office with rugs usa colorful floral rug

A few days ago, I was distraught. I love rugs, and I want all the rugs in the whole world <--I even wrote a post about it. We just laid wood floors in our home so it opened up so many options.  Too bad some of the rugs cost the same as a small car, right? I can't spend that kind of money one something that my kids will spill on. So I put together a mental criteria for my rug choices: 1. They needed to cost $300 … [Read more...]

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I love these 10 rugs.  Rug #1 Rug#2 Rug #3 Rug #4 Rug #5 Rug #6 Rug #7 Rug #8 Rug #9 Rug #10 Dan isn't the type of husband that just says, "Yes Dear." In fact, when he says those words, it is only to taunt me. He always has an opinion, and most of the time it is appreciated, but at times it is tricky when there are too many opinions if you catch what I'm dropping. As you know, we are almost done with our … [Read more...]


First of all, RugsUSA is having their 80% off sale right now. I have bought several rugs from them and I’ve always been extremely happy with them. {I’ve heard a few rare problems with ordering from them from others, but I have always had a great experience myself}. I just wanted to be upfront about that in case someone has a problem with an order. I’m not affiliated with RugsUSA in anyway, but I love their 80% off sale so … [Read more...]

How to paint a floor[5]

You may already be thinking, “WHY would someone PAINT a floor?!?” Well, there are a lot of reasons why I decided this was the perfect decision for this space. Listen up before you prejudge. #1: The floor was damaged by the front door. It had been scratched and worn down by faulty weather stripping. {Yes we fixed this so that it won’t happen again.} #2: There are five doors in this space that wouldn’t allow a real rug. If … [Read more...]


I have had a TON of e-mails asking me where this grey rug came from for Jilly’s dining room, and for awhile it was sold out. But, I just double checked that they have it back in at Overstock. You might die from excitement to hear that it is TOTALLY ON SALE TOO! It is 5’X8’ and since I have seen this rug in person, I thought I would pass on the information. The rug is quite thick and hand tufted wool! Guess how much it … [Read more...]

entry way 1_thumb[3]

For the last several months, I have been working on Jill’s house, and it has been an absolute blast! We have worked really hard, and I cannot wait to show you how it all turned out! I have broken the spaces into separate posts for organizational purposes, so stay tuned for the other spaces soon! Since the entry way is the first thing you see, I decided it made sense to start there! When I entered Jill and Matt’s home, … [Read more...]

Amy Butler Rug

Jill’s House is getting closer and closer, and we are aiming to reveal the entire space right after Christmas!! So count on the reveal in about THREE WEEKS! EEEEEKKK are you freaking out with excitement?!?!I wanted to show you a little sneak peak of the most amazing rug that we chose for her entryway! I love the color combination and the thick wool detail is breathtaking! I am jealous. I WANT THIS IN MY HOUSE!!The rug is … [Read more...]


Creating conversation pieces for cheap is what All Things Thrifty is all about. I am thrifty to the core.I was raised on a farm in rural Utah. I am accustomed to working hard and was taught to get the most BANG for your buck. I grew up working on our family's alfalfa farm. Who knew this little farm girl would live in a big city one day. (LOL...yep...I consider St. George a big city!) I hope you enjoy my thrifty ideas. As … [Read more...]