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I am beyond impressed with Heidi’s blog over at Honeybear Lane. I stumbled upon her darling Halloween ruffle table runner, and I found myself looking through her site for awhile! I love that. I love that excited feeling of finding a talented blogger that I’ve somehow missed in the shuffle. I feel like blog world these days is soooo big, and it makes me sad because I can’t keep up! If you know me, you know I LOVE … [Read more...]


Every so often, I get a submission that knocks my socks off. I have to thank April Nielson for sending me the barstool project. April is a loyal All Things Thrifty fan that I have had the opportunity to meet in person! In fact, her and her sister Summer have been to my house and every time they comment on my site, I find myself CRACKING up! They are so much fun. On Halloween, April and Summer came to see our pumpkin … [Read more...]


Here I sit with my mouth hanging wide open. Dresser before:Reverse stencil painted dresser. If you are against painted furniture, this might change your mind. I am kind of freaking out right now. I am in love with this concept. I love the end result. It changes the way I think. It inspires me. I can't stop thinking about it. Thank you Susan Custer for sending me the link. The dresser was posted by Mirium over at … [Read more...]


Every so often I love to showcase talent here at All Things Thrifty to help spread the word about those amazing, talented, super-duper bloggers out there that deserve it! Since I love to see super creative, unique decorating ideas out there, it seems natural to share them when I see them. Here's the thing though....I don't have a ton of time to search the web these days...ya know baby and if you see something … [Read more...]


Getting a blue ribbon from All Things Thrifty is meant to be a prestigious award. I don't just shell these awards out to just "anyone," ya know!?! The project has to "WOW" me, and although I am impressed EVERY single DAY out there in blogland, a blue ribbon is a bit beyond being impressed. It makes me FLAB-ER-GASTED of the creativity gone into the project. The project goes into my "inspiration" folder for the future, and … [Read more...]