So this is our first room reveal of our free collage give away. This is Kaysie’s room and what a great room it is. So normally when we do a collage it will look something like this…
We will put a bunch of pictures of things that we think would look good in your space all on one page so you can see them put together. We will tell you where we found the item and how much they cost. Then it’s up to you to execute the project. So that is what you will get for your $10 dollars.

These next pictures are Brooke going above and beyond her call of duty and photoshop-ing in all our ideas into your space. You want pillows on the couch we will show you pillows on your want to see the paint on the wall you got  paint on your wall..etc. We decided that since some of you have a hard time seeing the vision when we just send you a collage that maybe this would be a great option for you. It really helps bring your space to life and gives you the full effect of what it is we are trying to create in your space. So here is our  “vision” of Kaysie’s room brought to life....

 This photoshop-ing business takes Brooke a long time to do….BUT we just love the results it can give you. We love it so much we decided that we would start offering it as one of our consult options. So if you want a collage along with a photoshopped image of your space you can get one… all you have to do is ask. The price for a collage along with a photoshopped image of your space will be $50. PLEASE keep in mind my previous statement about how much time this takes and just think about how awesome it is to get the whole effect!!
Now for the details of this space. Kaysie gave us a budget of $200 dollars and was worried that it wouldn’t take her very far….But what do you think???
Did her $200 dollars make a huge difference in her space?
 We really would like some feedback on this… We want ideas, constructive critisim of what we could do different anything that you want to say PLEASE say it. We even ALLOW your comments to be anonymous so there is no reason why we shouldn’t hear something from each of you!! I mean it tell us what you really think!
PS. We are aware that the paint isn’t perfectly painted to the edge and the curtain rod is blue etc…but you can only do so much when you are adding things in to a picture…which you think about it is awesome that Brooke can even do that.


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