good will and inspiration you give all your blog readers each day. You rock!

  11. Uta says

    My Fitness Pal and Map My Run (the two apps another person wrote about earlier) have been key for me too. I also joined Weight Watchers online. With that plan, you eat what you want but watch the calories. For me it was about portion control and minimizing the cookies, etc. Weight Watchers focuses on that. Although paleo may be effective, how effective can it be if you hate it? And what are you cooking for your kids? Eventually, the paleo won’t work. Weight Watchers uses the food you are already cooking for your family. It is hard, but the way I look at it is that it’s the “thorn in my side” that God gave to Paul to keep Paul humble. God is using my weight issues to keep me humble and to keep me reliant upon Him. Finally, check out the book “Made to Crave” by Lysa TerKeurst. She’s a southerner like me, and her Christian approach to weight loss is so inspiring and awesome. Many of my friends have read it and think it helps too. You can find a used copy online (Amazon or Ebay) for pretty cheap. Good Luck! This is a life long struggle for some people (like me) and you just have to keep at it.

  12. Cathleen says

    I love my running app too…RunKeeper…and it’s FREE. I also agree that a buddy helps. For me, it’s my dog. I know I’m supposed to be positively motivated, but that LOOK she gives me when I should be taking her out is some serious motivation, albeit guilty motivation. 😉 Of course my kids, and being around as long as possible for them…hopefully as a grandparent some day…is one of my strongest motivations. The other thing you may want to try is High Intensity Interval Training. You can google it…sometimes just called HIIT or HIT. It’s basically circuit training. I did it for a short time last spring and lost some weight, but ultimately felt a little goofy doing it in my backyard and wanted the mental break running in the woods.

  13. txvoodoo says

    At 51, with several major health issues, my goal is to not gain. I was diagnosed type 1 diabetic at age 48 – some as yet unidentified auto-immune thing made my pancreas quit working, and hurt some other things too. So I’m on insulin, and MAN, that makes it so difficult to lose weight! (in combo w/ my other issues). I can’t work out that much because it also attacked my joints.

    What I *do* do is eat balanced, to keep from getting sicker. I haven’t gained weight in 2 years, so that’s GOOD. I count carbs like whoa because of the diabetes, but have realized that I need them too, because when I eat too few, I crash with low blood sugar. It’s all about the right numbers.

    But I have to avoid sweets and pastries and cookies like they’re poison. SO hard during the holidays! I used to bake Sicilian cookies every year for gifts – can’t do it now. I end up sampling and that’s bad.

    I can’t lie – during this time, I’m avoiding pinterest and a lot of blogs that are all “HOLIDAY FOOD YAY HERE SEE PICS OF MY SUGARY DELICIOUSNESS!”. I call that being kind to myself. 😀

    And acceptance is good. Not that you can’t strive to be a better you! But not punishing yourself for being a woman who’se had babies and whose body has changed! Or for not being a teenager anymore! We’re given such unreleastic expectations by Hollywood and magazines and such. I try and think about the people I admire and love, and wonder is it because they’re thin and chic? Or what?

    Be HEALTHY. Be loved. Be YOU. 😀

  14. Cathie says

    My advice is to focus on being healthy, not what you weigh. Love yourself for who you are, how you are. Right now now, not thirty pounds from now.

  15. Becky says

    I love your blog and I love your honesty about what you are dealing with. I am not a big commenter but thought I needed to since I have struggled with my thyroid for years. I finally found what works wonders for me. Gluten was my thyroid’s enemy. I have cut it out completely. Which was really hard but I feel so much better. I’m not paleo, I just really shy away from processed foods and anything with gluten. Maybe this would work for you too? Costco has bread and tortillas that are gluten free. I have to have the bread toasted in order to eat it. Anyway go to noglutennoproblem.blogspot or for awesome gluten free recipes. They make it feel like you are being deprived. I also take some natural supplements like iodine that really help…I really like how my dr. Told me that gut issues usually reveal themselves in autoimmune disorders. Email me if you have any questions or need a friend to talk to about it all.

  16. says

    Losing weight can be a pain. Especially when you have an accident in the past. But it’s important that we concentrate and don’t give up tat easily. Like you said, try not gaining weight this holiday season. That’s the real challenge 😉

  17. Chelsea says

    Just want to add a couple things. I have been overweight for most of my entire adult life, and it has been difficult. I mean I need to lose close to 100 lbs, that’s how bad it is, but for so long I just thought I couldn’t do it. Finally I decided to join Weight Watcher and find out everything I could about it. I wasn’t ready for a ‘diet’ but I couldn’t get over it and knew something needed to change, even if it was baby steps. I started the WW program in the middle of September and I have lost 26 lbs! (with not working out, starving myself, or depriving myself.) It’s all about moderation and tracking down everything that you eat. It’s about living a better lifestyle and letting it become habit. I only attended the actual meetings for about a month and then had to stop going because I just couldn’t afford it anymore, but there are great support groups on Facebook (which i think is key to weight loss. You need the support and accountability) and there is an app on my phone that helps me track everything down. (Ultimate Food Diary, $2.99 I think on amazon) I also have a low thyroid and take Levo. But weight watchers has worked for me. In fact, today I had a can of soda (my fav) and even had some pringles and didn’t go over my points. Some weeks the weight loss is minimal (I only lost 0.6lbs last week) the fact remains that it is still a loss. Send me an e-mail if you are interested in learning more and I can tell you about the program a little more in depth. I know it sucks, but it can suck a lot less with friends who are going through the same thing you are.

  18. christine says

    I am hypothyroid as well, and it really does make things more complicated. it’s frustrating to hear people say there is a formula for losing weight, and know in your mind that it’s not quite that simple. I did a cleanse one time and for a month I ate only whole grains, 10-12 servings of vegetables/fruits a day, lean meat and other protein,no fried foods, no sugar… And I worked out six days a week (lots of running, cause I was starting to train for a half marathon), but weights as well. I lost three pounds that month. Three!!! And I was forty pounds overweight, so you know it was there to lose. Check out hypothyroid mom website. It’s been helpful to feel understood.

  19. says

    I live a Paleo life style and agree at times I would also like some bread or sweets but in the end I regret it because you feel like crap once you get that out of your system. The older I get the more I know I want to feel good and still be active in my 70’s and 80’s unlike many of the people I know now at that age. Getting rid of sugar and processed foods has made my aches and pains go away. I have so much more energy and sleep so much better with no ups and downs with my blood sugars. I still have some lbs to lose but I will never go back to eating “regular” food.
    I work out with weights 2x a week and do Zumba 3x a week. If you have not tried Zumba you should give it a try. It’s a lot easier on the body than running but you can burn 700 calories an hour!
    Good luck with your journey!

  20. says

    Forgot this…..3 years ago a tree fell on my car and broke my neck. For a full year I had no physical activity and put on the lbs too. I was also using it as an excuse. When I started having problems getting out of a chair! I knew I had to start making some changes. It was hard but so glad I did it.

  21. Maggie Fieger says

    Congratulations on working out so much! I feel your pain. I am 61, and believe me it does not get any easier. I am going to follow you daily, and hopefully be inspired since you seem to have it down way better than I!

  22. says

    First of all let me say a huge congratulations! You are making progress! It is so easy to look at how far you have to go and despair and not consider how far you have come!

    I do not have any experience with hyperthyroidism, but I can speak about diet change in order to be healthy and fit and affect weight lose. I became a strict vegan for health reasons and to lose weight. I found that as much as it was working for weight lose i found it hard to follow after a months time. The cravings for non vegan food would be intense or I would get frustrated with all the time it took to be vegan and I would end up eating so much more to satisfy cravings. What I have discovered now is that if you can find a diet you really love and can explore loads of new options and isn’t super constricting, it is a lot more inspiring and easier to follow. For me I love to cook and try new things and I discovered that pesco-vegetarianism with limited diary worked right for me. Instead of no carbs at all I tried to limit myself to whole wheat once a day and only on the days I run. This way you can eat what you love without negative effects. My biggest challenge with weight lose is that I love to bake and I love to bake for other people which leads to the inevitable large amounts of delicious and unhealthy foods around the house. My solution to this is to convert recipes to the healthiest ingredients possible without sacrificing taste. One of the first things you can do is throw out butter wherever you can and substitute coconut oil. The other trick I use is simple and good for the holidays. If you are baking a lot of holiday treats. Eat one or two and give the rest away as quickly as possible. The longer they sit around the house the more likely you are to eat them. Yo yo dieting is the worse then possible for you metabolism and will make weight lose harder in the long run. So find a diet that works for you and is one that you enjoy. That way you will be more likely to stick to it for a long period of time and will see consistent weight lose. Also remember one bad meal or day doesn’t ruin you for life in the same one good meal wont make you instantly healthy. I think the biggest thing for me is being positive about what you have overcome. I try to end each day with the mentality that i did good today and tomorrow I will do even better. That way I am acknowledging the work I did today, even if it wasn’t the best day ever, and looking forward to the improvements I can make tomorrow. In the end, what works for me may not work for you, but dont be too hard on yourself. Choosing to be healthy really is the first step and you are already doing positive things for your life. Last tip, a good reward instead of eating something unhealthy could be going out and buying a new cute work out outfit or fun waterbottle. It gets you excited to get back to working out and is a lot healthier than rewarding yourself with a piece of cake! Keep up the good work and I love your blog!!!

  23. Valerie A says

    Aww man, I feel your ankle pain! April 9, 2010 I too broke my ankle in three places, with 8 pins and a 6 inch plate to show for it. Two surgeries later, it’s finally starting to heal. Needless to say, the pain keeps me from being active and have put on the pounds, but reading your story is upliftling! If you can do this, I can too! You go girl!

    • says

      valerie, i wanted to see if you have heard of plexus? i think the products could really help you…definitely, our fast relief line with your ankle. plexus is an all natural company…would love to tell you more…if you are interested! the products have truly changed a lot of people’s lives. you can check out my website at and see the different products that we have to offer!!! hope you are having a great week!!! look forward to hearing from you!!!

  24. Barb says

    I read your blog about weight loss and it touched my heart. Why, because when I saw your family picture, I thought it was the silliest faces and the biggest smiles along with alot of love and happiness before I saw your size! Your smile is infectious, your mind is creative, weight is just a number, love yourself and your family. Read what is written above, eat healthy, workout, love yourself, and don’t let weight run your life! Peace.

  25. you can do it says

    “I am still working on my positive self-talk” :


    I want it to be easy

    I’ve come to the conclusion that it will hurt forever

    IT. IS. HARD! Gah.

    I feel like I should be losing faster than this.

    It’s hard …

    buckle down and do it again

    Any thoughts on my struggles? Do any of you have the same problems that I do?

    All I know is that I do NOT want to gain weight over this holiday season. I can gain weight faster than I can say chocolate covered English toffee.

    You need to refocus and be grateful that maintaining your weight and health is a simple lifestyle choice that is easy, effortless, gratifying and second-nature. Monitor your thoughts, words, and writings and cancel any self-defeating utterances immediately and visualize the real desired outcome. Post a collage of your goals in pictures and words where you can see it daily and express gratitude that it is in your life right now. When your collage is complete, do it again for the rest of the issues you are changing in your life or just make one extra large one encompassing everything. You can do it.

  26. says

    hey there! have you heard of plexus? it is an all-natural company. we are more of a health product than weight loss. the main product, plexus slim, was formulated for type II diabetics…to help level their glucose levels. during the study, they noticed a side effect was weight loss. it is just a powder a day that you put in your water and drink it…it has a pomegranate cherry taste to it. i have heard testimonies of it helping people with thyroid issues but i would definitely want you to ask your doctor first before taking it. i can send you over more information…if you would like…along with some testimonies. you can check out my website… and take a look around. it truly has been life-changing for a lot of people…look forward to hearing from you!!!

  27. Lauren says

    Hi Brooke,

    I have dealt with hypothyroid for about five years and have been on several medications. When I was on Armour, my thyroid numbers fluctuated constantly and so did my health. My endocrinologist recommended against the “natural” and “compounded” thyroid medications because apparently for some people, they just don’t work as well. I finally decided to just stick with the Synthroid and almost instantly my numbers regulated. Since getting on the Synthroid three years ago, my numbers have been very stable, even during pregnancy. I also have several other autoimmune disorders which have lupus-like symptoms and it took several years to diagnose these other conditions. There appears to be a connection between the thyroid disease and the other conditions, so if you feel like some of your symptoms aren’t explained by the hypothyroid you may want to have some more blood work done. Once I got everything under control, I realized just how bad I had felt before. Reducing stress and eating better really helped (along with exercise!) and though I still struggle, I feel like I am finally myself again and in control.

    Just wanted to share this as it’s easy to be hard on yourself when you aren’t happy with immediate results but sometimes, it just isn’t as simple as it seems. Don’t give up! There is a light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how long it seems. Best of luck.

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