A little while back, I had the chance to help design my cousin Garrett’s junior prom. We had a BLAST coming up with ideas, and my Aunt Laurie (Garrett’s mom) went all out with the decorations. We brainstormed for hours and you better believe that it was AWESOME! I come from an extremely creative family with the most TALENTED aunts you have EVER SEEN! It’s so fun to get together with them to come up with ideas about any subject.

First, we created the gazebo from the first movie. (When I say we, I mean THEY created, and I helped with the ideas.)
Doesn’t it look GREAT!?!?!
The part is my favorite! They created La Push beach. They gathered drift wood to create a fire that burned bluish green (just like the book). They got cellophane and lit the fire up with spotlights.
They even created the ocean, with lights and of course a moon in the sky. They also had a little bit of fog to create the atmosphere.
Here’s another picture.
To get into the prom, you walked on a cobblestone pathway.
And of course the entire gym was surrounded by thick forest (AKA trees with lights).
Look at this AWESOME red, black and white ceiling. And don’t you just LOVE that chandelier?
If you remember the first movie, as Bella and Edward were walking into the prom, there was a pathway with lanterns on each side. They created that also. (It is a little hard to see in the picture)
This gives you a better picture of the overall design.

They also had several tables that they used for refreshments. They used glass jars for the centerpieces. They were designed around the covers of the books. They filled the glass jars with red apples, chess pieces, and ribbon.

Around the entire space, they put quotes from the book on the wall in vinyl lettering. If you have access to a vinyl machine, or a cricut, this could be an easy addition to your party!

When you come up with your menu of your party, I thought it was fun to use bright red, black, and white with the decor style. I served bright red punch (AKA blood) to drink, and served cheesecake with bright red strawberry sauce.

I created this door windowkin for the arriving guests, keep in mind you could created this to say Welcome to La Push, or even create a howling wolf in the moon.
This was my menu:

I think the main thing about creating a themed party is to go ALL OUT! I love it when the entire space is decked out with the theme. Granted Team Jacob members would probably disagree with some of my “vampire” related theme ideas for a New Moon Party, but I am however on Team Edward…so even though he is not in a lot of the book, I choose to remember that he comes back at the end! :) I know all you Team Jacob fans will disagree with me, but that’s ok. I think Jacob is hot too!

I think it would also be fun to do a trivia quiz. Here are a few links to trivia quizes:
I think it would be fun to print off a trivia quiz and then have a prize for the winner! :)

Good luck with your new moon party ideas. Do you have any ideas to tell us?


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    Ok, this is a reply to an older post, but oh well. Can you post the "I love sparkly vampires" logo without the "team edward" on the side? I don't know much about graphic design, so if it's a big deal don't worry about it. But if it's not…I would love to make a t-shirt. Let me know!

    Thanks,and by the way, I love your twilight party ideas!!! I'm totally team Edward, so I feel instantly bonded with you Brooke!

    Thanks again,
    Ashley Francom

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