Decorative Wall Art is hung.

Jan 18th, 2010

Look what my hubsters hung up for me!!! If you missed the HOW TO post for this, go HERE for instructions.
Now, I have to decide what I want to paint the wall behind it. It needs to be painted to create contrast. Contrast is essential when decorating rooms. For example, in this room, the cream of the decorative wall art is too close to the same color as the tan wall. So, to make the decorative wall art stand out, I need to paint the wall behind it.

Since I’m addicted to photoshop, I decided to play a little with colors. This helps me to concentrate. That’s the problem with being a decorating-aholic, I can’t seem to focus sometimes. I like a LOT of colors, and it’s a little hard to decide.

I have no idea what I will end up doing. I think I need to sleep on it. What do you think?


  1. I say go for the darker of the greens! I really like that one!

  2. Love the solid green. LOVE.

  3. I like the teal or the red one in the first picture…

  4. I also like the green and Im not a fan of the stripes either. They take away from the art work.

  5. I love the teal or red ones in the first grouping. What a fun project! :)

  6. I LOVE the red! But what about orange? That could go with all the teal you've been doing lately.

  7. I like the red, the teal, and the dark purple the best. I don't like the stripes though, looses the the vertical aspect of the art.

  8. I like the red, teal and purple. Either one of those would be great.

  9. Love either the turquoise, red, or avocado green..not nuts about the stripes either.

  10. i lOVE the teal. def. no stripes. and i love your efficient use of photoshop!! :)

  11. I just LOOOVVVVEEEE the green!!! Not a fan of the stripes, way to much.

  12. I like the read the most 2nd up is the teal. The stripes are WAY to busy.
    I was wondering if you would mind emailing me the photo-shop of the wall art you used on the projector? I think this is exactly what I am looking for above my kitchen cupboards.
    brenbren13 (at) ymail (dot) com

  13. turqouise in the top photo. hands down.

  14. The contrast of the red is great but it's so over done, right? I'm thinking ORANGE would be hot! w/teal or purple accents. Talk about chic statement!

  15. I'm thinking either red, teal or the dark green.

  16. The Curleys says:

    I like the teal looking color in the first photo on the bottom. I don't like the strip looking ones its way to busy! Good Luck!

  17. I like the purple. I also think the stripes are too busy.

  18. I like the purple the best, surprisingly. I usually don't like that color. Purple is supposed to be romantic, so it would be great in a bedroom. Also, I don't think you've ever done purple in your house before so that would be a daring change:)

  19. I really think that a solid colour wall would be the best backdrop for your awesome panels – this way it will complement the art and not detract from it!

  20. Also, thanks for the how-to … inspirational!

  21. The Yoder's Four says:

    I like the solid gray. I sympathize with you–I am the WORST at making up my mind about stuff like that!!

  22. I like the slate color with red as a close second. I agree – no stripes – too much going on.

  23. I'm really liking the purple! It's a scary color to paint on the walls – but it the pic it looks pretty cool! Other then that… I like the teal. And I agree with the person who already said this – orange would be pretty!

  24. I'm voting for the red wall, all the way. I LOVE this artwork. We are even going to do something like it in our dining room, I think. Anyway, here's a link to our dining room so far. Won't your wall art idea look PERFECT? I'm so excited. Thanks for the awesome idea.

  25. Dave and Natasha says:

    I am going to go against just about everyone and say that I am loving the gray and I think the stripes could totally work if you did them in the subtle shiny/dull paint technique. Whatever you choose will look great, can't wait to see it! Oh, and BTW- I saw some of your stuff on! Good job of getting your stuff out there!!! (This website had a really great room that had lots of charcoal and a pop of yellow, but since we think so much alike I'm sure you've seen it and have the pic saved! ;) )

  26. There's something about the stripes that really catches my eye. It's just soooo opposite of the scrolls in the wall art! As for color, I think any would be great, depending on what your other rooms have and how you want those colors to interact.

    Thanks for sharing this project. I'm so impressed and want to do something like this somewhere in my house. Just where and when…those are the issues! ; )

  27. I heart your site – just haven't ever commented. I like the red, the teal or the bright green – I think the bright green is my favorite though!

  28. I like the turquoise!

  29. I like the light blue shades and light green. I actually liked the green on green stripes…

  30. I like the darker teal color and the darker green, that sounds like a popular opinion! I'd stay away from patterns, so that the art work can stand out. Have fun painting!

  31. NO STRIPES on this one…. LOVE the green!

  32. Love your site, just found you a couple days ago and have spent quite a while reading old posts! So inspired. I like the red, darker teal or darker green colors and I don't think the stripes would look good at all. My favorite would be the darker green. Good luck, can't wait to see what you choose.

  33. Natasha Ireland says:

    I love the solid GRAY Purple or Red

  34. GREEN!!!!!!!!! I like the dark gray too, but green is so much more fun and unique! NO STRIPES

  35. Definitely no stripes or light wall color.

    I like the dark gray best, then the red.

  36. I like the red.

  37. Cristal D says:

    PURPLE!!!! Love the PURPLE!!!!!

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