Our Feature Friday post this week comes from Danielle.She sent in a coffee table she recently re-finished. She found this pretty little guy at the D.I. in her hometown for a whopping 15 bucks. Danielle tells us her D.I. is AMAZING. Maybe we should all make a trip to the Brigham City D.I.and see what it has to offer. She didn’t send a before picture so you just get the finished result.
No suspense for you this time…
I think that paint color looks familiar from this sofa table post. 
You have got to love the perfect turquoise color of Krylon’s Ocean Breeze spray paint. Sheer perfection. Topped off with a glaze makes it even better. I especially love all the details on the legs of this table. 15 bucks never looked so good.
The table looks super great. 
For more pictures head over to Danielle’s blog
Have a project inspired by All Things Thrifty?? Send us your pictures. We love seeing what twist you come up with. 


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    Hi! I just found your site and I am thrilled! And oh, my, I *love* this table! We are thriftstore shoppers from way back. Clothes, furniture, most everything that wasn't given to us, or made by us, was bought at a thrift store:) I'm really looking forward to looking over your site (my daughter, 20, is going to fall in love with this)!

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