I’ve been in the market for a long bench for a few different clients, and these benches are extremely HARD to find! These particular clients were looking for a bench to put at the foot of their beds. If you buy them new, they are at least a couple hundred dollars. If you don’t believe me, just go to pottery barn’s website…yes, their benches are about ummmm $600.00!

Well, I decided to take this task into my own hands! I’ve headed to D.I. (a Utah version of Goodwill) several times hunting for a bench with no luck. So, I decided to “make” my own.

During several trips, I noticed how many sofa tables that place has all the time. A sofa table is a long, narrow table meant to go directly behind a sofa. Well, one day, I noticed how similar a sofa table is to a bench. The size is the same, but the sofa table is a few inches taller.

So, I decided to take one home and try to convert it to a bench. I figured it was only $15.00, and well worth the risk.

Here’s a picture of the bad boy:

First, I flipped the table over and took apart the table.

The entire top piece of the table came off (which I’ll be using in a post soon making something else)…

and I removed the legs.

My cute, handsome, wonderful hubby cut the legs for me using a miter saw. The legs should be 16 inches tall.

Then we put the legs back on.

Here he is after I chopped his legs off…man that kind of sounds morbid.

I then went to JoAnn’s fabrics and bought 2 inch foam to fit the top of the bench. I needed about a yard and a half of foam, but I used a 40 percent off coupon (to make it as cheap as possible). I could have bought the foam a little thinner, but I thought the thicker foam would look better, so I vetoed the thinner foam.

I forgot to take a picture of my spray painting the table, but hopefully you can picture it. :) I use high gloss spray paint (the cheap kind…I think it’s 99 cents a can…I LOVE THIS STUFF).

My bench is 15 inches by 56 inches long. My husband had a random piece of particle board laying around that he cut to fit the top of the bench, and I began the reupholstering process.

Make sure when you upholster something that you pull the fabric tight and staple it using a staple gun. I might use more staples than needed, but I want to make sure that the fabric is nice and tight.

I carefully folded the corners and stapled them too. The corners are the most challenging part. It’s similar to wrapping a box with wrapping paper,

I am in love with the end results. Stay tuned for pictures of the room this bench is intended for!

Now I just need to find a few more!


  1. Duncan Adventure says

    I think this is a wonderful idea…I have been looking for a couch table but have yet to find one :(

    Now I am in the search for two because of this post.

    Great Job!

  2. ** Adrian ** says

    I am totally going to do this!! I have been wanting to make a new bench for my girls to sit on when they practice piano on our keyboard. The chair we have there drives me nuts, but every time I look at the DI there isn't any kind of benches. They ALWAYS have little tables though that would work great now that I know what to do!!! Thanks SOO much for sharing your amazingly creative ideas!!!

  3. the dalley"s says

    Hi readers…to answer the question about how to get it to stay on top. It's screwed on. From underneath, I screwed the frame onto the base of the pad. It is completely secure and does not move. You just have to be careful to use the right lenth of screws so that it goes through the wooden frame of the table into the board, but doesn't go through the other side of the board. I hope this makes sense. If you need pictures, please send and e-mail to allthingsthrifty@gmail.com and I can explain it in better detail.

  4. Kristi says

    I love it. I have about 4 different projects going on now, thanks to your inspiration. My husband isn't too thrilled. hahaha

  5. says

    I love this! We've been looking for a bench for our kitchen table, and never even considered a sofa table. Now this is on the thrifting list!

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