Tutorial: Lima Bean Wreath

Jan 2nd, 2010

I stumbled upon a wreath that I fell in love with HERE at (MADE, a great site) a while back. So I’ve had it in my head for a few weeks. But I was in the middle of the end of the semester. Those that don’t know, I teach Communication classes at the local college. So, all my projects had to pause…HATE it when that happens. So, with a break in school I’ve been able to finish a BUNCH of projects. Can’t wait to show them all off. :)

So, here is the first one. I stumbled upon lima beans the other day at the store. PERFECT! I knew that Dana, at MADE used “acorns” which look a lot like pine nuts to me on her wreath. But, I thought that lima beans could be cool and THRIFTY ;) since they only cost a whopping $1.24 a bag. I gave it a try.

Here are your needed supplies:
1 Styrofoam wreath: approx $5.00 at JoAnn’s ($3.00 if you have a 40% coupon)
Hot Glue gun with plenty of glue sticks
1 bag of lima beans: $1.24 at Wal-Mart (or substitute for any other kind of nuts, acorns…etc). I bought two bags because I was unsure how many I would need. I used almost 1 entire bag.
Spray paint in color of your choice. (I have a few cans laying around).

Pick a spot and start gluing in a row. I wanted mine to be on a slight angle so I glued it that way.
As I went around the circle, I had to #1: be careful not to burn myself, and #2 adjust a bit here and there to keep the angle going.
Getting closer :)
After I got done, my husband thought I was crazy to spray paint it the same color as the lima beans. :) Men, they don’t get it sometimes. I HAD to cover up the hot glue in between the beans, I mean I COULDN’T leave it. It would have drove me NUTS! Are you surprised that I didn’t paint it turquoise? I almost did! Hey, who knows maybe I will in a few months when I need a change in color!

WARNING: Don’t do what I did….dropped it. I almost swore.

She glued back together nicely, THANK HEAVENS. It took several hours to glue the lima beans on, so I almost shed a tear.

What a beauty! Do you like it?
Who would have thought that lima beans could be so darn pretty, almost elegant!

Here is my fellow crafty friend Natasha’s version, she used nuts, and I love her variation to hang the “A” from the middle:

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