One of the coolest opportunities that I have ever been given is the chance to be a part of the GMC Hidden Treasure Adventure. If you aren't familiar with the event, let me catch you up real quick. Every year, GMC invites a group of bloggers to shop the World's Longest Yard Sale with their amazing vehicles for a Habitat for Humanity family. They give us a small budget and we draw rooms out of the hat. I've been … [Read more...]

Hoard Sale Video

Dudes, the 2013 Hoard Sale was an absolute blast. If you missed it, you are on friend probation. It doesn't take much to get back on my good graces though. Lucky for you I'm pretty fast to forgive. But in case you missed it, here is a fun little video put together by Mandilicious from Vintage Revivals! Have a great weekend!! What do you think? Will you come next year? … [Read more...]


The other day I was invited to do a segment on the Hometalk Show with a few bloggy friends. We had a few technical difficulties at the beginning. DARN IT! But, I figured I would share it with you anyway. Hopefully you can learn something that can help you in your next yard sale adventure! xoxo,BrookeThank you to HomeTalk, Mandi from Vintage Revivals, Kelly from Eclectically Vintage, and Denise from the Painted Home for … [Read more...]

yard-sale-sign-tips copy

Good afternoon peeps! I hope you are all having a great day! Spring time is here, and with Spring comes Spring-cleaning, and with cleaning/de-junking comes YARD SALES! Since yard sales can be a GREAT environment to find treasures for your home and can be a great way to de-junk while earning some cash, today I'd like to give some yard sale tips on how to host the most successful yard sale possible. You may not know this … [Read more...]

hoard sale 1

Guys, the Hoard Sale of 2013 is upon us. This is what last year {2012 Hoard Sale} looked like. As you can see….you don’t want to miss it. When is this shin-dig? May 18, 2013 and begins at 8 AM SHARP! What am I selling at this shin-dig? Want a little preview? Get ready……dun, dun, dun…. This headboard will be for sale…. This chair will be for sale…. This fantastico wall décor will be for sale… And … [Read more...]

cottage style by All Things Thrifty_thumb

  Decorating Jill’s House has been a lot of fun, and she LOVES country cottage style. It was a lot of fun to add some really fun conversation pieces to her living room, and I have to say that the sliding barn door is my absolute favorite part of this room. I love the entire room, but I especially love the authentic chippy white barn wood that we got from an old Barn in central Utah. (Thanks sis for hooking me up). … [Read more...]


I love Yard Sales! In fact, if you missed my Yard Sale Tips, you might want to check them out. My neighbor and her cute friend decided to have a yard sale, and since my neighbor rocks, she decided to let me look through their items for sale before the yard sale. What a fun neighbor, huh!?!? Thanks Reagan!Well, I found this bad boy in their yard sale pile, and I instantly saw potential. An item like this is called a "Hall … [Read more...]


One of the main points that I try to make here at All Things Thrifty is that you do not need to spend a lot of money to decorate! But maybe an even more important point is that if you cannot find what you are looking for at a price that is reasonable, most the time you can create it with a little bit of creativity.All this takes is a change in your mind set. Try not to buy things on impulse. I hear this a lot, "I don't … [Read more...]