Since we have had several of you contact us about the pattern for our decorative wall art, I figured the easiest way to get it to all of you is to post it. So, If you want the pattern, here you go!

As for those that have asked for it. OF COURSE you can have it. :) If you end up making the wall art, PLEASE send us a picture, and as always don’t forget to link back to us on your blog.


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    That's so kind of you to share!! I have been admiring it, and thinking "I wish that I could find a pattern like that!" lol. You read my mind.


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    Brooke, I LOVE this wall art, but was worried about finding the right pattern, so thank you, thank you, thank you!! Pila had better dust off the skill saw because he will soon be making this for me!! Jamie Vakautakakala

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