Now that I’ve slept for a week {just kidding…kind of}, I can finally function properly and write this post. Haven Conference was in Atlanta again this year. It was a BLAST! It always blows me away to meet new people, and reconnect with my dear blog friends that I don’t see very often face to face.

At Haven this year, Mandi {my local blogging BFF} and I were asked to create centerpieces for the Tide Oxi Luncheon on behalf of the Bright Ideas Team and Proctor and Gamble. We have both worked with this team, and we jumped at the chance to work with them again.


Since the luncheon was sponsored by Tide Oxi we went with a bubble theme, and we created succulent planters as the base to the bubbly creations.

We started before we even left Utah by DIY’ing these darling succulent planters out of 4X4 lumber. I bought a 2 inch forstner drill bit from The Home Depot and went to town.

diablo-forstner-bit drill-2-inch-holes-with-drill-bit

Drilling the holes was a little messy but satisfying to create these bad boys. DSC_0179 4X4-succulent-planters

Mandi came up with this fun, inexpensive way to create these fun succulent centerpieces, and I executed the idea since she took task of ordering all of our balloons and such.  diy-succulent-planter

I measured the succulents at our local Home Depot and drilled holes for the plants to fit into perfectly.


I cut the 4x4s into 28 inch pieces and drilled 5 holes in each one. succulent-planter-from-a-4x4

The bit was very sharp, and I found out quickly that at times it would rip the wood to splinters. I bought a metal hand file and it was easy to clean up the splintered edges.

file-the-edges-with-a-hand-file (2) file-the-edges-with-a-hand-file (1)

After the planters were shipped to Atlanta, we planted a million succulents {it felt like a million}. The entire time we were planting, I couldn’t believe how amazing the succulents were in Atlanta! Holy Cow! I could stare at them all day!


The Bright Ideas team probably thought we were crazy, but they went along with our crazy plan. succulents-everywhere

Then we filled 2 million balloons until we were so tired that we started bouncing off the walls.

Helium Balloons for Miles.


Our hotel room was overtaken by the task, but we had fun acting like we were at girls’ camp when we were 14.

Mandi Gubler-Vintage Revivals-Brooke Ulrich-All Things Thrifty


Thank you to everyone who took pictures of the luncheon and posted them to social media! It was so much fun to watch! Check out the hash tag #brightideas and #havenconf on Instagram to see.


Jo {my home town BFF} came to Haven with me, and she had a last minute idea to get bubble machines. She gets the award for best idea under pressure.


We enjoyed the luncheon by laughing, meeting new people, and basking in the bubbly environment.


I wish pictures would do it justice, but it just doesn’t!


Thank you Procter and Gamble and the Bright Ideas team for letting us be a part of your event.


tide-oxy-luncheon-haven-2014 photo (27)

{Myself, Jen from Bright Ideas, Mandilicious, and Aileen fromP&G         Jen from With Heart and I}

I looked like this for three hours after it was over: {just keepin’ it real}

photo (26)



Check out Mandi’s post about our creative process!


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    So uh, you guys totally rocked the party. Not to sound really cliche but it was something fairy tales were made of. Y’all totally spoiled us! Ps. Seeing y’all come out of nowhere with a bunch of [my favorite kind of] balloons was beyond exciting.

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