First of all, I apologize for publicly posting something like this. But, I honestly do not know what else to do. As of Saturday evening my All Things Thrifty Facebook page was compromised. I got this message:

facebook screen shot

And I honestly thought it was legit, and I gave them access on accident. Within seconds my All Things Thrifty Facebook page was removed, and I realized what I had done. I immediately changed my password to my personal account so luckily that part of my account is secure. BUT, it has been an absolute nightmare trying to regain access to my ATT page. I have submitted report after report to Facebook and they have not responded with a solution.

Yesterday, a new All Things Thrifty Facebook page emerged. It is located at and is NOT ME. Several friends and family members have texted me asking me if I was the one posting on the page, so I thought I had better keep the lines of communication open and let you all know what was happening.

I hope and pray that Facebook will finally respond to my requests and I will regain access to my page.

The only thing I ask is that you don’t unlike the page, because I am confident that I will get it back {hopefully soon}.

Say a little prayer for me, and learn from my mistakes.




  1. says

    So sorry you’re having to deal with this. I’ve seen several other big bloggers are having this issue too. I think Kari from UCreate had contact infor for an actual person to help fix it. I hope all gets fixed soon.

  2. says

    Oh no! This stuff is so hard to deal with, we had our email address compromised so we has to change it. How hard should it be to change an email address? We are still having issues with our new one, we constantly have problems now receiving and sending to our new address. That was over a year ago. These issues can be a pain to fix. Good luck and I pray you get this straightened out.

  3. Tawnya says

    Ugh so sorry to hear this happened! Unfortunately these types of things are just SO prevalent nowadays. The company I work for actually required everyone to go through an extensive class about phishing and this type of theft. It’s a sad thing but you have to look at everything you receive as being fraudulent and be suspicious.

    I hope you’re able to get your page back quickly!

  4. TeTe says

    People make me so mad sometimes. To take your joy and hard work.. I hope this gets fix ASAP. And while we should not dislike the page DO NOT OPEN any new post from this page till everything is fixed.

  5. says

    Boo :( I was hoping this was an April Fool’s Day joke since you posted it on April 1st. But no, it seems to be the real deal. So sorry Brooke! How frustrating. People can be so lame. I hope you can get it worked out quickly.

  6. Christine says

    Forgive me if this is ignorant, but in relation to your blog, why do you even need a Facebook page?
    I get the following everyone you know so you know when they pee, etc., but your blog is beautiful.
    I would think this would be far more important than something that remains obviously so insecure.

    I’m not being obtuse, but really wondering why, when I know a BLOG takes so much time, Facebook remains in the mix?

  7. says

    I was hoping this wasn’t an April fool’s joke :(

    So sorry to hear the terrible news! It’s a devastating blow to lose what you’ve worked so hard on. I hope you’ve found resolution and that it was as quickly and painlessly as possible.

  8. Jennifer says

    So sorry this happened. Quick tip for future reference though – if the message does not address you by your actual name, and the English / grammar is poor, chances are it’s a phishing scam. I’m not saying there’s not more sophisticated hackers, but a message like this should always be a red flag.

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