Tutorial: Sofa Table with Character

Jan 1st, 2010

I got this sofa table from my husband’s boss. I was extremely excited when he gave the set to us because nothing gets better than FREE in my book. That’s the thing, when your friends, family, and coworkers find out that you can do stuff like this, they start GIVING you things. It’s great.

I was thrilled to get this beauty. Although I was temped to leave the wood this color, I concluded that I would rather change it. The thought process took at least 2 months. I’m a little slow.

I loved how detailed the table was. Very intricate and immediately I decide to glaze it because the second I glaze those details, they will POP right out.
My husband was getting a little flustered because of the garage space or the LACK of garage space. So, I figured I’d better get this baby out of the garage.

I used the same technique that I explained HERE and HERE on previous posts to create this fantastic table. I’m still working on incorporating a bunch of turquoise into my kitchen/family room area, so that is why I’ve been focusing on that color lately. But remember that this technique can be used on any color.

I also replaced the glass with tin tiles that I bought a few years ago at the local craft store. They used to be hanging on my wall before we moved, but when I measured the glass, it was exactly the same size (woot woot). I wanted to replace the glass with something safer for my three kids. Toddlers and glass…especially one that tends to be destructive…bad idea. So, I took out the glass and glued in the tin. (OK let me rephrase…my husband glued in the tin…thanks babe).

Here it is before I started the glazing:
Brushing on the glaze:
The final result!
We had a few friends over the other day, and they asked us where we got this sweet table, and I LOVE that I get to say, I painted it myself!
Another reminder of the “before” so you can see them right by each other!

Now I just need some accessories!


  1. Again, job well done….LOVE it! Is this painted with the same colors as the mirror?

  2. That's great…first time I've heard of tin in a table like that, so much safer than glass. And of course much more cool! Great job, Kim

  3. I love the idea of replacing out the glass with tin. I'm kinda getting ideas now of using tile and covering it with some kind of vinyl fabric….That's what I love about this site! It's such a great springboard! Oh, and with all of this turquoise, can you post some pictures of how it's all turning out? I want to see how it's all coming together. Thanks!

  4. Pretty!

  5. I love the way it turned out. It was really pretty with the unpainted wood but now it's a knock out. I think I might have to learn more about the glazing. thanks for sharing it.

  6. ** Adrian ** says:

    That looks really awesome!! I LOVE the tin tile idea! I wish people would start giving ME awesome tables & stuff like that! Lucky girl!!!

  7. It's gorgeous! I want to try my hand at refinishing furniture this year. It's on my list of Crafting Goals for 2010!

  8. It's gorgeous! Where did you get the original table?

  9. What a beautiful table! You were so lucky to find it (and for free!), and so talented to do such a nice paint and glaze job to it! Thank you for sharing.

  10. I too love the idea of the tin tiles in lieu of glass. With kids around…that just seems so much better! The table turned out beautifully.

  11. Gorgeous. I love the color you chose and the glaze is perfect. Just found your blog (not sure how :)), am lovin' what I see!

  12. The Pangans says:

    Beautiful, Brooke! Just wondering, but did you add the drawers on the bottom, or were they there before? I really need to try out your fun, and gorgeous, ideas!

  13. Oh my gosh! SO much better painted!! I love that color!~

  14. I love this! I am hunting for a sofa table so I can do the same thing to it!

  15. This is one of my favorite furniture redos you've done. SO awesome!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Why would you ruin a perfectly good wood table with that horrible paint color? why paint it at all? If you used stain, it would bring out the beauty of the wood, instead of that horrid blue.

  17. This is gorgeous!! I love the color! Love your blog! Inspiring!


  18. I love the color. It turned out wonderful. Great job.

  19. I love it! I am in a blue mode right now too!

  20. WOW!!!!
    That is fabulous!!
    I love the color, the glaze, the top…and it was FREE!! You go, girl!

  21. Gorgeous color. Love the paint treatment you did to it!

  22. Awesome and you have good friends with Great stuff. Keep up the good stuff and keep sharing.

  23. Love it…it would fit nicely in my home! :)
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  24. Beautiful!!! I love that color. :) I've never tried a glaze before. I'm visiting from Sarah's party. :) Hope you might stop by. Here's my link:

  25. Some people are so . . . forward in their comments!! Anyhow, I love color so I love what you have done. Plain wood never does much for me so good for you for taking it from boring and ordinary to beautiful and outstanding!

  26. What a great table! Your paint job looks fantastic.

  27. Great job! The paint really made it special. Thanks for sharing with Made it Monday! Jules

  28. I love this table…how did you do the glaze? Am I missing a post that had more steps? I feel so clueless about this, but I really want to try it. I'd love any input!

  29. I love how you redid this table,, looks completely different. I've got to try something like this one day.

  30. Love this! I actually liked it before, but the blue is so fresh.

  31. this is AMAZING. simply amazing.

  32. FABULOUS choice in colour! Looks a hundred times better!

  33. It looks amazing, love the color!!!!

  34. Oh do I ever love this! Would you mind sharing your colors? The glaze as well? Turquoise can be a tricky color to get right. THanks!

  35. The shape of that table is great and painting it was the right choice. I love the color, distressing and the tiles. Wonderful job!

  36. Wowza!!!!Terrific job!!!!

  37. That is great. What are the odds that the tin would fit perfectly? Has your husband's boss seen it yet?

  38. Love it! The colour is beautiful and the glazing does bring out the detail very nicely.
    I know what you mean about the glass. When my sister, brother and I lived together as singles, we had a coffee table with glass squares on each end. One piece broke and I finally bought plexiglas cut to fit after my brother placed a plate of food on the missing glass area one too many times.

  39. it's gorgeous! I love the color! great job

  40. Love the color choice….and especially the glazing, it really makes it look so professionally done! Thanks for sharing

  41. Very pretty and I love the color!

    Kat :)

  42. I love the color! The blue is so pretty! Thanks for sharing this.

  43. This looks fantastic. I am working on incorporating a similar shade into our house too. I love this!

  44. I would also like to know the color, if you wouldn't mind! I am looking for the right shade of turquoise and I love this!

  45. Me too… what color is the paint? judylgardner@hotmail.com

  46. I love the turquoise color you have incorporated….would you mind sharing the brand of spray paint and color?

  47. OH MY GOODNESS, I have spent all morning on your site. This table is so gosh darn cute.
    I have 4 tables in my living room that are screaming PAINT ME GLAZE ME.
    LOVE your stuff.

  48. That sofa table looks a lot better with that color. Good job with the painting!

    home design

  49. You have done a great work on this contemporary furniture remodeling. I love the new color and it is now more accent oriented.

    contemporary furniture blog

  50. PLEASE send me the color and brand of paint that you used! Thank you so much!
    ezburnham at gmail

  51. How many cans of spray paint did you use for this? It's gorgeous!

  52. I am seeking the perfect turquoise and this is it! Would you mind sharing the color/brand of paint on this sofa table? robinnclark@hotmail.com (be sure you get 2n's in there) Thank you thank you!!!

  53. @Robin

    I absolutely love this color! It is Blue Ocean Breeze Krylon spray paint! I use it all the time. Here is a link for the exact can and product number. Hope this helps!


  54. @Shea

    Unfortunately, I don't have an exact number…

    I usually just spray until it's the color I like and everything is good and covered. Hope this helps!

  55. I really love your stuff! You Rock :)

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