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Jan 15th, 2010

We are REALLY excited to feature Ciara today. She used our idea to create a leaf stencil from painter’s tape and created an AMAZING bathroom. You can view her post by clicking over to her blog: http://kcslider.blogspot.com/2010/01/my-christmas-project.html

We love to see our readers’ projects. It makes us feel all BUBBLY inside! That is the reason we do All Things Thrifty. We WANT you to use our ideas, and it makes our day when we see the result. So, if you have completed a project feel free to e-mail it to us at allthingsthrifty@gmail.com. All we ask is that if you post it on your blog, you link back to us. :)

If you missed our tutorial on how to make a stencil out of painter’s tape, you can find that post HERE.

Here is the picture from the original post. This is my office.
Here is the wall before we painted it blue. I actually got the idea for this on a post card. :)
Here is Ciara’s bathroom BEFORE the transformation. She has some really cute elements in there already. I like the tan elements, but you can’t see them very well because of the color of her walls.

And then she adds the leaf stencils. :)

AND WA-LA. It creates an ADORABLE contrast. All of her accessories seem to POP right out after she painted the walls.
GREAT job CIARA! We love the end result. Feel free to grab one of our “Featured on All Things Thrifty” buttons on the side and display it on your blog. :)


  1. I just came across your blog and love it! Do you have any other items for sale right now?

  2. I LOVE this idea…I must try it! Any way to let me know what paint color Ciara used? It's gorgeous!

  3. THIS IS GORGEOUS! I wish I'd seen that tutorial before I spent hours trying to stencil my own picture freehand *lol*

  4. Brooke,
    Hey cute friend. So I loved your cute designs in your kitchen and decided that was just what my master bathroom needed. They look awesome and I posted some before and after pictures on my blog. Thanks cute friend, you have always been so dang creative.
    LOVE YA,

  5. I love it! We have the same bookshelf/desk combo in our school room. I may have to add some elements like this to our room. Thanks for the idea.

  6. AWESOME idea! I am doing this in my family room – PRONTO!

    Thanks for sharing =)

  7. love it, I am going to redo my bathroom this would be so cool on the door….I think…whatchathink?
    Thought I would give you a heads up about our giveaway, nothing to do but comment!


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