Cheap curtain rod

My friend Liz has officially earned the “thrifty mamma” award this week. She has this sweet house and she was searching for a curtain rod. She needed one about 14 feet long. So after looking around and pricing them, (at about $80.00 each…OUCH) she decided to make her own. I was very impressed, so she gave me permission to show you her thrifty deal.

First you buy a wooden dowel from the hardware store. (Depending on the length your price will vary. Her dowel cost around $14.00, roughly a dollar a foot).

Next buy some black spray paint (my favorite possession these days!) and spray the dowel.

Buy the hardware to screw onto the ends and to hang the rod (around $15.00). So voila you have an enormous cheap curtain rod for less than half the price! Great job Liz!

Here is her sweet rod in place!


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    I am loving these ideas! You are on my google reader. Seriously, I wish we lived closer together so I could pick your brain about all these ideas I want to do to my house. I was just thinking about a curtain rod and you post about it. Love it. Keep it up!
    Kelly Nordfelt

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    Cori Henderson says:

    What a good idea! I think I'm going to have to do that too!

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    I love this idea because curtain rods are so expensive, but I can't tell how she hung it up. do you have tips for that?

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    Imagine how cheap that could be if you just found some bamboo and cut it…

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