Hi everyone, this is Lauren visiting again from Tastes Better From Scratch, and I'm SOO excited to share one of my all time favorite pancake recipes with you all!  I know we're still in the heat of summer, but I've got to admit that I'm itching for Fall to begin--my favorite time of the year!  Doesn't everyone just love the fall though? The leaves changing color, the cooler weather, and everything Halloween and … [Read more...]


Yo, yo, yo! I am VERY proud to say that I canned strawberry peach jam all by myself last week. And believe me, if I can do it, I PROMISE you can do it. My Mom has made this kind of jam for as long as I can remember and my husband is a huge fan. Let me be completely honest though, this recipe does not actually have strawberries in it nor is it healthy for you. BUT, one thing I can promise you is that it is delicious. My … [Read more...]


You may have noticed that I’ve shared a few more recipes lately. All Things Thrifty now has a section specifically for FOOD! If you need something delicious, hop on over to All Things Delicious to find our latest and greatest tried and true recipes! I don't share recipes ALL the time, but just know this, if I share a recipe, I know it's delicious. Trust me, I don't share anything that isn't worth making. I know it may … [Read more...]

Christmas Morning Breakfast copy[20]

Every so often, I like to share recipes, and this one is definitely tried and trusted. If you want to check out other recipes, check out my All Things Delicious posts. First off, before we get started, let me completely clear. I cannot take ANY credit for this delicious recipe, it is my MIL Julie’s recipe, and it has been part of the Ulrich Family Christmas Breakfast tradition for probably 30 years {maybe more}. And, … [Read more...]