I stumbled upon a wreath that I fell in love with HERE at (MADE, a great site) a while back. So I’ve had it in my head for a few weeks. But I was in the middle of the end of the semester. Those that don’t know, I teach Communication classes at the local college. So, all my projects had to pause…HATE it when that happens. So, with a break in school I’ve been able to finish a BUNCH of projects. Can’t wait to show them all off. :)

So, here is the first one. I stumbled upon lima beans the other day at the store. PERFECT! I knew that Dana, at MADE used “acorns” which look a lot like pine nuts to me on her wreath. But, I thought that lima beans could be cool and THRIFTY 😉 since they only cost a whopping $1.24 a bag. I gave it a try.

Here are your needed supplies:
1 Styrofoam wreath: approx $5.00 at JoAnn’s ($3.00 if you have a 40% coupon)
Hot Glue gun with plenty of glue sticks
1 bag of lima beans: $1.24 at Wal-Mart (or substitute for any other kind of nuts, acorns…etc). I bought two bags because I was unsure how many I would need. I used almost 1 entire bag.
Spray paint in color of your choice. (I have a few cans laying around).

Pick a spot and start gluing in a row. I wanted mine to be on a slight angle so I glued it that way.
As I went around the circle, I had to #1: be careful not to burn myself, and #2 adjust a bit here and there to keep the angle going.
Getting closer :)
After I got done, my husband thought I was crazy to spray paint it the same color as the lima beans. :) Men, they don’t get it sometimes. I HAD to cover up the hot glue in between the beans, I mean I COULDN’T leave it. It would have drove me NUTS! Are you surprised that I didn’t paint it turquoise? I almost did! Hey, who knows maybe I will in a few months when I need a change in color!

WARNING: Don’t do what I did….dropped it. I almost swore.

She glued back together nicely, THANK HEAVENS. It took several hours to glue the lima beans on, so I almost shed a tear.

What a beauty! Do you like it?
Who would have thought that lima beans could be so darn pretty, almost elegant!

Here is my fellow crafty friend Natasha’s version, she used nuts, and I love her variation to hang the “A” from the middle:


  1. Anonymous says

    I also saw Dana's acorn wreath and wanted to give it a try. But I'm not sure where I can find acorns. Good idea with the beans, I have tons of those in storage. Thanks for sharing.
    ~Jessica Womble

  2. says

    I think you two are fabulous. I just found you and can't wait to get started. Since today was Sunday I had to wait but going thrift shopping tomorrow (half price day around here). Inspired! Thanks Ladies.

  3. says

    Lima Beans???! I never would have thought of that! Brilliant. I got really nervous when I saw the picture of your wreath all broken. I'm so glad it glued back together! phew.
    Thanks for sharing with me. Love your version!

  4. says

    So I LOVE all things creative, I have been filling my brain with inspiration for the new year by blog hopping around the crafty blog world, and I stumbled upon you guys and I absolutely LOVE your site! Then I saw a picture and said HUh, that looks like Kallie Ellison…and it is! Ashley Lund Nash here, I was in Kallies ward and went to school with her long long ago… small world! anyway you girls are talented, I am totally making a sofa table bench!!! thanks for Inspiring!

  5. says

    Yep, I saw it the other too and thought I have to do that… i love that she has since painted a couple different colors and that you can change whenever :)

  6. says

    I love this. I am thinking about black beans and an orange ribbon for Halloween and red kidney beans and pink beans for Valentine's Day. Thanks for the great idea!

    The Happy Wife

  7. says

    OH my gosh!!! This is fabulous!! And I am going to do this, THIS week!!! I'm not very crafty but I can totally do this! My mom, just gave me a box full of crafting supplies so I am hot glue stocked! Thank you for sharing all these wonderful ideas. Crafting really can be thrifty!

  8. says

    How COOL. I just HAD to stop over after seeing it at Kimba's DIY party :) I think we'll make one too — easy enough for the kids (if I don't care about symmetry…)

  9. jenni says

    "I almost swore" ROTFL! You can be sure you would have heard me doing JUST THAT if I had dropped it! Beautiful job!

  10. Katherine @ Grass Stains says

    I love BOTH versions … the nuts and the lima beans! They look "homey" and sophisticated at the same time. Great idea!

  11. Sturgmom says

    That is REALLY cute!!

    I have one of those styrofoam wreaths that I was planning to do something with for Valentine's day… So you can hot glue to it? I was afraid the glue would melt the styrofoam.

  12. says

    I am in the process of making this right now. I am painting it Red and using a PINK bow…and then when it gets closer to St. Patricks Day I might change the color…and then again and again and again! I LOVE IT! YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!!

  13. says

    Super Duper creative. I love that you linked it this week on the VOTW feature. It's so unusual, and pretty!

    Thanks for linking up to VOTW @ Design-Aholic. Check back to the recap post soon… :)

  14. says

    I did it!! I did it! I didn't just like it and talk about it, I actually did it and it's BEAUTIFUL! If you friend me on FB, it's on my site 😉

  15. says

    I love it! I cannot wait to try one myself!

    FYI if you have a dollar tree store near you-you can get foam wreaths and other things like that there for only a dollar. 😀

  16. says

    This looks great! Because I am a newbie, and also because I want to do this for a craft night, I'm wondering if you know about how many glue sticks you used? Cuz I need to buy them beforehand and i live in Germany where you can't return things (i think. I've never actually tried to return anything because i'm scared to try).

  17. says

    I felt so bad when I saw it broken in pieces, I'm glad it went back together well – yes – it does look sophisticated – who knew?

  18. says

    I am so glad you posted about spray painting it! I started a lima bean project last night with hot glue and almost abandoned it due to the glue peeking through! Thanks!

  19. says

    I just finished making this. I'm going to use it for Thanksgiving and Christmas, just change the ribbon! When St. Patrick's Day rolls around I'll paint it grean! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

  20. Peggy says

    Who would have ever thought using dried lima’s would make such a pretty wreath. I bought my lima’s the other day, already had a wreath from. Soon as time permits, I will try this. You did a fab. job.


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