Sometimes I hesitate to post every time I change something around here because it happens so often. I worry that it might get old for you to see every tiny change I make in my home. But sometimes the stars align and you find the PERFECT somethin’ somethin’ that you’ve been searching for! I found this darling shelf at HomeGoods for my kitchen, and when I found it I heard angels singing in my head. You see, I’ve been searching for that shelf for four years, but I just couldn’t find one that I LOVED with a capital L. So, I’ve changed what is in that spot at least 8 times.


I love the farmhouse feel of the shelf and the scale was perfect for the space.


My amazing friends from Eightten25 gave me this darling plate and butter knife from


I bought the classic books from my good ‘ol D.I. {Utah’s version of Goodwill}. And, while I was visiting the girls from Eighteen25, we went thrifting in Vegas and I found the AMAZING jadeite salt and pepper shakers for $11!


The rest of the accessories I already had! I even made my own Strawberry Peach jam! <—-yes I’m quite proud.



I hope you like it! xoxo,



  1. Julie says

    I love that shelf, now I have to start looking for one like it. It would be perfect in my bathrooms. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Marla says

    Greetings Brooke and followers! I have fallen madly, truly, deeply in love with your shelf!!! It is just the perfect amount vintage with a dash of country and a pinch of modern – so charming! You have inspired me to freshen-up a small wall space that begs to be styled. Are those doorknobs you hang your apron from? I love aprons and want to display mine, flour-dustngs and all!


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