Craft Wars Sea Glass_thumb[1]

I know, you are thinking CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS!?!? Are you nuts? Well, I’ll begin with the simple answer, YES, I’m nuts. Ha! But, I’m nuts in a good way. I create things on a dime around here. It’s a fun challenge for me and this is one of those fun projects. Any idea how much this bad boy cost?!? Well let’s just say that it was super THRIFTY!! When the lamp began it was a mere thrift store lamp for $8.00. It was uber ugly … [Read more...]

valance turquoise

Photoshop is my best friend and sometimes when I can’t decide which color to paint something, I simply just check out my different options in Photoshop. I told you that I finally chose the fabric for my new curtains the other day, but now I need to decide which color to paint my window valance.{The hubby and I made the valance for about $30.00 by the way!} I am raising the valance to the ceiling also, but it was easier to … [Read more...]


When we bought our house almost THREE years ago, the house was very neutral and BOR-RING! So, we have been adding pizzaz and character ever since! The pictures below, demonstrate our journey of this process! In the picture above, you will see colored arrows that point to the part of the room that needed love and attention. Pink: the wall to the left of the mantle needed LOVE, and the room needed color! Yellow: The … [Read more...]


The good thing about Restoration Hardware is that it is definitely eye candy. I love looking at their catalogs, their home decor style, and their rugged/industrial type accessories are breathtaking. The bad thing is that everything in the entire store is very pricey. I love it though. I wish I had unlimited funds! Wouldn’t THAT be nice!?!? I’ve been eyeing the amazing birdcage chandeliers for awhile now. So, instead of … [Read more...]

cottage style by All Things Thrifty_thumb

  Decorating Jill’s House has been a lot of fun, and she LOVES country cottage style. It was a lot of fun to add some really fun conversation pieces to her living room, and I have to say that the sliding barn door is my absolute favorite part of this room. I love the entire room, but I especially love the authentic chippy white barn wood that we got from an old Barn in central Utah. (Thanks sis for hooking me up). … [Read more...]


Doing things yourself has its MAJOR perks, and for the last two years (almost) All Things Thrifty has been demonstrating how decorating can be inexpensive.  Doing things yourself is a big strategy to lower costs for decorating, and that is why I tend to do my own projects. A few months ago, I started giving Blue Ribbons to those that meet a few criteria. In order to qualify for a blue ribbon, the project must be:1: … [Read more...]


I have seen some SAWEEEEEET lamps out there right now with spheres on the lamp bases. I wanted to try and make my own version, but it has taken me a few weeks to come up with a worthy alternative for the lamp base. If I used styrofoam, it wouldn't look smooth. If I used circles of wood, it would cost too much.So, I let it mull around my brain for awhile, and then it dawned on me! What if I used CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS!?!? I … [Read more...]