I have been frantically looking for a hutch every since I saw this one while searching online. I am in LOVE with it.

Craigslist has not pulled through…YET. It’s all about patience. Until I find “the one” I will calmly search and think of the day (in the future) where a similar hutch will sit in my home! :)

Isn’t she gorgeous? She makes me want to search all day but laundry, dishes, and diapers prevent that! If you come across one like her…let me know! (BUT, remember I’m thrifty (a nice way to say cheap) and don’t want to spend more than $75.00).

Stay tuned…maybe I’ll find her eventually!


  1. Julie K says

    I just had an idea!! It really looks like a dresser and hutch on top, not just one piece. You could find a low/wide dresser and build a hutch for cheap top go on top. Dress it up with some trim to make it look nice and finish it all the same…ok, I'm going to Craigslist now!!

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