Here is our second free consultation out of five that we have completed.

Natasha came to us without a budget (this might be dangerous when it comes to Kallie and I)…you might call us decorating-aholics. :) So, we got to show her what we would do, (within reason) in her space.

Here is her before picture:

She wanted BOLD, LUSH, and POP in her room, so this is what we came up with for her collage. She also mentioned that she liked the colors rust and green. We wanted to create a focal point around her fireplace, so we painted the wall to make it pop out against the orange. We also proposed that she added a copper/tin tile installation to her fireplace tile to add some character and detail. Other than that, paint, pillows, curtains, and a few accessories is all it took to take her before picture to a BOLD, LUSH, POPPING room.

Again, a digital creation like this in your room is not typically included in your consultation, but I had been playing with wall colors for Natasha, so I decided to create her one too. A lot of people lack the ability to “see the vision” and if you are one of those people, images like these of your space would hopefully help. (again…it’s very time consuming, so be aware that the lines and details might not be precise in photoshop generated images).
We also suggested that Natasha change her layout of her room, and this is the proposed layout. In this layout, all the furniture points to our proposed focal point, the fireplace.
You might be wondering…how much would all that cost? Well, right around $600.00 but that is with BUYING all of your stuff, and not MAKING anything. The second you start sewing pillows and curtains, HUNDREDS of dollars start falling off.

By the way, if you ever have any questions about where anything can be bought that we have shown in one of our collages, send us an e-mail and we’ll send you a link.

Could YOU paint a wall orange in your home? I DEFINITELY COULD!…in fact…maybe I WILL.


  1. Sharps says

    I love this! Of course I do…I painted my kitchen oarnge and I have that same rug. THAT rug goes with so many different colors! I love the idea of photoshopping to see if you will actually like the mood of the room after all the work of painting. SOOOO SOOO Sweet you guys! DARLING stuff too. I love the frilly green pillow. I think we need a thrifty do it yourself frilly green pillow "how to"!!!

  2. Natasha Ireland says

    Oooooooh my gosh. I was DYING when I got your email. I was literally FLIPPING over how much I LOVE LOVE the room. THANK You a million billion times over, I can't WAIT to get started. Ps. my hubby also LOVES IT a lot too. Hurray for fun living room spaces. We are unsure of the layout but are excited to play with the idea. Thank you again. I'm referring everyone YOUR WAY. and will definit. use you in the future for more rooms…(bathrooms…and more) :)

  3. says

    LOVE the colors! I am just warming my husband to the idea of an orange wall! Those Mirrors are so fun. Could you tell me where they're from? And I LOVE the rug!

    (I'm a friend of Callie's for the good old Subway days!)

  4. Brooke Ulrich says

    The rug is from Target, and it comes in all sizes. It really is a DARLING rug, and since my friend has it in her house, I can vouch that it is good quality too. :)

    And the mirror collage is from Pier 1. BUT…all you would need to do is get a bunch of mirrors from yard sales, and thrift stores and paint them with spray paint. Hang them in that pattern…and WA-LA you have a thrifty alternative.

    So, glad you like the room! Thank you for the comments. It motivates us, so thank you again.

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