Do you have a few pieces of furniture that you need in your home but you don’t have a ton of money? Well, you are in the same boat as MOST. It’s hard to furnish a home and refinishing furniture is a great possibility for you to consider. If you have never considered it, we think you should

The GREAT thing about style these days is that the old antique styles are 100% back in. Have you ever searched anthropologie? (Ummm LOVE this style). If you have never looked, I urge you to take a peak. I’ll even give you a LINK to get there.

I challenge you to go to your local Goodwill/D.I. because I can almost guarantee you that you will find Anthropologie-style items sitting right there waiting for you. All the items need are a little T.L.C.

Kallie and I talk about this ALL THE TIME. If we could give you some advice it would be to invest in classics when it comes to furniture NOT in trends.

I picked up these exquisite, antique end tables from the D.I. (Utah’s version of Goodwill) today. Can’t wait to refinish them.

What do you think I should do? I have several ideas, but what do you think?

They SCREAM potential in my book. Refinishing furniture is my favorite.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!


  1. Anonymous says

    I've seen great things done with old pieces like this in the last few years. However, they were Mediterranean-style super trendy in the 70's. People filled their homes with these big ornate, usually dark pieces. So I have to smile when I hear them called "classic," though I guess by some definitions they could be that. Most people dumped all these pieces a long time ago, so they are showing up for cheap in the thrift stores – just waiting for someone like you to make something wonderful of them.


  2. says

    I can totally see the potential in those! I love the goodwill…I refuse to pay tons of money for stuff I can make "better" or more unique myself. I have so many items sitting around here that I have not started on…but the New Year brings hope…hope to get it done!

    Holly @ 504 Main

  3. Paige says

    Love those pieces! Will you share some of the products you use and any advice you have for refinishing furniture? I would like to redo some pieces for my guest bedroom.


  4. says

    Oh wow, great potential! I need to get into our Goodwill more often, I see these posts and they get me thinking that I could so do that! :-)
    Honey @ the Honey B

  5. Vanessa says

    I think they would look very cool painted nazy with white door. The handles could be gold. I have an armoire that is this same style, very ugly but oh so functional and perfect in size. I think I am going to go navy and white with gold handles.

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