I wanted to make an art piece for my little girls’ room and I decided to create it by using embroidery hoops. Making art yourself is always cheaper than buying something already created. Everyone that I show this to, just absolutely loves it.

Items you need to make this art:
1 Sheet of ply wood
As many embroidery hoops as you want (I got a bunch of different sizes to create a lot of dots)
Craft paint
Wood Glue

It’s DARLING isn’t it! This is a cheap way of decorating any room. If you changed the colors, it would look completely different.

First I arranged the hoops into the design that I wanted. Next, I took the hoops apart and only used the side without the hardware. I threw away the sides with the hardware. I painted the ply wood and let it dry completely. Next, I painted the embroidery hoops and let them dry completely.

Next, I glued the hoops onto the ply wood. This took some patience, and I ended up stacking heavy objects on top of the hoops to keep pressure onto the hoops until it dried completely. Next, I painted inside the hoops (onto the ply wood). I did have to touch up around some of the edges of the hoops.

As you can see, the hoops create dimension to the wall art, and I LOVE the way it turned out.

Here’s another look of it! My cute husband created a wooden edge around it so that it looked finished. This is completely optional, but I liked it after he did it.

Do you like it?


  1. Sarah Bogh says

    that is a really good idea! i could do something like that for my daughter's room. her room is pink and brown polka dots of different sizes. i might have to give that a try! how tall did you make yours? i'm wondering about how many hoops i'll need.

  2. says

    this is so cute, I've seen this idea but the circles were never filled in, it is so much better filled in. i love your house, and you've inspired me to yard sale even harder this summer. keep up the craftiness!

  3. says

    woo hoo! This is an awesome idea!

    I might not do it as big, but smaller, and add my daughter's initial to one of the circles! I was looking for unique & inexpensive artwork…thank you!

  4. says

    Oh I love it. I was thinking when I first looked at it wouldn't it be great for all those plastic container lids that people just throw away to paint up and put on the walls for something interesting to look at it. I love the hoops!


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