Cheap Shabby Chic King Size Headboard

Aug 25th, 2009

I had been searching for a King Size headboard for weeks. I wanted one that was cute, inexpensive, and different than the same old beds you see everywhere.

So, as the search began, I got a little frustrated because King Size beds are expensive with a capital E. I went to IKEA, R.C. Willey, and many more furniture stores trying to find a “deal.” Well, even the best deals in these stores were around $200.00. I did NOT want to spend $200.00.

So, I found an U.G.L.Y headboard at a yard sale for $10.00 and spray painted it. I am so bummed because I forgot to document the “before” headboard, but take a look at the “after.” It turned out better than I pictured. I love it!

This great, unique headboard cost me a total of $13.00. $10.00 at the yard sale for the headboard and 3 cans of glossy black spray paint for $1.00 each! Now, that’s thrifty decorating!


  1. Whitney Parry says:

    Oh my gosh! I love it.. I have been in search of one too.. for a California King bed. I heard of using an old door and refinishing it and painting it.. I love all your great cheap ideas:) Thanks for the fun ideas!

  2. Chris, Sarah and Zander says:

    I just found your blog & I love it!!! You have such great ideas! Keep 'em coming!

  3. Great ideas girls!! I haven't looked in a few days but I am interested in a big picture frame if you haven't already made them… well I guess it depends on the price… just let me know.
    Jamie Hill

  4. I love your stuff and I need an idea for a desk I just bought at DI, so I came straight here and started looking around! I found this old post of yours and it says that you get spraypaint for $1 a can. I would love to know where you found it for that price!

  5. Brooke @ says:

    You can buy spray paint for cheap at Home Depot for $1.00 a can; however, since I wrote this post, I consider myself much more of an expert and I would no longer suggest you buy the "cheap stuff". I have learned that rustoleum 2X coverage is the best black spray paint out there. For other colors, I LOVE krylon brand because of the nozzle.

    Good luck on your project!

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