Teeny Tiny Tote Bags

May 23rd, 2014

This post is funny. Let’s just start with that.

Here’s what went down…

I have a fun group text with some of my besties. It’s been going strong for over a year and we talk about ev-er-y-thing. Literally. It’s my therapy. If I have a question, at least one of them knows the answer! For example:

Friend T: Anyone doing anything fun/cute/cheap/creative for end-of-the-year teacher gifts?

Friend J: I am! I think I’ll do some tote bags! I’ve seen a couple ideas that I like… {Here}

Me: I’m in.

Friend J: I’ll order us some totes on Amazon. Can I use your prime and get free 2 day shipping? Lol.

Me: You bet.


Friend J: I got the bags. It’s hard to tell in this picture buuuutttt I think they might be for toddlers. S@%#.

Me: Lol.

Did I mention she ordered TWELVE??? (12) Ha!

We got creative though, and I think they ended up turning out pretty darn cute!!!



12″ Tote Bags

Acrylic Paint

Stencil {We cut vinyl using the Silhouette!} For more details on that, check out this post here!

Stipple sponge brush {We found ours at Walmart for super cheap!}

Glitter {Optional}

The bags are pretty thin so just make sure to place a piece of cardboard inside when you paint.

Don’t have a fancy silhouette machine? The chevron bag was made using shape tape!

We also made a polka dot one {not pictured!} similar to this idea!

With me being a nursery leader and Friend J being in Young Women’s, we figured we could use these cute little bags pretty darn quick!


CTR-kid-tote kid-church-bag

How fun would it be to give a birthday gift in one instead of your typical gift bag?


I mean for being so tiny, the possibilities really are endless. ;-)teeny-tiny-totes-for-kids.jpg



Want to see another epic fail? Check out this post!!


**Disclaimer: This post was NOT sponsored by Amazon. I just shop there, like, a lot! But if you click on my links to Amazon and buy something, I will earn a small commission. Just keepin’ it real.**

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