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I’m honestly baffled that 2011 is over! This year has been a blurr! Doing a recap of the year is always fun, and if you missed the top stories of 2010, you should to check it out!2011 began with an addition to the family!! We started the year with a BANG and brought Creed Courtney Ulrich into the world on January 23rd! Since the biggest news this year was having a baby, decorating my baby boy nursery was a definite … [Read more...]


If you are tuning in for the first time in the series, you should check out the first eight weeks of Blogging 101 information.How to grow your blog.How to keep up with Blogging.How to handle incoming emails.How to make money blogging.How often should a blogger post?How to cope when comparing yourself to others.Will you ever run out of ideas?Do you have other contributors on your blog?The question this week is: Do you … [Read more...]


Can you believe that our Blogging 101 series is already on WEEK 5? Holy moly. If you missed the first four weeks, you can find them below:Week 1: How to you grow your blog.Week 2: How do you keep up with a blog?Week 3: How do you handle all the e-mails coming in each day?Week 4: How do you make money on your blog?As a blogger, I have struggled with the expectations of keeping up at times. I wanted to find out how often … [Read more...]


If you missed the first three weeks, you can find those posts below:Week 1: How to grow your blog.Week 2: How bloggers keep up.Week 3: How to handle incoming e-mails.The question this week is probably the most common question that I get asked, "How do you make money blogging?" I have been silent during the other questions, but since this is something that I get asked a lot, I would like to give my two cents about … [Read more...]


First off, I have to apologize for posting this week's Blogger behind the Blog series a day late. I had a prior commitment yesterday, so the series got postponed one day. Normally, the series will run every Wednesday.As my blog grows, I am learning a lot along the way, but I realized a long time ago that to have friends in the blogger world is a really important part of being a blogger. It helps to talk to … [Read more...]