The PERFECT kitchen shelf!

Dec 3rd, 2013

Sometimes I hesitate to post every time I change something around here because it happens so often. I worry that it might get old for you to see every tiny change I make in my home. But sometimes the stars align and you find the PERFECT somethin’ somethin’ that you’ve been searching for! I found this darling shelf at HomeGoods for my kitchen, and when I found it I heard angels singing in my head. You see, I’ve been searching for that shelf for four years, but I just couldn’t find one that I LOVED with a capital L. So, I’ve changed what is in that spot at least 8 times.


I love the farmhouse feel of the shelf and the scale was perfect for the space.


My amazing friends from Eightten25 gave me this darling plate and butter knife from


I bought the classic books from my good ‘ol D.I. {Utah’s version of Goodwill}. And, while I was visiting the girls from Eighteen25, we went thrifting in Vegas and I found the AMAZING jadeite salt and pepper shakers for $11!


The rest of the accessories I already had! I even made my own Strawberry Peach jam! <—-yes I’m quite proud.



I hope you like it! xoxo,



  1. Isn’t that THE BEST when the stars align and you find that perfect something?! It sure doesn’t happen often enough. :) I love how the wire-baskety-feel plays off your basket light fixture over the table!

  2. I love that shelf, now I have to start looking for one like it. It would be perfect in my bathrooms. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Cute! Do you have different knobs on your kitchen cabinets?

  4. I love your cute shelf and wish you could come back to visit me! I’m so happy that every time you look at it….you’ll be reminded of Vegas and the good time that we had here.

  5. Vicki Richardson says:

    I may not comment but I READ and ENJOY whole heartedly every post you have done. Thank you for sharing with us, and I miss our DI’s too. Have a great week.


  6. Love it! And I really, really love the green/blue/aqua? kitchen :) Looks great!

  7. That shelf is really cute! Nice find! (I also love your curtains…I have the same ones in my living room. Yeah Ikea!)

  8. Greetings Brooke and followers! I have fallen madly, truly, deeply in love with your shelf!!! It is just the perfect amount vintage with a dash of country and a pinch of modern – so charming! You have inspired me to freshen-up a small wall space that begs to be styled. Are those doorknobs you hang your apron from? I love aprons and want to display mine, flour-dustngs and all!

  9. Anna @ Happy Medley says:

    I love your shelf! I need to dress up my kitchen too….

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