Hey there Peeps! (<—- see what I did there?)  😉 Do you guys even like peeps? I’ve been hearing lately that the thing to do is open them up and then leave them on the counter for like a week? Who knew??

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yes, Easter. It’s coming and quick. Have you thought about Easter yet? I really hope to be on top of things this time around but if we’re keeping it real, I probably won’t. Ha! Anyway, here are a few of my fav Easter goods from around the blogosphere.


There are soooo many fun things out there! dont-eat-the-peep-2I just love this Don’t Eat The Peep! for an after-church, Easter Sunday, family game!

jelly-bean-to-lolly-pop-gardenThis is the cutest idea!!! Tell your kids to “plant jelly beans” and in the morning…. Ta Da!!!

8x10-He-Has-Risen-WoodLove this He has Risen printable! A perfect reminder for why we celebrate Easter!

spring-bannerThis banner will add the perfect amount of spring colors and can be left up before and after Easter! Win!

diy-egg-garlandWho doesn’t love a darling and easy Easter Egg Garland?

Hop-Tan-512x640This cute little printable made me smile!!

fabric-easter-basketI can’t believe these are making a comeback! This tutorial will have you making baskets in no time!

adoorable-spring-wreathThis wreath is a-door-able!!!

M&M-Easter-Poem-Free-PrintableAnother darling reminder as to why we celebrate this fun holiday! Perfect for church classes too!

bunny-baitThis Bunny Bait looks delicious and my nursery kids would LOVE it!

Easy-Bacon-Deviled-Eggs-Bacon makes everything better.  Am I right? I can’t wait to try these Bacon Deviled Eggs!

Peeps-on-a-StickWhat’s an Easter round-up without some sort of tribute to Peeps? This is a darling twist to your traditional boxed peep!

Easter-Pretzel-Chicks-TreatsI usually don’t get all fancy during the holidays but I think I might be able to handle these cute little pretzel chicks!!

nutella-macaroon-nests I like things that are simple and these Coconut Macaroon Nests with Nutella are just that! My kids would DIE!

whisk eggs dyingThis tip for dying eggs, is genius! I cannot wait to try this with my 3 year old!!

easter-basket-cookies-11And last, but certainly not least are these adorable sugar cookie baskets made from store bought dough! My kind of cookie! 😉

Have you started getting your baskets ready??

xoxo, Brooke





  1. Lesley says

    Thanks for the reminder about the whisk egg dipper – see it every year a few days too late.

    As for Peeps… what you really want to do is let them go stale, then ROAST THEM over a fire/candle/burner on your stove… whatever you’ve got. We keep ours around until camping season and take them with us for night time nom noms. The outer sugar becomes crisp and the inside re-softens – they are AMAZING like this!!!!! [WARNING: Please make sure you wait a minute or two before consuming, the sugar will be boiling hot.]

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