I love red, but before you knew it, my ENTIRE house had been overtaken by red. So, when we moved into our new house, I was bound and determined not to allow red to dominate. I am however, still using it as an accent color in several rooms.

I have to admit, choosing what to do is kind of hard for me since I am a decorating addict. Yes, my name is Brooke, and I am a decorating addict.

My entire house was tan when I moved in. The walls, the carpet, the tile…even the ceiling. Whoa. So, I needed to add a little color to mix it up. After we did Natasha’s consult, I was bound and determined to add some orange to my house. This is the wall I chose.

Here is the wall “before.”
Here it is in the process.
Here it is after the orange was complete!

I wanted to add some character, so I painted a few swirls….I did not use a stencil approach this time. Are you shocked? I switched up my painting technique and projected the design onto the wall.

The projector is one of those that you can hook up to a laptop, so I pulled up the image onto my laptop, hooked it up and traced the edge with a pencil. After that, I used a small brush to carefully paint on the designs. I had to go slow so that the edges were crisp.

Here are the two designs that I used….NOW YOU CAN USE THEM TOO!

Here I am in the process.

Here is the smaller one completed:
And the bigger one completed.

Here is the finished product.

Do you like it? (Don’t pay attention to the unfinished “back splash” area…that will be tackled in a later post!)


  1. The Yoder's Four says

    I am seriously going to have you do a consult for my house next year when I have some decorating dough! Everything is tan here, too and it's driving me nuts! And the vaulted ceilings and plant shelves are intimidating to me. I know you'll have some great ideas. You are one busy woman.

  2. says

    Very cool! I too have let red dominate. I think it was an over reaction to the apartment beige I must live with on the walls. The orange is fantastic and the swirly designs are terrific. Love how bold it is!

  3. says

    so funny, i just spent a lot of time and paint covering UP two orange rooms in my new home :) it works here because it is the right amount of color, not overpowering the whole room/house. love your hand-painted "decals," too! :)

  4. Julie says

    I just simply LOVE your site! I just stumbled upon it about an hour ago and am so pleased to see that finally someone is doing all this lovely furniture glazing etc and sharing so I know how. And better yet, spray painting it first! That’s what I long to hear! Lol! So many helpful answers and ideas! So love it when people share! I’ve always been artsy but haven’t tackled decorative painting on furniture other than the spray painting of pieces. Have mastered that and spray paint is the only way! Love your wall there where you painted the object on it with projector! I do this a lot but with an old fashioned style! Didn’t realize you could get them for laptop! Must find one. I do a lot of murals and one of your best friends when free handing (I noticed you said you had to go slow for sharp edges) get some paint markers if they have it in the color you are using. Sooo much easier! i swear by them! They are making them in lots more colors now too. I use them a lot with black. Makes wonderful sharp edges and even Walmart has them in the craft section now. Keep up the wonderful posts! You sure have helped me feel confident about the many projects and furniture im beginning on my daughters bedroom re do! Thank you!


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