Congratulations! Flea Market Trixie got first place in the SYTYCD contest! I am not surprised one bit! I am so thrilled for Flea Market Trixie! If you have never seen her website, you have got to go and check it out! I love that she decorates with turquoise so much!Thank you for voting and I'm thrilled with the silver!!! … [Read more...]


Hello All Things Thrifty readers,I have been anxiously waiting for the results of the SYTYCD contest, but I have not yet heard. I've tried to contact the founder of the contest but I haven't heard back yet.I'll announce the results as soon as I know. Thank you for all of you who have voted!Check out the contest site HERE. … [Read more...]


To those that may be new here at All Things Thrifty,  I would like to welcome you as a reader! I am so excited to have you! I am also thrilled to have you back if you are a seasoned reader. I hope you all know how thrilled I am to have you here everyday! To those that may be new, I wanted to explain a little bit about the SYTYCD competition that has been going on for the last 9 weeks. I was ecstatic to be invited to … [Read more...]


Decorating for guests is always fun! I'm sure you won't be surprised to see the use of bright colors incorporated in my tablescape this week. I LOVE COLOR! The only thing that I had to buy for this tablescape was multi-colored tissue paper! Tissue paper is a wonderfully cheap way to make a fun design.I started the design with an array of plates. My dinner plates are red, blue, green, yellow, and purple. It is pretty fun … [Read more...]


To those that are fairly new readers, All Things Thrifty is part of a decorating contest that is quickly coming to a close. We are currently on week 8 out of 9 weeks of the contest, and All Things Thrifty is one of the last three finalists! YAY!It is down to the wire, so if you haven't hopped on over the vote yet, I invite you to do so. This week's category was JUNK. Voting continues until Friday evening at 10pm Utah … [Read more...]


All Things Thrifty's definition of junk: Any item that someone no longer wants. All four of these items were "junk" before I got my hands on them!My list of junk consisted of: a broken vanity top, a broken sewing table, an old shelf stand, and an old dining room chair. Total cost of the junk: $23.00.Doesn't this junk look great after the process of a face lift!?! The vanity became a cork board to display school items … [Read more...]


I found this broken mirror at the D.I. (Utah's version of Goodwill) for $10.00. I loved it's design, and I instantly saw potential. But I thought...hmmmm what could I do with that!?!?! I instantly thought about my daughter Oaklyn's room. She is a first grader and she LOVES to draw. She brings home piles and piles of art from school, and then she makes MORE art at home. So, I instantly bought the broken thing.I went to … [Read more...]


All Things Thrifty got third place this week in the SYTYCD contest with the decorative wall art project! Woot woot. This contest is getting more and more challenging, and the other decorators are soooo talented! This next week's category is JUNK, and believe me, this week with my grandpa passing has been a very hard one for me. I can't wait for you to see the project for this week. Don't forget to go over to SYTYCD … [Read more...]


Building materials are my friend, and I have to admit I am pretty darn lucky in this department. I have the handiest husband around.  Whenever I have an idea, he is my "go to" guy for sure.  He is a good sport, and honestly, this project was designed by Brooke, but it was executed by Dan. What a hunk, huh! MDF is a common building material that is perfect for projects like this one, and the greatest thing about it is … [Read more...]


We were so excited to see that All Things Thrifty got first place in week 5 of SYTYCD. This contest has been so much fun, and the other contestants are SOOOO impressive.Thank you for all of you who are actively participating in the contest. I know Stephanie over at Alchemy Junk has put a TON of effort and work into putting the contest together and "airing" each weeks blogisode.There is one change this week that we thought … [Read more...]