Rage against Pinterest

I started writing this post in July, and ever since, I have thought long and hard about pressing the “publish” button. If you are a blogger, you probably know what I’m talking about. Sometimes pressing that button is tough. I took pictures of our movie theater sign because I was SO excited to show you that we got letters! You know, the old school marquee letters that you use a pole with a suction cup to put them up!?!? … [Read more...]


Ok friends, I have read all of your feedback loud and clear from last week’s post about truncation. Most of you HATE {not just hate, but HATE} truncated posts, and I’m so glad I asked. I WANT your feedback. Honestly, I had not heard one negative thing about it until I asked. I should have asked earlier!! It made me sad to hear that some of you had been “skipping my blog altogether.” I have more questions about this … [Read more...]


Maybe we’ve packed on a few pounds lately, or maybe we are thinner than ever... and as a friend of mine, I need your opinion. picture source My BFF Mandi just posted about how I have recently truncated my posts. {She was asking for advice about her upcoming blog redesign.} I just read all 42 comments on her post. Oh. My. Gosh. GUYS!! I had no idea you felt that way.  Before I switched my blog design, my main concern … [Read more...]

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WELCOME!! Did you do a double take and wonder if you were in the right place this morning!?!? Well, you are in the right place! I would like to personally welcome you to the new All Things Thrifty! I announced a sneak peek of All Things Thrifty’s new look on my Instagram and Facebook the other day, but if you missed the announcement, no worries. Heck, I can’t keep up with everyone’s Facebook account that I want to … [Read more...]


I am honored that Monica and Jess from East Coast Creative has asked me to be a part of “Creating with the Stars” this year! It is a 4 week contest with amazing prizes and most of all a great chance to strut your stuff.So, if you think you have what it takes, ENTER the contest February 5th-21st and check out the details of the contest ASAP.  The “stars” this year are absolutely amazing. I am kind of freaking out that … [Read more...]


Better Blogging #5 is tonight at 9pm EST. If you have missed the first five hangouts, you should definitely check them out. These hangouts {by Beckie from Infarrantly Creative, Knock off Decor, and Road Kill Rescue, my amazing brother Court from The Keyword Academy and The Blog Builders, and myself} are basically our way of helping other bloggers who have questions. I have a LOT to learn and … [Read more...]


For those of you who attended our first Better Blogging Google+ hangout live, THANK YOU for coming. I am so excited that so many people attended! Plus we have had hundreds of others who have watched the video after the event. I am blown away! Thank you for the support I have seen on other websites and the kind words from friends and fellow bloggers.For others who have been waiting for the video of the hangout, … [Read more...]


Once upon a time I completed a series called “The Blogger Behind the Blog.” The reason for the series was simple: I. was. desperate. I NEEDED help. I constantly had questions, and I knew that other bloggers, more-experienced bloggers, could answer those questions. So, I brought in the best of the best to help me. That series helped me tremendously, and I am super excited to announce a new series that might help you if you … [Read more...]


If you are tuning in for the first time in the series, you should check out the first eight weeks of Blogging 101 information.How to grow your blog.How to keep up with Blogging.How to handle incoming emails.How to make money blogging.How often should a blogger post?How to cope when comparing yourself to others.Will you ever run out of ideas?Do you have other contributors on your blog?The question this week is: Do you … [Read more...]


This week's blogger behind the blog question is: Do you have contributors (other than yourself) on your blog?I have contemplated having a few contributors on All Things Thrifty because I know how much talent is out there. I have seen some MEG-CREATIVE minds come up with some awesome projects. I haven't asked anyone yet, but it might happen someday. I would hand pick my contributors myself, and I would also carefully … [Read more...]