Hey, hey, hey! How was your weekend? I’m a little slow to post today because I have a weekend hangover.  <—can you relate? Do you ever feel like you need a weekend to recover from your weekend? That’s how I feel today. Our weekend was mostly defined by two words: Dance Competition. My oldest is a really good dancer {yes I’m bragging, but I can’t help it}. And it is so much fun watching her dance. But every dance competition day our house feels sort of like an episode of Dance Moms.  It can get intense on those mornings when her warm ups are missing and one shoe is M.I.A. In the journey of life over the last week, I have discovered something that has changed our lives for the better.

May present to you, “The Wet Brush<—-yes this is an affiliate link, so if you click it and buy something I will earn a small portion of your purchase. I bought The Wet Brush at my local Sally Beauty supply, and I cannot live without it.

You guys, this brush is amazing. Sometimes I love a product enough, that I feel like I should shout it from the rooftops and this is one of those situations. I have told sooo many people in real life, so I have to tell you too after all, we are friends. This is what it looks like: {yes, I know it doesn’t look special, and I was skeptical too} But it IS SPECIAL, and if you have a daughter like mine with an overly sensitive head that cries and wails EVERY. SINGLE. DAY, then this brush is for you. the-wet-brush

I have tried every detangler solution on the planet {not really, but it feels like I have}, and this brush is better than them all. You will thank me later and you’re welcome. xoxo, Brooke


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    I’ve heard about this brush before. I find when I go to the salon because they use products with sulfates, etc my hair always tangles there, I wonder if I could bring this brush with me and save some of my hair from leaving me too soon! :)

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    This brush is a long time favorite at our house. My daughter likes to use the tiny one and I love my giant paddle wet brush.

    Have you tried Biolage shine milk? It’s the best detangler in the world. This plus the wetbrush = no tears for my highly sensitive little girl (I use it myself too). It’s amazing!

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    I recently purchased this for myself. I have used it regularly since purchasing and tried it out on my two year old who also loves it. No more tangles-induced tears!

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