roman shades diy tutorial

Warning, this post is looooong, but it's necessary. I have read and watched at least 25 posts about DIY roman shades in the last month, and to be honest, a few of the posts made me more confused than ever and I nearly decided to scratch the idea of roman shades in my living room. The tutorials out there are confusing. And, they stressed me out. {Just ask Mr. All Things Thrifty, I was a wreck}. I don't usually get … [Read more...]

valance turquoise

Photoshop is my best friend and sometimes when I can’t decide which color to paint something, I simply just check out my different options in Photoshop. I told you that I finally chose the fabric for my new curtains the other day, but now I need to decide which color to paint my window valance.{The hubby and I made the valance for about $30.00 by the way!} I am raising the valance to the ceiling also, but it was easier to … [Read more...]


Every month, I have the privilege to contribute to Elan Woman magazine, and the latest issue is out!! You might recognize my good friend Mandilicious (from Vintage Revivals) in the spread below, and I love that we get to contribute to the magazine as a team!! Check out our newest article about board and batten in full size at Elan in the DIY section.If you would like to see more details of my project featured in this … [Read more...]


I am really excited to show you how I made Jilly’s fork and knife curtains from her kitchen/dining room makeover today! The curtains are inexpensive, easy to make, and most of all they are whimsical and UNIQUE!! But before I get started on the instructions, I want to show you the inspiration photo that gave me the idea for the curtains. Photo Source: Marie Claire I searched for store-bought fork and knife curtains to no … [Read more...]


I cannot believe that this is the last post of Jill’s house reveal! (sadness) It seems like I should have a LOT more to post about!! Showcasing the house is definitely the fun part though! I will have a tutorial or two to share, but this is the last reveal post. I hope you like it!   If you missed the living room and entry way, don’t forget to check them out!! One of my favorite things to do is bounce decorating ideas … [Read more...]

cottage style by All Things Thrifty_thumb

  Decorating Jill’s House has been a lot of fun, and she LOVES country cottage style. It was a lot of fun to add some really fun conversation pieces to her living room, and I have to say that the sliding barn door is my absolute favorite part of this room. I love the entire room, but I especially love the authentic chippy white barn wood that we got from an old Barn in central Utah. (Thanks sis for hooking me up). … [Read more...]


Hi Peeps! I hope you are having a fabulous Friday and an even more fabulouso July. Things around here are wacky crazy as always. I got to watch my Sister Natalie's kiddos for a few days and it was really fun to have them. But having six kiddos around the house was kind of crazy. How did my Mom do it? Let me re-phraze that, how did she stay SANE while she raised SIX kids? Ha ha. I did my best, but I went to bed early (like … [Read more...]


In my opinion you have three choices when you are wondering how long your curtains should be. I have had this question several times in the last week, so I thought I'd share my answer to all of you.General Rule to Curtain Lengths: The longer the curtain the more formal the look. #1. Floor length. This is probably the most traditional look out there. The curtains brush the floor and are precisely the length between the rod … [Read more...]


A few days ago, I posted about a window valance idea. I have to share another idea of what you could do with a window valance. First of all, window valances are a great way to add some dimension to a wall with only windows. That is how my wall was. Because of the windows, I couldn't hang any art, and I didn't want to paint the wall. (In my case, there was plenty of color on the other walls in the room.)Here is a picture … [Read more...]


Window treatments can really help to make your home feel decorated. I have a lot of people ask me questions like "what would you do with this wall...etc" and the FIRST thing I notice is that most of these homes don't have curtains. Now, don't take this statement to the extreme. I don't have curtains on EVERY window in my house either. Curtains are however, a great way to introduce more color in your home, and that seems … [Read more...]