So we have been getting a lot of questions about how the whole consultation thing works. So we decided to give you a run down of what your options are and how much they will cost.


$150 per room

This option is a consult through e-mail and pictures. Meaning you send me pictures of the room(s) you need help with. In that email include colors you like, what you want your decorating style to be in this room and a budget of what you would like to spend. I will then go to work putting together a collage of fabric, paint, accessories etc. that I think you should use in your space. It is then up to you to DIY. Remember people that there is serious thrifty-ness in doing things yourself. If you need help putting it all together and making it happen then look at option #3.

$300 PLUS the cost of travel. (Which will vary by where it is we are traveling too. Once I know where I am traveling, I can then give you an exact price.)

This option includes an in home consult. This means I will come to your house in person. I will take pictures of your rooms, any decorations you have that you want incorporated into our design and get the feel for the style of your home. This one is WAY more personal. I will be giving out ideas the whole time I am there and getting more ideas off of your feedback. Interacting like this makes it easier for me to know your likes and dis-likes. Which in the end makes it a little easier to give you ideas you will actually like. When the consult is done I will then go to work. Again making a collage of ideas I think could be used in your room (fabrics, paint colors, furniture, any ides I have etc.) I will e-mail you the collage. Once again it is a DIY project.

Option #3 Custom Consult.

Price varies.

Last but certainly not least is a Custom consult. This is for those of you who can’t DIY and pretty much need me to do it all for you. (Don’t feel bad if this is you..LOT’S of people have this problem. It is hard to see the big picture and put it all together!) So once again I will come to your house take a look at your rooms snap a lot of pictures etc. Throw some ideas around, and probably even throw out a few more as I walk out the door. LOL (I’m like a kid in a candy store when I get to do this) Then I go to work finding fabric, paint, accessories.. blah.. blah.. you get the idea…the difference is YOU are very involved . Instead of just getting an e-mail that says I think you should do this… you get to say Yay or Nay to ideas. In the end I give you ideas and you decide what ones you want to make yours.I then help you put it all together. Meaning I come to your house and make all the decisions you made come to life. Giving you the most custom look for your home..which I hope translates into ABSOLUTELY loving it!

Option #4:
$250.00 per room
I do everything explained in option #1, but this option also involves Photoshop. I have a lot of clients who lack the ability to “visualize” their room. I can use Photoshop to digitally display your room to help you visualize it. This option, takes a LOT of time, so the price is higher than the other options. If you choose this option, please e-mail me, and I will tell you exactly what I expect from your pictures.

A few little side notes:

* PLEASE understand when I take a project on like this there is a lot of time involved. I spend hours on the computer, on the phone, at the sewing machine or painting something in the garage whatever it is I am working on for you. My time has to count for something. So if I make custom art pieces or sew pillows for you there will be a cost of materials and a cost for my time. All that will be included in your Quote that you receive from me before I start the project. So you will know up front how much it will be. If you decide there are some projects you want to do yourself that is GREAT! I can be as involved as much or as little as you want me to be. That is why this is a custom consult!! It’s to custom fit your needs.

* Also when sending us a budget with a custom consult PLEASE be reasonable. I might not be able to make everything you want to happen..well happen. So be realistic so when you get your Quote you’re not in “that is not thrifty” shock. I try to be as thrifty as possible..but once again I have to be paid for my time.

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