I have had a lot of people ask me how to create an antique look using paint and glaze. The technique is fairly simple and easy can can be used on many colors. Kallie used the same technique on this red dresser that we gave away during our 7 days of giveaways earlier this month.

She also used the same technique on this mirror that we also gave away during that give away.
I used the same technique on this antique chair that I talked about in my how to refinish furniture post.

I lucked out at the D.I. when I found this beauty. I got her for 75 cents. YEP.
Instead of taping off the mirror with newspaper…etc. I decided to unscrew the mirror and remove the mirror. That way I could paint the frame without worrying about painting the mirror.
First, you need to spray paint* your item with whatever color you choose. I am currently in love with turquoise, so I’m sure you are not surprised in my color choice. You need to let the item dry completely before you start the next step.

*(side note: We use spray paint because it is MUCH easier than brushing paint on. Especially because you need to make sure that the paint gets in all the cracks and crevices).
Next you get the glaze (that can be acquired at Home Depot of Lowes) and brush it on. You need to use a bristle brush and not a sponge brush. That way you can carefully get the glaze into the intricate details of your project. As you can see, I am using a black glaze in this project.
Then I carefully wiped off the glaze leaving as much as desired in the intricate details of the frame. I repeated the glaze a few times to get my desired look.
Here is another picture of the frame up close so you can see the details.

I hung this pretty lady on my orange wall.
This shabby chic mirror cost me, oh about $1.50 (if you add in the cost of the 1/4 can of spray paint).

Are you starting to believe us that DECORATING CAN BE INEXPENSIVE?

Love you all…til next time,


  1. says

    Ok-I am in love with your blog and will be stalking you now. I LOVE this mirror. This is exactly what I had in my head for my dining room. I also was just given a buffet from my grandparents that I'm going to be refinishing. Can't decide if I want to do a turquoise or white. What color blue did you use and what kind of glaze (I know u said black-but was it a certain one?) I'm sure once I start refinishing my piece I will have some questions for you.

  2. says

    You have just answered my questions regarding "how to glaze"….can't wait to start on my project tomorrow. Will be painting a small table a cream color with brown glazing; crossing my fingers it comes out as beautiful as your designs.


  3. fabulosa says

    I am working on a project similar to this one, I paid $2.00 dollars for the frame with a broken mirror. I need to apply the glaze. I will show you soon. Thanks for your wonderful inspiration, you wake up the crafter in me.

  4. says

    Some questions about glazing:
    1. Can you show a pic of the glaze you use?

    2. If there are no intricate details how will it turn out? I have some furniture (a stool) I want to match some previously purchased antique-looking furniture.

  5. says

    Stunning! Absolutely STUNNING! I am completely amazed by this glazing option! I cannot wait to find something to try it out on…*looks around room…hmmmmmm* :)

  6. Gee says

    So I have a FREE antique roll top desk I’m picking up and it’s wood…do I have to sand it? I’d love you FOREVER if you say I don’t have to sand it. Can I just spray paint it and glaze it? Is a “top coat” of some sort necessary?

  7. Kaleda says

    I just wanted to let you know that I really love this tutorial and others you have. My husband and I redid a $15 hutch using these techniques and now we have a beautiful hutch/bar :). Thank you!

  8. Klaire says

    Hi Brooke,
    What is the name of the red color you used on the dresser? I’m painting my front door (from your post) and decided to go with red instead of turquoise :o)

  9. Misty says

    I absolutely love your fabulous furniture transformations and the glaze makes everything look awesome! I have tried to glaze several items myself and I’ve failed every single time I’ve tried it. I’ve been using the Behr faux glaze and when I wipe away the excess, which I’m doing very gently, all if the glaze comes off. I’ve tried adding more and more glaze but it always wipes off completely. Can you pretty please tell me what I’m doing wrong? I’ve watched your glazing video several times but I’m having no luck :(. I would greatly appreciate any advice! Thanks bunches!!

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