I am beyond impressed with Heidi’s blog over at Honeybear Lane. I stumbled upon her darling Halloween ruffle table runner, and I found myself looking through her site for awhile! I love that. I love that excited feeling of finding a talented blogger that I’ve somehow missed in the shuffle. I feel like blog world these days is soooo big, and it makes me sad because I can’t keep up! If you know me, you know I LOVE … [Read more...]


Every so often, I get a submission that knocks my socks off. I have to thank April Nielson for sending me the barstool project. April is a loyal All Things Thrifty fan that I have had the opportunity to meet in person! In fact, her and her sister Summer have been to my house and every time they comment on my site, I find myself CRACKING up! They are so much fun. On Halloween, April and Summer came to see our pumpkin … [Read more...]


Here I sit with my mouth hanging wide open. Dresser before:Reverse stencil painted dresser. If you are against painted furniture, this might change your mind. I am kind of freaking out right now. I am in love with this concept. I love the end result. It changes the way I think. It inspires me. I can't stop thinking about it. Thank you Susan Custer for sending me the link. The dresser was posted by Mirium over at … [Read more...]


Doing things yourself has its MAJOR perks, and for the last two years (almost) All Things Thrifty has been demonstrating how decorating can be inexpensive.  Doing things yourself is a big strategy to lower costs for decorating, and that is why I tend to do my own projects. A few months ago, I started giving Blue Ribbons to those that meet a few criteria. In order to qualify for a blue ribbon, the project must be:1: … [Read more...]


Every so often I love to showcase talent here at All Things Thrifty to help spread the word about those amazing, talented, super-duper bloggers out there that deserve it! Since I love to see super creative, unique decorating ideas out there, it seems natural to share them when I see them. Here's the thing though....I don't have a ton of time to search the web these days...ya know baby and if you see something … [Read more...]


Have you ever seen a space that you automatically think...."That belongs in a MAGAZINE!!!" Well, if you have, then that deserves an All Things Thrifty "Blog Stalking for Blue Ribbons" Award! Well, to say the least, Joon, over at Ordy and Joon caught my eye with her office design. ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME!?!?I love it. I love everything about it. The amazing mirror, the metallic-looking stripes, the super-duper intricate and … [Read more...]


I have to tell you how fun it is for me to be finally sitting down at the computer. Things have been a bit crazy around here, and I have a lot of posts in the works! Plus adding a fourth child to the mix has been an adjustment around here, and I'm not sure how long it will take for me to feel settled again! :) Maybe...ummmm...never? Ha ha. I just can't believe I have FOUR kids. It seems like yesterday that I got married. … [Read more...]


Getting a blue ribbon from All Things Thrifty is meant to be a prestigious award. I don't just shell these awards out to just "anyone," ya know!?! The project has to "WOW" me, and although I am impressed EVERY single DAY out there in blogland, a blue ribbon is a bit beyond being impressed. It makes me FLAB-ER-GASTED of the creativity gone into the project. The project goes into my "inspiration" folder for the future, and … [Read more...]

jones design

I ran across this tutorial awhile back from Emily over at Jones Design Company, and I was happy to be reminded of how AMAZING this project turned out! Thank you for your nominations for the All Things Thrifty Blue Ribbon Award! Keep 'em coming! Emily liked some curtains over at Ballard design, and mimicked the pattern onto her wall. I saved her project into my "inspiration" folder back when I originally saw it because I … [Read more...]


 I ABSOLUTELY love this idea to create shelving from furniture from over at Recyclart.I was thrilled to get a nomination for Mandi over at Vintage Revivals because I had the chance to meet her in person a few months ago! Yay for a fellow St. Georgian! (We both live in St. George, Utah). She made this bedding, and I think those stripes are divine!Head on over to my button page and grab a "blue ribbon" button and wear … [Read more...]